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Just wanted to throw a big thank-you shout-out to all of you fabulous humans who reacted in such a generous and positive way to my “open letter” from last week (You can read it here if you missed it or want to relive the memories). Folks dropped into the store to lend their support, tweeted and messaged all over the internet – we received encouragement from many corners of the globe (yes I know that a globe can’t have corners)! We received lots of ideas on how to proceed and keep this boat afloat. Lots for our minds to chew on. Makes us feel like we have something good going on here. Let’s hope that this love can last for a long time to come. Cheers to you all!

We’ve got a cool thing happening in the future over at the Commercial store – local musical hero Jason Zumpano will be setting up some turntables and fancying us with select tunes and soundscapes on Saturday May 3rd at 5pm in the afternoon (as opposed to 5pm in the morning!). There will also be some delicious refreshments to be had courtesy of our good friends over at Bomber Brewing. Cool beans.


New Releases for Tuesday Aril 22nd

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Bag Man – Remember a few weeks ago how I was going on about the cover art for Grudge Match and how God-awful it was? Well we have a new contender for worst box art of the year (or maybe ever). Bagman! It looks like I tried to draw John Cusack after drinking a bottle of Absinthe, going blind from said Absinthe and then having my hands mangled in a thresher. It’s just that bad. As for the film – Cusack plays a guy holding a mysterious bag for DeNiro after killing a bunch of people for some reason. Another straight to video release for DeNiro and Cusack. Man these guys are a long way from home. On the plus side it has Crispin Glover and something called Sticky Fingaz in it. Also on the Blu Ray.


Big Bad Wolves – Pretty cool, intense, grim drama/horror number from Israel that finds a disgraced cop and the father of a murdered girl “interrogating” the main suspect. If the films Prisoners and Hostel had a some sweaty, grimy, blood-soaked sex that produced baby, not only would that be weird and really gross, but you might end up with something like this flick. Recommended! Tarantino’s favourite film from last year (but he also had Lone Ranger on his list). Also on the Blu Ray.


Broadchurch Season 1 – Fantastic British TV show (one of Johns favourites!) looks into the lives of folks in a small coastal town in England that are torn apart after the murder of a young boy. Has the fine British actor David Tennant among it’s fine cast. Highly recommended.


Date and Switch – Rom-com that finds a couple of high-schoolers (judging by the box art, these “teenagers” look like they are in their early 30’s) looking to lose their virginity before prom. Things take an unexpected turn when one of them reveals that he’s gay. Lame cover (again), hello Drinking Buddies. Not too sure why I ordered this. I must have been drunk.


Interior. Leather Bar. – Rumour has it that there’s a section – 40 minutes or so – that were cut from that Al Pacino/William Friedkin flick Cruising (1980) to avoid the dreaded X-Rating and those 40 minutes have gone missing. So James Franco and another guy took it upon themselves to re-imagine what those 40 minutes might have looked like. Lots of sweaty gay sex is my guess. They use this as a jumping off point to explore the topics of sexual and creative freedom. Enjoy.


Scandal Season 1 and 2 – Very much enjoyable TV show that finds Kerry Washington leaving her job as a White House Communications Director to start her own crisis management firm only to discover she hasn’t left the past behind. Much intrigue and, dare I say it, scandal ensues! Season 1 is rented as an old title ($3 a disk for 1 week) and Season 2 as a New Release ($4 a disk for 2 nights). Season 2 has yet to arrive at Commercial as well. Soon, my pretties, soon.


Vikings – Season 1 – Fine, gritty TV series about the adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok.You remember him. Famous viking. The series tells the saga of Ragnar’s band of Viking brothers and his family as they cavort around the bleak landscape, fighting and loving and doing whatever it is that Vikings do.

Coming Next Week

Bad Country
Labor Day
The Selfish Giant
Space Battleship Yamato
Escape From Tomorrow

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Broadchurch Season 1
Big Bad Wolves
Wolf of Wall St.
Odd Thomas
Enough Said
Blue is the Warmest Colour

Here’s something from Buzzfeed to smile about that’s not a quiz telling you what kind of pizza topping you are or what’s your spirit dinosaur…

Have a great week Hope to see y’all soon.

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