Black Dog Newsletter August 16 – 22 “Scorched Earth Edition!”


Can someone get me a glass of water?

It’s hot. It’s too dam hot. As philosopher and astute business mogul, Montgomery Burns, once said, “Ever since the dawn of time, man has yearned to destroy the sun!” And since that isn’t going to happen anytime soon, might I suggest renting some fabulous DVDs or Blu Rays and getting in a nice dark, cool room?

A couple of other notes of interest ~ The second big DVD sale event is in the works. We’re eyeing the 17th of September as a possible date. It will be at the Cambie location and it will be from 9am to 11am. Details are to follow.

And there’s another comedy night a brewing at the Commercial store. August 25th is the planned evening. Stay tuned and check the website and other social medias for updates.

New Releases!


The Affair Season 2 – Steamy drama show about some people being naughty and how it affects everyone around them. Stars McNulty and Pacey among others.


Angry Birds Movie – Why are these birds so angry? Are they Trump supporters? What’s up with those shifty pigs? Who cares? Seems this movie is about 5 years too late.


Orphan Black Season 4 – Another fine season of this fine and extremely well-acted thriller about a bunch of clones cloning around. Good stuff!


Sunset Song – Nice and nice-looking romance type drama about a Scottish farmer’s daughter (there must be a joke in there somewhere) who comes of age in the 1920s.


Vikings Season 4 Part 1 – More Vikings stomping around, ripping out the hearts of their enemies and eating it in front of them while it’s still beating. At least that’s what I assume Vikings do.

Coming Soon!

A La Vie
Ash vs the Evil Dead
Huntsman: Winter’s War
Maggie’s Plan
The Nice Guys
Ratchet and Clank
The Walking Dead S6

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Mustang (easily one of the year’s best!)
The Invitation
The Lobster
Green Room
The Wave
The Knick Season 2
Sing Street
A War
Sleeping Giant

If you need more recommendations, and I know that you do, please click this here button!

That’s it for this week folks. Try not to burn all of your skin off. I’ll leave you with a small taste of what will be up for grabs at the next DVD sale!


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