Black Dog Newsletter April 13 to 20 “Playoff Edition!”


Put us in, coach!

Ah, it’s that time of year again, when a young person’s fancy turns to the violent ballet known as the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I have a love/hate relationship with the playoffs. I’m a hockey fan and a fan of the Canucks so I’d like to see them do well. But I also own a business (Black Dog Video) that is adversely effected by all of this. I’m happy when the team doesn’t make the playoffs but am also happy when they win. Here’s hoping that they sweep every series and win the cup in as few games as possible! Enjoy the games, or you can just rent Slap Shot.

New Releases


Antarctica: A Year on the Ice – Doc about folks living for a year in Antarctica. I think that I’ll pass on doing that. I’m not a penguin.


The Babadook – Much ballyhooed horror number (William Friedkin calls it the scariest film he’s ever seen! That’s a bold statement coming from the guy who made THE scariest film ever – The Exorcist). It follows the tale of a troubled boy and his mom who are haunted by a dark spectre from a mysterious book that shows up at their house one day. You’ll be walking around for weeks croaking “Ba-ba-dook” I guarantee it! Just ask my family.Highly recommended.


Big Eyes – Amy Adams is a painter who paints famous works of people with large eyes. Christoph Waltz is her scheming husband who steals the credit for her work. Tim Burton is the guy who made this movie.


Escobar: Paradise Lost – Cool drama about a surfer dude who meets the woman of his dreams in Columbia. He then meets her uncle, Pablo Escobar. That must have been an awkward dinner. He’s played by noted VHS tape thief, Benecio De Toro, looking quite terrifying here.


Foyle’s War Season 8 – Foyle continues his wacky adventures in WWII England.


Goodbye to Language – Latest from Jean-Luc Godard (I can’t believe he’s still alive, never mind still making films) about the relationship between a man, a woman and a dog. I’m sure it’s quite French and quite odd.


I Am Steve McQueen – Shit. I wish. Although he’s dead, so maybe not. I guess I’ll just have to settle for this documentary.


Looking Season 1 – Excellent HBO series about a bunch of gay guys living in San Fransisco. San Franscisky? Did you drive or did you flew?


The Missing – Excellent TV series about a couple whose child goes missing while on vacation in France. That will put a damper on the good times.


Shameless Season 4 – What are the Gallagher clan up to these days you ask? Watch and find out! A very fine show that you should watch.

Coming Soon!

Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
Little Accidents
Maps to the Stars
Taken 3
Two Days, One Night
You’re Not You

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Adventure Time
Looking Season 1
The Babadook
Silicon Valley
Listen Up, Philip
The One I Love
Song of the Sea

Have a great week, folks. Be good and do the right thing.

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