Free Hugs! Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending December 15th


As I have a bit of time to spare in my travels, I thought that I’d give Jessica a break from doing the newsletter for a couple of weeks. But don’t fret, she’ll be back in the new year with more free hugs for you all.

Now onto the business at hand. December 20th over yonder at the Commercial store, we’re throwing a bit of a small Christmas hullabaloo. Local musician and all-round swell guy Jason Zumpano will be spinning some hot wax (or cold damp wax depending on the weather) and there will be nibbles, perhaps libations and rental deals to enjoy. Please stop by.

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If you need some Christmas things to stuff into various friends, family or whoever’s stockings, why not stuff ina feisty new Black Dog T-shirt or gift certificate? They stuff real good.


New Stuff on the Shelves!


Guardians of the Galaxy – It’s kinda like The Avengers but, in my opinion, better than The Avengers. Space Avengers! It’s clever, fun, well paced and features not only a talking tree, but a talking raccoon! With a big gun! Something for everyone! I couldn’t tell you the plot, something about some scary guys who want to blow up the universe and it’s up to a merry band of pranksters to stop them or something like that. Who cares? Available on DVD, Blu Ray and eye-exploding 3-D Blu Ray. By the by we still have 1 brand-new 3-D Blu-Ray copy for sale at Commercial $10. First come, first serve.


Calvary – From the director of the excellent The Guard comes this tough, funny and gripping tale of a priest (the always amazing Brendan Gleeson) who’s marked for death by one of his parishioners. Drama and other emotions, I presume ensue.


Frank – Original and weird and amazing (from what I’ve heard) tale that finds a guy joining a rock band led by Michael Fassbender who wears a giant paper-mache head. Kinda looks a bit like that thing from the Jack-in-the-Box ads. Check this one out!


I Origins – Odd little sci-fi movie that finds giant-headed (and not paper-mache) Michael Pitt as some sort of scientist who discovers some sort of sciency thing involving eyes that may change the science world as we know it. Shhh don’t tell science-phobe Stephen Harper!


Kroll Show – A guy named Nick Kroll is here to make you laugh. You like to laugh, right?


Yves Saint Laurent – Bio-pic, or biopic to some, about the famed designer of clothes. Clothes for your body. Well maybe not our bodies, but some folks bodies.


When the Game Stands Tall – Football movie about a famous coach who set records for having a real good team. Go sports!


Dolphin Tale – Family affair about a boy and his friendship with a dolphin who’s tail was lost in a crab trap (the dolphins not the boys). Stars a smiley Morgan Freeman and a bunch of other people, also with nice smiles..


20,000 Days on Earth – Sort of documentary finds Nick Cave marking his 20,000th day on earth. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this and being a big Nick Cave fan, it’s at the top of my list to watch.

Coming Next Week

The Immigrant
Magic in the Moonlight
The Maze Runner
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
This is Where I Leave You

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Here’s a bunch of stuff that you make, or may not, like to watch over the next little while…

That’s it for this week folks. I hope that y’all stay dry and warm during this onslaught of dreary weather. Mulled wine, popcorn and a stack of DVDs should do the trick!

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