Black Dog Newletter for Week Ending May 16th

Well it’s been quite the week I must say – the incredibly disappointing election (really? there’s that many people who think Harper is doing that good a job?!), I got burned on Craigslist – details to follow, and Videomatica announced that they are closing. I’ve just completed an essay on my thoughts of this and just what is happening to the DVD rental industry and the possible grim future it has. Check it out on the blog portion of the site if you wish…

Have you ever been burned by some loser, ass-face on Craigslist? Up until this week I have had nothing but relatively positive experiences. I arranged to by a box set of seasons 1-3 of Deadwood from some guy on Craigslist. Seemed like a pretty good deal. He even dropped them off at the Cambie store. I wasn’t there for the transaction but when I came in a few days later I noticed that the it was a cheap bootleg. I contacted him about this and he said he had no idea it was a bootleg (he even claimed he didn’t know what a bootleg was) and that he’d be willing to refund my money. We made arrangements. He never showed. I emailed him a few times and he finally responded saying that he wasn’t going to give me a refund. Buyer beware he said. I was shocked and pissed. I sent him a stern but reasonable email asking what had happened and why he wasn’t going to give me a refund. His response was filled with insults and mockery; “get over it Darren. U act like you never got the raw end of a deal. I never lied to you. The fact is, you should have not left this transaction to your untrained employee. And as far as your business is concerned, did you really think the video business was going to pay your bills? You are the fool. The movie business has changed, ever heard of Netflix? How about LimeWire? I am surprised you actually thought a complete stranger was going to give you a refund! HAHAHAH You’re a sucker. One born every minute….too much fun. I hope everytime you hear the word Deadwood, you think of me and how gullable you are. Civilize this…. Fuck you.”
Needless to say I was entirely infuriated. Crimson anger. After one more email he returned with this; “Maybe u want to buy some more bootleg shit from me? Haha sucker. I make my living off suckers like u. It’s an entire industry. Sucker.”
So not only is he a tool, a thief, and a sociopath, he’s also not very bright (seems to like the word sucker). His signs his name Andy and his email is Sandy Watters <> – His phone number is 604-727-7671. Just in case you run across him on Craigslist or want to drop him a line.

New Releases for Tuesday May 10th

Black Death – Middling sword and knight affair set in the 13th century that follows some inquisitive knights led by Sean Bean as they search for witches to torture and a place in the country to relax that the Black Plague has not ravaged. I was hoping for more blood and torture and gore (just the mood I was in), picturing Sandy Watters being drawn and quartered. Still not a bad watch for those of you who like this sort of thing, I just think that it could have been better.

Blue Valentine – Heavy duty relationship drama starring the always smartly dressed Ryan Gosling and the former Mrs. Heath Ledger, Michelle Williams. Word has it that its gritty, sexily sexy and very good. Also on the Blu Ray.

Concert – Uplifting French drama about a dude, Andrei Simoniovich Filipov, (there’s a mouthful) the renowned conductor of the Bolshoi orchestra, who was fired 30 years ago for hiring Jewish musicians. Now he’s a janitor, or custodial engineer as I like to refer to that profession, at the Bolshoi. Then he sees a chance for a way back in. Drama and enjoyment ensue.

I Am You – Very well received drama, mystery, thriller from down under (Australia) about a family who’s 15 year-old daughter goes missing. Who could be responsible? The loving dad? The loving boyfriend? The psychotic babysitter? Sandy Watters? Who knows? Great cast – Guy Pearce, Miranda Otto, Sam Neill. Looks like one to check out. I must say the quality thrillers coming out of Australia as of late has been quite craggy! ( I think that means impressive) Also known as In Her Skin.

The Illusionist – Amazing animated French film from the cats who brought you the wonderful Triplets of Belleville a few years back. From an original screenplay by Jacques Tati. Nominated for best animated feature at this years Oscars. Also on the Blu Ray.

Life with Murder – Great doc about an Ontario girl murdered in her home. All evidence points to her brother. Or Sandy Watters. Word has it that it’s an amazing story and fine piece of work. Love me a good doc!

No Strings Attached – Oh Natalie Portman, what have ye done? Where have you gone? From winning an Oscar in the excellent Black Swan to starring in a romantic comedy about friends with benefits with Ashton Kutchner. I guess ya got to pay those Harvard bills. On the Blu Ray as well.

The Violent Kind – From auteurs The Butcher Brothers comes this tale of a small group of hardened young bikers and their girlfriends are tormented when one of the girls becomes savagely possessed and a gang of “Rockabillies” seemingly from the 1950’s descends upon them to collect what is growing inside her. I think it may be a documentary?

Coming Next Week

Down Terrace
The Way Back
Thor: Tales of Asgard (Animated)
The Mechanic
The Rite
Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show Great Job Season 5
Vanishing on 7th Street
Daydream Nation
The Roommate
Autre Dumas

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Blue Valentine
Rabbit Hole
Mad Men S. 4
A Somewhat Gentle Man
The Girl
Inside Job
The King’s Speech
Made in Dagenham
Fair Game
Four Lions

Great Job Internets!

Sorry it’s a day late but here is Mr. T telling you about his mother (just in almost time for Mother’s Day) …

And from local filmmaker and friend of Black Dog, Mina Shum comes a little short (little short?!) film for all you hip-hop mom’s out there…

Here’s a fine column to catch up on a bunch of movie news including Tarantino’s next flick and a movie about the hunt for some guy named Bin Laden …

Star Wars by way of existentialist, Jean- Paul Sartre. Brilliant!

Well that’s all for this week kids. I hope that you had a chance to read my blog regarding the state of the DVD rental biz and also to stay clear of any douche bags on the Craigslist. You know who I’m talking about.

Black Dog Video

Black Dog Video

12 replies
  1. Sandy Watters
    Sandy Watters says:

    Hello good people of black dog video. Andy here, reminding u that contacting me at my number published above and leaving threats is fully illegal. Also to Darren, it’s called defamation to publish my name and number on the internet with a request to your customers to harass me if they come across me. So far I have had 2 people text and email me serious threats about this being the worst weekend of my life and I will be in a world of hurt, etc. The evidence collected already points to some serious charges. I am surprised you would publish my name and phone number like that. I hope you have a good lawyer and some extra cash floating around because you took it a little too far I think. Good luck with your case. Andy

    • Shabbitts
      Shabbitts says:

      Karma is a bitch Sandy…Andy…Thief….whatever your name is. I hope everyone finds out about your thieving ways and you bare the shame of being a thief where ever you go. Your family will hide their wallets and your friends will put everything away when you visit.
      I only wish Darren had a picture to show of your thieving face so I could recognize you on the street one day and shame you.

      • Sandy Watters
        Sandy Watters says:

        Shabbits, why don’t we set up a meeting so u can see exactly what I look like. Then maybe you can call me a thief to my face. U have my number. U have my email. I’d be glad to defend myself in any forum you feel necessary. Again, I am not a bootlegger or a thief. And I’d love to prove it, just not to incompetent jerks like you that believe everything they read from their local video rental store blog. Peace. Andy

        • Mamie
          Mamie says:

          Why would you send Darren an email admitting you are a bootlegger and a thief if it isn’t true? That doesn’t make sense at all.

          • Sandy Watters
            Sandy Watters says:

            Because he was very rude to me after I told him I couldnt get to his store immediately to refund him. No one has questioned Darren about his ‘stern’ email to me. Had he handled it more appropriately I would not have gone on to provoke him with nonsense and rhetoric. It simply became a game of who could insult who better. It was immature on both of our parts. Darren neglected to mention that the boxset was completely sealed and there was no way for anyone to know it was a knockoff. It was simply a case of buyer beware. Had I been a fan of Deadwood, it would have been my loss.

    • Sandy Watters
      Sandy Watters says:

      Oh Darren, I’m having so much fun with this! I like how you criticize me for not being too bright yet your blog is filled with spelling and grammatical errors. Also you claim to be a competent business person yet you leave your 19 year old employee to do your purchasing for you while you sit around and waste time writing useless blogs that no one even reads. There needs to be serious controversy for anyone to even care. It’s starting to make sense now though, you needed a scapegoat to publicly flog and defame just to get some interest in your floundering business. Sad, buddy. Furthermore the pissing on about your concern for the future of your business when obviously it was a poor decision even in the ’90’s, considering Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy protection and Hollywood attendance numbers have year over year declines. Wake up and smell the popcorn Darren, it’s over. Do Gus a favor and go back to work so the poor little guycan at least get an education, something you yourself obviously missed out on. I hear Tim Hortons is hiring. Bon chance!
      Andrew John Watt aka Sandy Watters aka Ande Love

  2. Ginny Gibson
    Ginny Gibson says:

    Hi Andy,
    It seems to me that when you make a chump out of somebody on a site that is supposed to be used in a legit manner, they have every right to post your info as a “buyer beware” to others so that it does not happen to anyone else. I am glad he did.
    However, people should not be using that info to threaten you, only to stay away from you and not be duped like our poor friend Darren was.
    Having said that, the only legal matter would be with the people harassing you, not with Darren simply posting your profile info as a warning.

  3. felix Mcgrawth
    felix Mcgrawth says:

    “Maybe u want to buy some more bootleg shit from me? Haha sucker. I make my living off suckers like u. It’s an entire industry. Sucker.”

    You, Andrew John Watt aka Sandy Watters aka Ande Love are what most people call a parasite. Don’t try and back your way into been a character of any repute. You were born a loser and will finish your life a loser. Funny I dont see any friends of yours coming to defend what a good person you are.

  4. Chip
    Chip says:

    Hello Sandy,

    Here are some inconsistencies in your stories that I have noticed:

    1. The box set was not sealed.
    2. The employee was not 19, not even close, nor untrained.
    3. Darren was not rude when you “couldnt get to his store immediately to refund him”, you set up a time and date with him for the refund to occur, and then did not show up for that appointment.

    I guess you could call these inconsistencies lies.

  5. Chip
    Chip says:

    A quote from the aforementioned myspace page bio:

    “It has taken me a long time to realize that trust and honesty are two key elements to a guilt-free existence.”

    That’s pretty hilarious.


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