Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending July 16th

What a difference seven days makes. This time a week ago it was cold, raining and bleak. I think the heat in our house even went on. Fast forward…it is hot and was hot yesterday and will be hot again tomorrow. I was even sweating when I went to bed last night (it was from the heat, perverts). And with the nice weather comes the looming spectre of camping (I hope my wife isn’t reading this). The dreaded “C” word. I’m not the biggest fan of stuffing everything you have in your house into your car, trying to find a place to camp, sleeping in the dirt, being swarmed blood-sucking bugs while huge skunks, vicious badgers and poison monkeys prowl and crash around your tent in the middle of the night. I’m turing 47 this week (!) and the allure of this so-called fun outdoor adventure seems to diminish with every passing year. Gimme a cabin with a hot tub, a view, a fire pit and a DVD player anytime. And I don’t even care that much about the view.

New Releases for Tuesday July 10th

American Reunion – I don’t remember anyone asking for another American Pie film, do you? Actually from what I hear this is one of the best in the series (I think that there’s 11 in total) and has the original cast back – for whatever that’s worth. Also on the Blu Ray. Red Band Trailer – [youtube][/youtube]

Being Flynn – You know, people work hard to make a film – from the writing to the actual making of the film and on into post production. So why then after all the money and effort spent do they saddle a film with such a lame fucking title? Being Flynn. It makes me not to want to watch it just based on the stupid lazy name. That said, this drama starring Bobby DeNiro (when was the last time he was in anything worthwhile?) and Paul Dano is, from what I’ve read, a pretty good drama about a guy and his estranged dad. [youtube][/youtube]

Bullhead – An intense cattle farmer (yes you read that right), constantly pumped on steroids and hormones (probably the cause of his intense cattle famernish), initiates a shady deal with a notorious mafioso meat trader (yes you are still reading this correctly). I’ve heard excellent things about this flick. Very high on my list of films to check out. Was nominated for an Oscar in the best foreign film category. Also on the Bull-Ray. (Get it?) [youtube][/youtube]

Comic-Con: Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope – The sometimes grating Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) returns with this doc about all the nerds, geeks and dweebs who attend the huge Comic-con fest in San Diego every year. I believe it is going on as you read this. Ask a nerd, they’ll know. Also on the Blu-Ray [youtube][/youtube]

Fatso – Norwegian sex comedy about a virginal, agoraphobic porn addict who still lives with his father at age 30 – and whose only friend is a hateful, asthmatic loser. What happens when the guy’s dad rents out a room to a beautiful free-spirited sexually uninhibited young woman? Hmmmm….[youtube][/youtube]

Margaret – The long in gestation film from the guy who made the fantastic You Can Count on Me from a few years back finds Sookie from True Blood witnessing a bus accident that she may have inadvertently caused and all the aftermath that it spawns. Supposed to quite a fine work of art. Here’s an interesting article about the film and it’s troubled history –
and the trailer -[youtube][/youtube]

Pina 3-D – A school of prehistoric blood-thirsty fish escape into a lake to terrorize and eat…wait, that’s Piranha 3-D. This one is an exquisite doc about famed ballet instructor and choreographer Pina Bauch (not too sure if she was very blood-thirsty). If you have a 3-D TV this is supposed to be simply amazing (yes we have the 3-D Blu Ray and regular Blu-Ray as well). [youtube][/youtube]

Wallander – Original awesome detective series from Sweden that the fine series with Kenneth Branagh was based on. Good stuff! [youtube][/youtube]

Old Stuff Just in…

Skidoo – Check out the insane cast for this one! – [youtube][/youtube]

The Entity – Blu Ray -[youtube][/youtube]

Countess Perverse – [youtube]…67313.73304.0.73511.…0.0.vF7CO20cI08[/youtube]

Coming Next Week

Three Stooges
Johnny Carson: King of Late Night
Casa De Mi Padre
Cherry Bomb
Clean Bin Project
Friends with Kids
Get the Gringo
Silent House
Midnight Son
Black Butterflies

Recently Viewed and Recommended

God Bless America
The Descendants
The Woman
True Blood
Breaking Bad
Jeff, Who Lives at Home
Safe House
The Prey
The Grey
We Need to Talk About Kevin

One our fave actors passed away a couple of days ago – the great Ernest Borgnine was 95 (!). My favorite of his flicks?

Wild Bunch
From here to Eternity
Escape From NY
Dirty Dozen
Poseidon Adventure

And yours?

That’s it for this week folks, enjoy the sun but don’t forget about us 🙂

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