Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending August 22nd

Hope everyone’s having fun! Sorry but that’ about all I have this week. I’m still trying to recover from a friend’s wedding ordeal over the weekend. There was much drinking, dancing and everything else that happens at weddings. At least I came home with my pants this time.

New Releases for Tuesday August 16th, 2011 the year of our Lord

The Bang Bang Club – This film doesn’t even need to change it’s name to make it a funny porn title, i.e.: Chitty Chitty Gang Bang, On Golden Blonde or Splendor in the Ass. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Anyhoo, now that you’re finished laughing – this movie centres around some war photographers in South Africa in the final days of Apartheid. Also on the blu ray.

Dexter Season 5 – Oh Dexter, will you ever stop your murdering ways? Hope not.

Force of Nature: The David Suzuki Story – Doc about BC’s (and Canada’s) favorite and most famous tree hugger.

Jane Eyre – Yet another adaptation of the Bronte tale. This one stars dreamy Michael Fassbender. My favorite version is still the SCTV one with a big-eared Andrea Martin riding around on a small pony for some reason.

Medium Raw – Horror film starring the cigarette dude from the X-Files about some people who are trapped in a prison/insane asylum where some occurrences occur that traps them in with the inmates who are running amok. I haven’t had a good running amok evening in quite a while. Miss those days.

Meet Monica Velour – Awkward teen sets out to meet his favorite porn star. Awww how sweet. Part of growing up, wasn’t it? Meeting your favorite porn star. Looking forward to sending out my kid on this quest when he comes of age. Kim Cattrall stars as the titular character who best days are well behind her as she struggles to make ends meet as a single mom. Doesn’t sound all that titillating anymore, does it?

Petits Mouchoirs – French film that translates to Little Mouchoirs. I mean Little White Lies. Stars the lovely Marion Cotillard and some other French actors that go on vacation and things happen to them on vacation and secrets are revealed while on vacation. Drama and comedy, I presume, ensue during the vacation.

Priest – Documentary about a rogue Priest who knows how to kick some vampire ass. Which, I presume, he does. (I was just kidding about the documentary, it’s a musical.) Also on the blu ray.

Something Borrowed – Generic rom-com starring the queen of these things – Kate Hudson and John, you are quickly losing any cool points you may have acquired on The Office, Krasinski. Couldn’t tell you what it’s about and really. Does it even matter?

West is West – Sequel to the wildly popular East is East from a few seasons back finds the family going back to India for a healthy dose of culture clash and comedy hi-jinks.

The Year Dolly Parton was My Mom – Coming of age Canadian dealy about an 11 year-old girl searching for her real mom and waiting for adolescence to kick in. How Canadian does that sound?

Old Stuff Just In…

Conan the Barbarian – Blu Ray – Arnold’s finest 2 hours. Watch it with the commentary on as it’s the funniest thing you’ll ever witness! I’m not at all kidding about that at all. Watch it!

Coming Next Week

Venus Noire
Pom Wonderful Presents the Greats Movie Ever Sold
Henry’s Crime
The Beaver
Tactical Force
Beneath Hill 60
Bride Flight

Recently viewed and Recommended

Lincoln Lawyer
Winter in Wartime
American Grindhouse
Outside the Law
Louie Season 1
Source Code
Hobo with a Shotgun
Rec 2

Great Job Internets!

Hey want to read some great insults that famous directors have directed at each other? Some good director on director action here as someone once said…
Coming next week – best musician on musician insults.

Tell me this film doesn’t look awesome! It seems to have everything! (hits the DVD in a couple of months) [youtube][/youtube]

Need and excuse to start watching Louie?

Hey who knew that The Terminator was on Twitter?

That’s it for this week folks. Enjoy the sun, but not too much, and keep watching!

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