Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending April 16th

Well it’s that time of year again, hockey playoffs (I heard that collective groan!). I have a love/hate relationship with the Canucks and the hockey in general. While I do love the sport – playing it as well as watching – and the playoffs are the best time to watch the game, it just does such a number on business that it makes it tough for me to fully get behind all the hoopla. I guess in a perfect world the Canucks would win the cup by sweeping every series and not playing on the weekends. Hoping for that or a first round exit. Sigh.

On another note, all of our garbage and recycling containers and bags have disappeared from behind the Cambie store. This actually happens quite often (although it’s the first time that the garbage bin as gone missing) and I’m always bewildered as to why anyone would want to take these things. They’re free from the city and they’re also new and shiny. What’s wrong with people?

So the sales of the used DVDs are winding down – probably another week at Commercial and maybe a bit longer at Cambie so come on down and see what you can pick up for real cheap – $6 per DVD or $5 each if you purchase three or more. You’re saving money by buying them!

New Releases for Tuesday April 10th

Cannibal – Latest gore fest from France finds a dude who’s living in the woods in a nice little cabin who stumbles across a woman covered in blood. He takes her home (of course he does) only to realize later on that she’s got a taste for human flesh (of course she does). She then gets kidnapped by some Gypsy mobsters for some reason and has to eat her way to freedom. I hear that humans taste like chicken.

The Darkest Hour – Haven’t heard too many good things about this supposed sci-fi thriller that finds some Americans in Russia who have to battle electric aliens or something that are bent on destroying the world. Why are almost all aliens who visit our fine planet bent on destroying it? Who goes on vacation with the expressed purpose of wrecking everything and trying to assimilate everyone and everything to their way of life? Besides Americans that is. Jerks. Also on the Blu Ray.

The Divide – Survivors of a nuclear attack on New York take refuge in a basement until the gravity of the situation forces them to act, shall we say, badly. This one looks like it might be pretty promising, even if I’ve never heard of it before. From the French director of the pretty awesome Frontier(s). Available only at Cambie for the moment, coming soon to Commercial.

El Bulli – Slow moving doc about the famed Spanish restaurant in Spain known as the best restaurant in the world for their fancy foamy art food. Pretty good flick (but pretty slow as mentioned) especially if you’re a foodie type.

Into the Abyss – The always amazing Werner Herzog’s latest doc about some (not-so-bright) guys who are death row for killing some people over a car somewhere in the States.

Iron Lady – Meryl Steep won some awards for her portrayal of that awful woman with that great hair who was the president of England back in the eighties. Can’t say that I’m much of a fan of the bio-pic, especially about particularly despicable people, unless they are really scathing. Haven’t seen this so I can’t really say. Also on the Blu Ray.

Louder Than a Bomb – Crowd pleasing doc that follows four teams of poetry slammers from Chicago as they prepare for a throw-down, cage-match, no-holds-barred poetry slammathon.

One Life – One of those really well filmed docs about animals getting their animal thang on and what not. Also on the Blu Ray. Available only at Cambie for the moment, coming soon to Commercial.

Sleeping Beauty – Strange looking weird erotic drama finds a woman who takes the job of a “sleeping beauty” which entails her being rendered unconscious and letting gross men do things with/to her while she’s asleep. So many layers of creepiness just in the description makes me want to check this deviant little number out. Hopefully you don’t get this film from the stores when you come in to rent the Disney Sleeping Beauty although that would make for a funny story for us.

Old but New to Us

Highway Patrolman (Alex Cox)

Coming Next Week

Bob’s Burgers Season 1
Girl Fight
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Treme Season 2

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Into the Abyss
The Killing Season 1
Game of Thrones Season 1
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy
Young Adult
Elite Squad: Enemy Within
Shameless Season 1

Oh ya and Happy Belated Easter (if you can be happy about a guy being crucified and then possibly coming back to life) World’s first zombie? Anyways here’s a little how do-ya-do from the Oatmeal…

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  1. Diana
    Diana says:

    I’ve been in the store of 15 times now asking for the old T-shirt the one designed by your small child they’re fantastic can you please please please please bring about them back the new ones aren’t as nice or original.

    • Bossman
      Bossman says:

      Hmmm, that’s the first request for the old T’s we’ve had. I’ll take it under consideration. I’m actually wearing one of those right now!




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