Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending August 29th

Been kind of a strange morning; awoke to find that Jack Layton had died which is a big bummer. Cancer! (I yell as I’m shaking my fist at the sky), Gaddfi is all washed up (I wonder if he’s going to keep his fabulous mad dictator wardrobe – Halloween costume ideas, kids!), it’s not just raining, but pouring out there, saw a BMW with the license plate SKID RW (he either really likes the band or really likes poor, broken people – or like mocking them) and there was a small headline on one of the local rags that posed the question that’s been on everyone’s mind “Can Apes Really Rise Up?”. Crazy day.

New Releases for Tuesday August 23rd

The Beaver – What can one say about this? It has Madder than Usual Mel Gibson running around with a filthy beaver puppet on his hand as he drives the shortbus straight to crazy town. When I heard about this film I thought that the only way it could work was if they went full on bat-shit insane mode, make it a really dark comedy. I hear that’s not what it is but actually a sensitive piece about a dude losing his grip on everything in his life. Too bad, missed opportunity me thinks.

Beneath Hill 60 – Tense WWI Australian flick about an Australian dude who has to lead a mission full of Australians that has to tunnel under German lines and blow some shit up. Blow it up, real good.

Bride Flight – When I first read this I thought, cool, Bride Fight! It’s about time someone made a film about the dirty, dark world of underground bride fights. Stupid eyes. Instead we get an award winning Dutch film about the famous “bride flight” that takes some mail order brides to New Zealand to get all married up to, I presume, some sheep farmers. Supposed to be quite good actually. Stars my favorite Hobo with a Shotgun, Rutger Hauer.

Community Season 1 – Season 1 of the acclaimed comedy series. Season 2 is here in a month so don’t freak out.

Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs Evil – Kids thing about Little Red Riding Hood battling a serial killer known as the Spine Ripper and…just kidding of course. Kids know what this is, me, not so much.

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 vs Gamera – The clowns at MSK take on 5 of the old school Gamera films. Word has it that it’s among the best stuff the MSK has done. Available at the Commercial location only for the time being. Anyone want me to bring it in at Cambie, drop me a line. More info can be found here…

NEDS – With a name like that I pictured a bunch of sweater wearing nerds doing some LARPing or something. Instead NEDS is short for Non Educated Delinquents. This number is a coming of age story set in the lovely gritty nasty world of 1970’s Glasgow. Looks pretty darn good actually.

Pom Wonderful Presents the Greatest Movie Ever Sold – Can’t say how much I hate the dumb title of this doc or how tired I am of it’s creator Morgan Spurlock. This time around our hero delves into the world of corporate sponsorship and product placement in da movies.

Troll Hunter – This one is my pick for most anticipated movie released this week. This Norwegian flick is a Cloverfield type horror number about some folks running after and from giant trolls roaming the Norwegian countryside doing mean things. Check out the awesome trailer here…
Troll Hunter was late shipping so I’m hoping to get it on the shelves by tomorrow. Keeping the fingers crossed…

Win Win – Comedy drama exercise finds sad sack lawyer Paul Giamatti moonlighting as a high school wrestling coach which, of course, he’s terrible at. The awesome Amy Ryan is along for the ride as his wife. Word has it that it’s quite a good flick.

X – Heavy Australian drama about a call girl on her last night on the job (think everything goes alright?) who teems up with a rookie hooker on the run from some bad guys. As the box art exclaims, “A thriller that excites.” Yee-haw.

Old Stuff Just In…

Anne of a Thousand Days
Mary Queen of Scots
Things – check out the awesome cover here –
The Children’s Hour

Recently Viewed and Recommended

True Blood Season 3
Meet Monica Velour
Winter in Wartime
Lincoln Lawyer
Jane Eyre

Great Job Internets!

Need more proof that you should be watching Louie because Louis CK is the funniest man on the planet? Check out this clip from Conan from last week…[youtube][/youtube]

Here’s a pretty good article about films and stuff that the crew at the Onion didn’t like but would recommended to others…,60621/

As promised last week, here’s a good article about musician on musician insults. Good stuff…

Anyone still have a VCR? Maybe you might want to add these to your collection..

That’s it folks, stay dry, get high, stop on by and watch a flick!

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