Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending December 16th

So I was driving home from playing hockey up at UBC (always have to say “up at” when referring to a place like UBC because it’s far away and on a slight incline) this past Saturday night. I’m always in quite a good mood after playing hockey – the combination of exercise (hockey exercise to be precise), beer, fun and whatnot always puts my a fine mood. Traffic is what it is in Vancouver…read more

So there’s this thing called Christmas or Xmas or Crimbo approaching. Some or most of you may have heard of it. Apparently it’s a time to give gifts to family members, friends, pets and video store clerks. Hah! Stumped as to what to buy for a loved one? Might we interest you in a swell pair of Black Dog underwear? They are amazing. I’m wearing a pair right now. So comfy! They are hand-made by local designer Oona Clothing. $15 for the ladies, $25 for the dudes. I highly recommended them. We also have gift certificates to stuff in someone’s stocking if that pleases you.





New Releases for Tuesday the 10th of This Month


Despicable Me 2 – More loveable antics from Gru and the adorable minions in this fun romp that’s great for the whole family! Provides a good bonding opportunity to connect with your kids while enriching all of your lives. And it’s on the Blu Ray.


Drinking Buddies – Romantic comedy that finds two good-looking (TV good-looking!) kids working in a Chicago brewery together and flirting a lot. Only problem is they are in separate relationships. Can beer be the thing that brings them together? Of course it can, is there anything that beer can’t do?


Fast and Furious 6 – So I thought that it would be a good idea to watch this around 11:30 Saturday night after hockey and several delicious beers as part of a double header (Anchorman being the 1st film). I think I made it about 45 minutes in before I started dozing off. I don’t remember much of anything from the movie except some hazy flashes of the erie, sad spectre of Paul Walker, Vin Diesel grunting his lines while his head looks like a fleshy bullet, my wife snoring beside me on the couch, people flying through the air – a lot – off of bridges, from cars, trucks and planes (I don’t think that gravity and the laws of physics exists in the F & F world). women with alarmingly skinny bodies and giant heads, The Rock looking huge and shiny, lots of close-ups if bums in bikinis and a chase involving a plane on the world’s longest runway (like seriously, the runway must have been at least 50 miles long!). Couldn’t tell you what it was about or if it’s any good. Also on the Blu Ray.


Man of Tai Chi – Canoe Reeves directs (yes you read that right) this martial arts/fight club type of action flick. Looks like fun.


Seasoning House – What I thought might have been the latest Gordon Ramsay reality cooking endeavour turns out to be a cool-looking revenge horror shocker about a deaf girl who has to care for a bunch of enslaved women forced to service some disgusting military types. Of course it wouldn’t be a revenge thriller without some sweet revenge-type proceedings. Looking forward to this one. Also on the Blu Ray.


Touchy-Feely – From the director of the fine flicks Humpday and My Sister’s Sister come this nice little number about a massage therapist who, all of a sudden, has an aversion to touching humans. I can see that might cause a bit of concern for her and her career.



Sightseers – My most anticipated flick of the week/month is this new horror/comedy/hipster/road trip film from Ben Wheatley (Kill List). A young couple goes on holiday and it turns dark and bloody and hilarious and disturbing and gruesome and quite amoral. Yes please!

Coming Next Week

Kick-Ass 2
Cottage Country
The Family
Justified Season 4
The Lone Ranger
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Drinking Buddies
Lilyhammer Season 1
The Wall
The Hunt
Breaking Bad: Final Season
Crystal Fairy
World’s End
This is the End

Not too sure if I believe in karma and all that but in a perfect world it exists…

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