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I was tootling through some of my old newsletters for no reason and I was struck by how many photos, images and drawings and what not I’ve assaulted your eyes and brains with over the past year. What I found amusing about many of them is that they are just there, sitting in a file on my computing device, without reason or meaning. The images were pretty chuckle-worthy in the context of whatever it was I was writing about at the time, but I find them very funny in a different kind of way on their own. They’re just there all by themselves being hilarious. Here’s a little sampling of what I’m yammering on about. If you want to see even more choice cuts click here




Am I right, or what?

So we’re at the point in the year where we like to comb through the collection and see what doesn’t need to live at the stores anymore. That means, good reader, that we’ll be having a sale in the very near future. I’m hoping to have some stuff for your eyes and wallet to enjoy by the end of the week. They’ll be a good price $5 each, 2 for $8 and 3 for $10. It will be an interesting eclectic mix of old stuff that doesn’t rent anymore or films that we have multiple copies. Stay tuned…Best to “like” us on the Facebooks and the Twitters for updates on what’s for sale and where. and

New Releases for Tuesday January 28th


Act of Killing – We finally got the DVD version of this crazy, chilling and bizarre film. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before – former Indonesian Death Squad leaders are interviewed and then persuaded to reenact their dastardly crimes in whatever movie trope that they choose – be they musical, film noir etc. It’s something that everyone should watch if you can handle it. Out of this world.


Bad Grandpa – The Jackass lads are at it again. Johnny Knoxville dresses up like an old man – old man makeup is Oscar nominated! – and takes his grandson and his grandson’s dead mother’s body across the country to be dropped off with his estranged dad. Plot doesn’t matter. It’s the comedy that matters and there’s loads of it here. I laughed till I hurt myself – strained ribs, blown testicle and a possible aneurism. It’s a pretty weird film as there’s only a couple of actors (the kid is totally great “Thanks for the crime!”) and they just film, via hidden cameras, regular folks reacting to the absurd situations. Hijinks, I can confirm, ensue. Also on the Blu Ray.


Bad Milo – Not to be confused with Bad Grandpa – well one could confuse the two had Johnny Knoxville climbed out of some dude’s anus and started killing people. Yep, you read that right. Milo is a little stinky monster that emerges from Ken Marino’s ass to do his deadly bidding. Heard that this is actually a pretty well-made, fun flick. I only wish this were a documentary.


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 – More animated food comedy. You know you want to see this. Also on the Blu Ray.


Downton Abbey Season 4 – More stuffy, upper-crust British goings-ons. I wonder who they’re going to kill off this season? You know you want to see this.


Fifth Estate – Benepatch Cumberpin plays that rascal Julian Assange in this kind of bio-pic about how Wikileaks got it’s start and all the headaches they caused the powers that be. Take that, powers that be! Also on the Blu Ray.


Kill Charlie Countryman – Shia Ladouche takes a break from plagiarizing everyone and skywriting to star in this odd sounding little drama about a loser falling for a Romanian beauty who has a violent ex. The ex is played by the great Mads Mikkelson, so it has that going for it. Also on the Blu Ray.


Last Vegas – A bunch of geezers hit Vegas for a bachelor party.  Swingers for the geriatric set? I bet one of them falls into a swimming pool! Also on the Blu Ray.


Metallica: Through the Never – Everyone’s favourite therapy-riddled metal-heads play their loud music while a roadie scrambles around the town (Vancouver town that is) looking for a mysterious briefcase filled with something mysterious. What could it be? Their high colonic kit? A portal to the future? A portal to the past where they go and erase all traces of St. Anger and that thing they did with Lou Reed? Also on the Blu Ray.


Night Train to Lisbon – Jeremy Irons is a buttoned down professor who embarks on an adventure that will take him “on a journey to the very heart of himself.” Ugh, I think that I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.


Nuit Blanche – Gripping French thriller about a cop getting in trouble with the criminal underworld that he has ties and stakes and ties to. Like me some French thriller!


Rush – Thor is a race car driver in the 70’s who has an intense rivalry with some other guy who also drives his cars really fast. Heard very good things about this flick. I wonder if Rush does that soundtrack. That would be trippy. Also on the Blu Ray.


Violet and Daisy – A couple of teenage assassins, ahem, take on what seems to be a quick and easy job in this “grind-house fairy-tale”. Of course it’s anything but when James Gandolfini is their target.

Coming Next Week

Escape Plan
Free Birds
White Queen
House of Versace
About Time
Short Term 12
Cutie and the Boxer
Crash Reel
Best Man Down

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Act of Killing
Bad Grandpa
In a World
Captain Phillips
Blue Jasmine

You know what would go great with a lovely pair of Black Dog underwear (only $10 for the ladies and $15 for the dude’s)? A sweet pair of Action pants!


That’s it for this week folks. Good viewing to you and yours!
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