Black Dog Newsletter April 20th to 26th, 2015!


I wish I could read.

It’s that time f the week again…Newsletter time! The best time. Pretty good week on the shelves. Hope that ya’ll can find something that pleases you.

New Releases


Fortitude – TV murder mystery drama set where folks wear the skins and furs of dead hairy animals.


The Honourable Woman – Bio-pic drama about Nessa Stein (Maggie Gyllenhall – man, I hate spelling the Gyllenhaal kid’s names!) who, despite inheriting her dads arms business (I have to assume the weapons kinds of arms, not, you know, real arms), promotes peace and reconciliation between Israel and the Palestinians.


Girl Walks Home Alone at Night – How cool is this?! A film from Iran! Not just a film from Iran but a freaking vampire film from Iran!! Can’t wait to check this out.


Little Accidents – Heavy-looking drama about the disappearance of a little boy in a small mining town still trying to recover from a tragic mining accident. Mining. Pretty much number one on the list of jobs I’d never want to do. That and adult diaper cleaning service.


Maps to the Stars – David Cronenberg’s latest skewers celebrity, Hollywood and, hopefully, has someone pull a gun out of their intestines. Not too sure about this last part. I haven’t seen it, but being a pretty big Cronenberg fan and with this stellar cast, its is quite high on my list. My very long list.


Red to Kill – Insane, Hong Kong exploitation rape revenge film about a deranged psycho who goes all rapey at the sight of the colour red and who also happens to run a home for the mentally challenged. That can’t be good. Not for all tastes so please proceed with caution.


Tak3n 3 – Christ. Someone had stolen another one of Liam Neeson’s family members. Or his dog. Or his fish. Or his self esteem. Or something like that. Needs more 3s in the title. And let’s hope that the tagline “It Ends Here” is the truth or we’ll have to sit though Ta4en! Directed by the amazingly named Oliver Megaton.


Two Days, One Night – The excellent Dardenne brothers (The Son) team up with the excellent Marion Cotillard to make this excellent little drama about a woman who learns that her workmates have opted for a nice fat pay bonus in exchange for her dismissal. Jerks.


You’re Not You – After-school disease of the week-looking movie about a bunch of people with sparkling smiles, one of whom has ACLS.

Old Stuff Just In!


Day of the Beast – Awesome, crazy fun flick from Alex de la Iglecia (Last Circus) about a priest and a heavy-metal fan teaming up to stop the anti-Christ possibly being born on Christmas day. Huge hit way back at Cinemuerte. Remember those fun times?


Brief History of Time (Criterion) – The famed Stephen Hawking doc where he discusses everything you need to know, in Criterion form!

Coming Soon!

Almighty Johnsons S- 1/2/3
The Boy Next Door
The Gambler
Gone with the Pope
Inherent Vice
The Wedding Ringer
Wolf Hall

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Looking Season 1
Adventure Time
Listen Up, Philip
Maps to the Stars
The Babadook
Gone Girl

Not enough? Here’s a few more things that we like!

Stay real, Vancouver

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