Black Dog Newsletter April 6th to 13th


Hi ya, handsome.

This weeks prose will be short and sweet. You can bet on that. Not much action on the shelves. Probably explains the large amount of films over the past two weeks. Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.

New Releases


Eurocrime: Italian Cops and Gangster Films that Ruled the 70’s – As one might surmise by the lengthy title, this is a nifty doc about some great genre films (many of which are available at your local Black Dog!) that came out of Italy in the 1970s. Fun flick!


Pioneer – Norwegian film, from the director of Insomnia, about a guy obsessed with reaching the bottom of the Norwegian sea during Norway’s famous oil boom of the 1980s. You remember that boom, right?


R100 – Crazy Japanese film about an ordinary guy who joins a club. One that is not very ordinary. They seem to specialize in guerilla acts of degradation. Lots of kicking, whipping, slapping, sloshing, spitting and grenades. Let the fun begin!


Stray Dogs – Tough film about an alcoholic guy and his two kids trying to survive in Taipei. From the director of Goodbye, Dragon Inn and The Hole.


Wetlands – Demented sex-comedy from Germany finds a girl recounting her sexual adventures involving vegetables, her attitudes on hygiene, amongst other things, all while she’s being treated for something called an anal fissure. Not too sure I want to know what that even is. (at Commercial, soon to Cambie. Hopefully)

Coming Soon

The Babadook
Big Eyes
Antarctica: A Year on the Ice
Foyle’s War Season 8
Goodbye to Language
I am Steve McQueen
Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Silicon Valley
Listen Up Philip
The One I Love
Song of the Sea
Gone Girl
Banshee Season 1

That’s it for this week folks. Be good, Vancouver.

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