Black Dog Newsletter December 12-18 “It’s Almost Here Edition!”


Yes, that’s right it’s almost here! Our podcast! You thought I was talking about Christmas, didn’t you? We’ll that’s almost here as well. But more importantly, we here at Black Dog laboratories have been working hard on a fun movie podcast I’m sure (well, hope) that you’ll enjoy. We’ve experienced some technical difficulties but we should have 3 episodes ready for your ears by next Friday (the 22nd) including a special Christmas themed extravaganza.

New Releases


Game of Thrones Season 7 – The latest season of this fine show, now with more dragons! More snow zombies or whatever they’re supposed to be! More incest! More everything!


Killing Heydrich – Second film this year that details the assassination attempt of that ghoul, Heydrich, and the consequences that followed.


The Kingsmen: The Golden Circle – Tepid sequel to the fun original flick from 3 years ago finds the Kingsmen, whose headquarters have been destroyed, heading to America to hang out with Channing Potatoman, Elton John and some cowboys/spies.


Mother! – One of my most anticipated films of the year (can’t believe I still haven’t seen it!) finds Jennifer Lawrence (J-Law) and Javier Bardem (Jav-Bard) living a nice tranquil life but then some people show up and won’t leave or something like that. Think maybe Rosemary’s Baby or maybe Transformers 2 (probably not Transformers) or something along those lines.


Stronger – Jake Gyllenhall gets his legs blown off during the Boston Marathon (by a bomb). His story of recovery inspires a nation. Interesting fact – Gyllenhall actually had his legs removed for the film (that’s some method acting). They eventually grew back.


Victoria and Abdul – “Hmmm, who can we get to play an elderly Queen Victoria? What about Helen Mirren? Too busy. What about Meryl Streep? Too American. What about Shaq? Ummm…What about Dame Judi Dench? It’s been a few months since she’s played a queen, right? Sold!”

Coming Soon!

Lego Ninjago Movie
Top of the Lake: China Girl
The Trip to Spain
The Mountain Between Us

And of course it would be wrong of me not to mention all the fine things that are available for your Christmas gift giving and stocking stuffing. Check out our page here to see what’s what. Stuff is going fairly quickly so act now!

Have a good week, drop into Bomber Brewing this Monday for cheap beers and a free showing of Home Alone! Ciao, bella.

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