Black Dog Newsletter “Baby It’s Covid Outside Edition!”


So, we’re working towards being open soon on a regular (or semi-regular) basis. We figure maybe in the next week or two. Just seeing which way the (Covid) wind blows. But until then you can still send in your orders for pick-up! Tuesday and Saturday at Commercial and Wednesday and Saturday at Cambie (3-6pm both shops). Order online here or send us an email – . We’re still trying to iron out some kinks in the process so please bare with us.

New Releases


Brahms: The Boy II – Awkward title for another film about a killer doll. Seems a lot of folks are afraid of creepy murderous dolls these days.


Call of the Wild – Grizzled Harrison Ford and a dog named Buck star in this much told tale of a sled dog struggling to survive in the wilds of the Yukon.


Emma – Another version of the much told tale for all you Austenheads out there.


Sonic the Hedgehog – Movie about a fast blue hedgehog that solves crimes or something.


Tigers are Not Afraid – I hear that this Mexican horror thriller about kids trying to survive the cartel drugs wars and also some ghosts is pretty top notch! Can’t wait!


Underwater – An earthquake (maybe!) at the bottom of the ocean threatens the lives of a crew of folks living or working (or both?) down there. Are there monsters unleashed by human greed and hubris? (Maybe!)


The Way Back – Not to be confused with The Way Back or The Way Way Back (good flick!) or The Way Back, this Way Back stars Ben Affleck as a washed up basketball guy who gets one last shot at basketball redemption (the best kind of redemption!)

Also the series Baptiste and Ray Donovan Season 7 will now be available at Cambie.

Coming Soon!

The Gentlemen
The Lodge
Creepshow Season 1
Justice League Dark
The Traitor
Invisible Man

That’s it for this week, folks. I hope that everyone is staying healthy and hydrated in these dark sunny times. And I hope to see your masked faces in the video shops soon!

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