Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending August 19th

So I’m going to cure cancer. How am I going to cure cancer, you ask? By playing hockey of course. Makes sense. No, I’m not high or drunk (well, not really). I’ll be participating in a charity road hockey thingy in September where the proceeds go the BC Cancer Foundation. I’m usually not one to shill for things in the newsletter but if any of you fine folks would like to sponsor me while I cure cancer, that’d be swell. I know that there are probably better agencies to donate to in the fight against this shitty disease as not all of the money donated to the larger corporate Cancer charities – “Big Cancer” as I like to call it – goes strictly into the research. But I like to believe that doing this charity event is a positive thing. I’ll be playing with local rock legends The Odds and if you’d like to donate you can follow the link here, Team Odds, player Darren Gay. I’ll even through in a free rental for any donations over $25, just to sweeten the pot a bit. Stupid cancer, you’re going down!

The gonch is going fast! If you haven’t already scored a pair, please stop in and ensconce your nether regions in the finest fabrics known to humankind..$15 for women’s and $25 for men’s – tax included!




New Releases for Tuesday August 13th

Angles’ Share – Brand spanking new Ken Loach film follows a fresh dad, who just narrowly missed going to jail for some reason, as he finds solace and inspiration in a whiskey distillery he visits with his blokes. If there’s a better place to find inspiration and solace in this crazy world, then I don’t want to know about it. [youtube][/youtube]

Big Wedding – My gawd, Robert DeNiro, what the hell happened to you? Did you need another helicopter landing pad on your roof? Just look at the dismal cover for this dreck. You’ve gone from intense Taxi Driver to a fake-laughing bearded monkey. For shame. Even the name is awful. Big Wedding. Shit, is that the best you could come up with, Hollywood hacks. The “film” revolves around a recently divorced couple who pretend to be married for some lousy wedding. Ugh, that’s not even sitcom-worthy. This looks so lame that I wouldn’t watch this pile of puke with your eyes. But don’t let me stop you. [youtube]–83R-9Dabg[/youtube]

Coast Modern – Great locally produced doc about west coast modernist architecture. You like dwellings? You addicted to those house porn shows? Then you must check this out. [youtube][/youtube]

The Company You Keep – Nice to see that leathery Robert Redford is employing his peers (Nick Nolte, Julie Christie, Sam Elliot and many more) as he directs and stars in this tale of a former Weather Underground activist who goes on the run when he’s outed by some meddling reporter. It’s a fine little thriller, if not overly long and draggy in places. Brit Marling steals the show (in my opinion anyways) as she’s likely to do. Bonus points for having a scene filmed in a laundry place on the Drive. Also on the Blu Ray. [youtube][/youtube]

Enlightened Season 2 – Second and, unfortunately, last season of this fine show starring Laura Dern as a self-destructive woman who has a breakdown and then has some sort of spiritual awakening (at a Grateful Dead show, perhaps? that’s where my spiritual awakening happened – or maybe it was the acid) which leads to turmoil in her home and professional life. Good stuff. [youtube][/youtube]

Girls Season 2 – Mawr girls! If you haven’t watched this show yet then you haven’t seen it. You should correct that. Good stuff! [youtube][/youtube]

Liberal Arts – Very good little indie drama/comedy that finds a dude returning for his professor’s retirement party where he meets one of the Olsen sisters – don’t worry it’s the talented one, Elizabeth – and they fall madly in love. Word has it that this indie darling is the shit (that means is good in street language).  [youtube][/youtube]

Olympus has Fallen – Here’s reason # 435 why Hollywood is a stupid place; this particular action film was one of two films that came out this year about terrorists attacking the friggin’ White House. While that might be cool in real life, do we have to have two films on the same subject released within months of each other? This one has the Morgan Freeman, the Gerald Butler and Aaron Eckhart as The President (I imagine he gets to kick a little ass at some point). Also on the Blu Ray. [youtube][/youtube]

Political Animals – Warning! There are no actual animals in this show. No penguins. No wildebeest. No nothing! Just Sigourney Weaver starring as a former first lady, now divorced, who is currently serving as Secretary of State. Sounds a little familiar, no? Also stars the amazing Ciarán Hinds and Ellen Burstyn so it has that going for it. [youtube][/youtube]

The Sapphires – Singy-dancey thing from Australia that follows four aboriginal girls as they attain some sort of stardom as they entertain the troops in Nam (Viet). [youtube][/youtube]

Vanishing Waves – Cool looking erotic sci-fi number from Lithuania about a neuron-transfer scientist who experiments with the thoughts of a comatose young woman. How can you not go wrong with that?! Won scads of awards around the globe including the cool mini film-fest held at the Rio last fall. Heard nothing but good things. [youtube][/youtube]

Coming Next Week

Boardwalk Empire Season 3
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Solomon Kane
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5 Shells
The Killing Season
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In case you missed it or need something that’ll make you smile, check this out…(gets to the good stuff around 1:48)  [youtube][/youtube]

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