Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending February 21st

More big changes happening over here on the Drive. A death and a birth so to speak. Another long standing business has closed its doors – Alpha Video is now defunct. We are about to see the opening of a new pizzeria as well. I know what you’re thinking, another friggin’ pizza joint on a street that is plastered with crappy slice places. Well fear not as I have it on good authority that Pizzeria Barberella, that will be taking over the spot on Victoria and Kitchener formerly occupied by Gelato This Gelato That, is quite excellent. They own a popular joint out in Abbottsford called Ah-beetz Pizzeria. And it’s so close to my house that you may see me in there wearing my robe and slippers on occasion.

And we have another contest for you to enjoy! The prize this time around is a copy of Tony Jaa’s Ong Bak 3! If you are in on what Jaa does, you’ll probably be all over this, if not, get yourself down to the stores and check out the first one. A martial arts extravaganza!

And I just got word of another accolade for the store, even if its a bit of a strange one. Apparently we are one of Vancouver’s best kept secrets according the the fine kids over at Discorder. My plan to have no one know about my business has succeeded!

New Releases for Tuesday February 15th

Bitter Feast – This one sounds kind of fun! A food blogger (guy who writes about food on the internet’s super highway) is taken hostage by a chef who doesn’t take too kindly to the blogger’s blog (love saying blog) The chef then makes him prepare food to perfection and if he comes up short, well let’s just say the punishment ain’t too pretty. Stars great indy stalwart James LeGros and Iron Chef Mario Batelli.

Cactus – Another death and terror flick set in the Outback finds a dude, desperate for cash, who agrees to kidnap a wanted gambler. Things, of course don’t go as planned as crazy people, who seem to litter the Outback, get in his way. As if I needed another reason not to go to Australia.

Hatchet 2 – Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the first one. Well I could, really. I loved it! Great gore, ridiculous bad guy. From what I hear this one is even better. Can’t get enough of crazy swamp psycho’s hacking and butchering young people.

Ong Bak 3 – Tony Jaa returns for the final installment in, what the back of the box claims, the “most beloved action series of all time” Guess they’ve never heard of James Bond or Lord of the Rings. In this one his faces the ultimate warrior – a supernatural dude named “Demon Crow”! Sounds exciting, right? Also on the Blu Ray.

Red Hill – A young cop – True Blood‘s buff brother Ryan Kwanten – takes a job in the Outback (again with the freaking Outback!) only to have a nasty jailbreak happen on his first day on the job. Word has it that this one has a great bad guy and is a ton of bloody fun to watch. On my list! As if I needed another reason not to go to Australia. But seriously, what’ with all the psycho’s in Australia? See Cactus, Eden Lake, Wolf Creek, Rogue, Animal Kingdom, Mad Max, Stunt Rock, Patrick etc…

Unstoppable Runaway Train! Well it’s not as good as that film but this is a pretty solid exciting effort as Denzel and the new Captain Kirk track down a train going off the rails, as the kids like to say. A good weekend renter for sure. Also on Blu Ray.

Waiting for Superman – Great doc from the director of Inconvenient Truth that takes a hard look at the crumbling US school system. Would definitely have been nominated for an Oscar had they not had a couple of “reenactment” scenes. Word has it that it’s great stuff. You may never send your child to school again.

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger – Annual Woody Allen film about love, laughs, infidelity and old dudes chasing younger women stars Anthony Hopkins, Naomi Watts, Josh Brolin and Gemma Jones. Also on the Blu Ray.

Zonad – Crazy fun looking ditty about a couple who finds a really drunk guy dressed up in a red suit and silver helmut passed out in their living room who claims that he’s an alien. Is he really an alien or is he an escaped drunk from a rehab costume party? Do hi jinks ensue? You betcha! From the director of Once.

Coming Next Week

  • Get Low
  • Due Date
  • For Coloured Girls
  • I Am You
  • Birdemic
  • MegamInd
  • Nurse Jackie Season 2
  • Weeds Season 6
  • Black Heaven
  • My Year Without Sex

Recently Viewed and Recommended

  • Unstoppable
  • Hatchet II
  • Paranormal Activity 2
  • Monsters
  • Let Me In
  • Enter the Void
  • Piranha
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Machete
  • Social Network

Internets! What hath thy wrought!

So who wants a copy of Ong Bak 3? Just answer this skill testing question… In which film did Tony Jaa travel to Australia (Australia! I’ve about had it with you!) to rescue his elephant. “I want my elephant!” he may have been heard exclaiming. I have 4 or 5 copies to give away so the first 4 or 5 correct or near correct answers will nab this fine DVD.

The First Weekend Club wants you to know about these upcoming Canadian releases...

One doesn’t really think of Underworld (among others) when talking about Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Well some of the kids at the Onion do…,51740/

Here’s a fine video, again from the Onion, about some truly ridiculous horror movie adversaries.,51591/

Have a great week folks, enjoy the weather if you can, eat well, be well and watch some swell flicks.

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