Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending April 14th

As some musician once sang (I think it was Gino Vanelli) “The times, they are a changing”. And it seems lately that it’s usually for the worse. Case in point – Gary, owner of the Cambie General Store, recently found out that his landlord decided not to renew his lease and will be forced to close soon (I believe it may be the end of this month). Such a shame as he’s a swell guy who’s been there for so long and is an icon in the neighbourhood. I don’t know what will go in there instead but I’ve heard rumours of a bar/nightclub thing, and underground fight club (humans, dogs, monkeys, chickens, jello) a brothel, a designer hammer and nail boutique, a pankration studio, a laser-gun eye surgery clinic, a pet rock store, and the dumbest idea of all, a DVD rental shop! All kidding aside, it will be sad to see our friend and great neighbour go. Good luck, Gary, wherever you end up. After all as, I believe it was, Cory Hart once sang, “We’re all just dust in the wind”.


Just hold still. This won’t hurt a bit!

The DVD sale is over at Cambie but I just added one last pile of flicks to the bins at Commercial. $3 each or 2 for $5. They’ll be there for a week only so get yer buns on down while the bun-getting is good.

The Cambie Store is looking to hire a good, film-smart, people-smart, hard-working person to fill in on (moslty) weekends. If you think that you have what it takes to join the Black Dog family, drop off a resume at the Cambie location.

New Releases for Tuesday April 8th


August: Osage County – One of those talky, dramatic stage play films with a bunch of well regarded actors – think Streep, Roberts, Cooper, Mulrooney, McGregor + bunch of others. I keep wanting to think that this is about a family of sausage makers (I see sausage when I see the word Osage. Actually I see sausage everywhere) that reunite to discuss some sort of family crisis. Despite the lame Canadian art-work on the cover (I’m going to have to do a piece/rant on this subject) I’ve heard good things about this. Here’s the Canadian one (the one above the words is the original American design). Also on the Blu Ray.


Lame amright? They’re not even looking at each other. What are they looking at? Tell me! Terrible photo-shop.


Cocaine Cowboys: Reloaded – More stories of cowboys hopped up on goofballs. Either that it or it’s the continuing saga of a family of drug kingpins. I like family films.


The Great Beauty – Stunning Italian flick (and winner of the best foreign film Oscar) finds a playboy, who’s lived a decadent lavish lifestyle for years, turning 65 and reflecting back up his life of debauchery. I’d love to, a) make it to 65, and b) have had a debauched (well more debauched) life to look back upon. Also on the Blu Ray.


Grudge Match – Holy shit! Look at this cover. What’s going on here? Are these two old, broken down men have a pooping contest? Are they constipated or being anally probed for some reason? DeNiro, oh how far you’ve fallen. And Stallone, well it seems kind of par for the course for you these days. If you must know – this “comedy” is the tale of two washed up boxers who step back into the ring to settle each other’s hash for some past digression. They should have just smoked said hash and got on with their day. Also on the Blu Ray.


The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug – Second part of the over-blown Hobbit trilogy is better than the first one (it has a talking dragon!) with some entertaining, eye-popping (well I hope that’s just an expression) set pieces. But the story just meanders and staggers all over the place and by not having any of the wee dwarfs and hobbitses put in any real peril, there’s no real tension or sense of danger. Still, if you buy the ticket, you take the ride. Also on the Blu Ray.


Nurse – For some strange reason, this is the film I want to see most this week. Is it because it’s about a sex-crazed, clothing-adverse homicidal nurse and has “brutal violence” and “sexual situations” warnings? Probably. Also on the Blu Ray and the 3-D Blu Ray.


Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones – It seems that the Paranormal Activity kids needed to take the stale haunted house idea out of the house and toss it into an apartment building. After a creepy old woman neighbour dies in her apartment, Jesse starts to experience weird and disturbing occurrences. Is he one of the Marked Ones (dun-dun-dun!), whatever a Marked One might be? I liked the Paranormal films so I’m hoping for good things here. Also on the Blu Ray.


Snake and Mongoose – What sounds like an awesome martial arts flick (judging by the title and the title alone) is actually a fine little bio-pic drama type dealy about Don “The Snake” Prudhomme and Tom “The Mongoose” McEwen, two drag racers and rivals from way back in the day.

Coming Next Week

Better Living Through Chemistry
Bletchley Circle Season 2
Confessions of Murder
Flowers in the Attic
The Invisible Woman
Nut Job
Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Ride Along

Recently Viewed and Enjoyed

Wolf of Wall Street
The Great Beauty
Hobbit 2: The Hobbiting
August: Osage County
American Hustle
Anchorman 2: The Anchoring
Zero Charisma
Out of the Furnace
Odd Thomas

Smile. I think that I may have found my favourite internet!

Have a great week, my lovelies. Keep us in your dreams and your hearts.

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