Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending December 12th

Let me just briefly say that pulled pork tacos eaten after 9pm is not a recipe for a good sleep. I woke up at 4am drenched in sweat (meat sweats? that’s not as sexy as it sounds) from a fever dream about robots and talking birds inspired by said delicious tacos. Why am I telling you this? I’m not too sure as my sleep deprived brain is not firing on all cylinders today. If the below newsletter makes little or no sense (more than usual that is), I have a valid reason.

Today is the last day to take advantage of our sweet food for late charges deal. Bring in a nonperishable food item for the food bank and we’ll wave your late charges. Good deal I says!

New Releases for Tuesday December 6th

Big Love Season 5 – The latest installment of that wacky family of bigamists. I’ve seen footage of actual bigamists and from what I can remember they look nothing like Chloe Sevigny, Jeanne Tripplehorn or Bill Paxton (by that I mean they are too good looking for real people). Maybe it’s just the dowdy clothes.

A Bout Portant – aka Point Blank – French action thriller about a nurse who saves a gangster. The gangster’s henchmen (love the word henchmen – I wonder how one becomes a henchman) then take the nurse’s wife (male nurse in case you were wondering) hostage and forces him to do their bidding. Word has it that this is an excellent, exciting thriller. Need more of those. Also on the Blu Ray.

Cowboys and Aliens – Tired looking mash up of genres – westerns and sci-fi (if you needed that pointed out). I haven’t seen it but word on the street is that it’s not very good. When you se that there were 6 writers credited, you know that you’re in trouble. Still, it has Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig so at least it has some handsome men in it. Also on the Blu Ray.

The Debt – Espionage suspense number with Helen Mirren and and bunch of other fine actors. Was a mission accomplished successfully in 1966 when three agents racked down a Nazi war Criminal? What does it have to do with the same three agents in 1997? I guess you’ll have to watch to find out. Also on the Blu Ray.

The Hangover 2 – I like the first one. Apparently this is the first one, just sent in Thailand and has a monkey in it. Also on the Blu Ray.

The Help – Drama about black maids serving white households in the 60’s. I’ve heard good and bad things about this film. Watch it and let me know. Also on the Blu Ray.

Life Above All – Tear-jerker from South Africa about a girl living with the fear and shame of someone in her family having HIV. Sounds heavy.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins – Jim Carrey and a bunch of penguins have a some wacky misadventures and what not. Why do they pay Jim Carrey to be in movies still? I would only be tempted to watch this if it were called Mr. Penguin’s Poppers. Also on the Blu Ray.

NHL 24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road to the Winter Classic – Doc that follows both teams as they prepare for last year’s Winter Classic hockey match. Word has it that it’s excellent. Even for those of you who don’t like hockey.

Portlandia Season 1 – Comedy sketchy type show about some strange peoples living the dream in Portland. Hear that this is very good stuff. Very good indeed.

Project Nim – Doc about a chimp (monkey type chimp) who was taken from it’s family and raised with a human (human type human) family on the upper West Side in NY in the 1970’s. Ah, the 70’s, what a wacky time.

Old Titles Just In

Horror Express – Blu Ray and DVD – great old horror flick with Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Telly Savalas and a monkey monster aboard a trans-siberian train. Good fun!

Blue Velvet – Blu Ray – Love me some Blue Velvet!

 Coming Next Week

Fright Night


Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Ip Man: A Legend is Born

A Matter of Size


Kung Fu Panda 2


Recently Viewed and Recommended

Friends with Benefits

Tucker and Dale vs Evil

The Future

30 Rock Season 5

Damages Season 3

30 Minutes or Less

Troll Hunter


Captain America

Attack the Block

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

That’s it for this week ya’ll. Have a great week, stay warm, eat well, keep watching.

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