Black Dog Newsletter February 7 – 13 “Vancouver Makes Me Sad Edition”


I really don’t like the way Vancouver is heading (I’m sure I’m not alone) with all the cool, interesting places disappearing so quickly. Case in point – say good-bye to the tasty little Pronto restaurant on Cambie St. The lovely art deco building will be destroyed soon to be replaced with, sigh, condos with a dentist office on the ground floor. How exciting! But what really boils my potatoes is the potential loss of the RIO Theatre. It’s on the market and I doubt very much that whoever buys it will keep it as it is (petition here!). What’s going to happen when all the neat places are gone – businesses that make a city worth living in – are gone and all we are left with is coffee shops, pizza slice joints and dentist offices?

That said, we’re still here! It’s a Christmas miracle some might say. All thanks to you wonderful folks! We’re very happy to be here and happy to remind you of our big BIG Sale at the Commercial Store next Thur. Gonna be epic. Hope that you can make it. February 15th from 9-11pm. Bring cash and we pay the tax!

New Releases!


All I See is You – Blind woman gets her sight back but then doesn’t like what she sees. What is it? What does she see? Bears? Condos? An ugly husband? You decide! (At Cambie tomorrow)


Broad City Season 4 – This is a very funny show.


The Deuce Season 1 – Excellent new series from the fella who created The Wire about NY City in the 1970’s and all the porn and prostitution that was seedying up the joint. (At Cambie tomorrow)


Last Flag Flying – Kind of a maybe but not really but might be sequel to The Last Detail. Steve Carrell (not funny here) Breaking Bad and Larry Fishburne, all old army buddies, reunite to bury one of their sons who was killed overseas. Richard Linklater directs this tight little drama.


Professor Marsden and The Wonder Women – Sexy tale of Professor Marsden and his wife and his mistress and the inspiration he got from them to create Wonder Woman!


Roman J. Israel Esq. – Is it a movie about Romans? The Middle East? Esquire magazine? Smoking J’s? I just don’t know what’s going on anymore. Stars Denzel as all of those words!.


Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World – Excellent doc about Native Americans and their rock and role in American (and Canadian) music. Check it out!


The Sinner Season 1 – Spooky odd sounding show finds Jessica Biel trying to figure out what is causing all these terribly violent episodes that she keeps having. Colour me intrigued!


Victor Crowley – Kane Hodder is back in old Victor Crowley’s gross dirty shoes as he’s somehow resurrected and then, of course, goes on a murderous rampage. This is the 4th movie in the Hatchet series. I’ve seen the first 3. I will watch this one. I have no shame.


Wonder – Nice heartwarming tear-jerker (it’ll jerk those tears right out of your eye holes) about a kid with a messed-up face who braves the public school system.

Coming Soon!

The Square
Tom of Finland
Taboo Season 1
Blade of the Immortal
Florida Project
Mom and Dad

In case you need a taste of what we have for sale next Thursday, lick your chops and gaze upon these!


Stay real, Vancouver.

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