Black Dog Newsletter August 2 – 8 “This is It Edition!”


Heavy tunes for your shopping enjoyment!

We’re back, all refreshed from a week away visiting friends and doing some camping/cabins in this beautiful province of ours. The camping was successful although I am quite pleased to enjoy the miracle of indoor plumbing once again. For this edition I’m going to highlight a few of the more interesting titles we’ve received in the last couple of weeks.

And just another reminder of the amazing DVD sale we’ll be hosting this coming Friday evening. We’ll be closing the doors at at the Commercial branch at 10pm on Friday the 5th to prepare for the best and biggest DVD extravaganza you’ve ever done seen! Thousands of incredible DVDs will be on offer for purchase. Music provided by local maestro Jason Zumpano! Details here….

New Releases!


The Bronze – Nice looking comedy about a not-so-nice misanthrope who placed third in gymnastics at the Olympics and who struts around the town riding on her bronze coattails and being obnoxious. Hilarity, I presume, ensues.


Confirmation – Docu-drama about Anita Hill and that dirt-bag Clarence Thomas who was accused of sexually harassing her.


The Girlfriend Experience – Sexy TV series based on the sexy Soderbergh flick of the same name about a New York call girl and her wacky, sexy life.


Guernica – Spanish war drama about a soulless journalist who tangles with a censor in charge of what reporters can report while reporting.


High Rise – Ben Wheatley (Kill List) and JG Ballard (Crash) team up for this weird unsettling look at the odd and sometimes nasty citizens who occupy a high-rise building. Looks totes cool.


Hologram for the King – On paper this tale of a failed businessman who travels to Saudi Arabia for one last kick at the can looks like a no-brainer – Dave Eggers, Tom Tykwer and Tom Hanks! On film, well, not too sure.


Keanu – Funny guys Key and Peele pose as thugs for a drug dealer in order to rescue their lost, cute-as-a-button, kitten. What’s not funny about that?!


The Knick Season 2 – Clive Owen is back as the drug-addled surgeon in Steven Soderbergh’s fantastic turn of the century hospital yarn.


The Lobster – One of my favourite films of the year so far finds a pudgy Colin Farrell trying to find love in some dystopian universe before he’s turned into the animal of his choice. It’s weird, it’s hilarious, it’s mildly disturbing and absurd. You’ll either love it or you won’t.


Saving Mr. Wu – Cool-looking Hong Kong actioner finds Andy Lau being kidnapped by some nasty gents. Love the cover on this. Makes me want to watch it just for that!


Sing Street – Sweet little number about a kid growing up in Dublin in the 1980’s who starts a band to impress a girl. Like every other band that was ever started.


Songs My Brother Taught Me – Life on the reservation becomes tough when a couple of kid’s absentee dad dies. Much drama and stuff, I presume, ensues.


The Tiger – In Japanese controlled Korea, and old-man hunter sets off to track down the last tiger in this sad, beautiful, sad movie.


The Tunnel – Excellent looking TV crime drama about Stannis Baratheon teaming up with a French female detective to solve a mysterious crime.


A War – Excellent war drama from Denmark finds a guy having to make tough decisions in Afghanistan and back home. Stupid war.

Coming Soon!

The Affair Season 2
Angry Birds Movie
A La Vie
Huntsman: Winter’s War
Maggies Plan
Nice Guys
Orphan Black Season 4
Ash vs the Evil Dead Season 1

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

The Lobster
High Rise
10 Cloverfield Lane
Only Yesterday
Green Room

That’s it for this week, y’all. Hope to see some of your lovely faces out this Friday evening to score some sweet things!


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