Alright, here is the Official Black Dog Video Podcast (don’t accept any substitutes)! Listen while Dylan, Alex and myself (plus special guests) hang out in the video store after close, crack open a few beers and talk about a movie that made some sort of impression – usually good – on us when we were younger. Find out if cherished movies of our youth still hold up or not. Good times.

New episodes released bi-weekly on all your favourite platforms. Please enjoy responsibly!

The Black Dog Video After Dark Podcast is hosted by these three devilishly handsome movie experts inside the bowels of Black Dog Video, one of Canada’s last remaining video rental shops.
They regularly welcome guests including fellow movie-loving friends, customers, musicians, actors, directors and interesting local characters. You can find them working behind the counter at the shop.

Podcast #76: Roadhouse!

We’re not too stupid to have a good time so we drink and discuss the 1989 Patrick Swayze punchy, kicky, stabby, throat-ripper ROAD HOUSE…and drink. Then we get into a drunken brawl and trash the joint while Jeff Healey plays on. Check out Black Dog Video for swag, knick-knacks, DVDs and offers: ⁠⁠ Drop us a message for future movie suggestions and win some cool stuff! ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠

Podcast #75! Bruce Willis Tribute + Fifth Element!

New podcast episode! Join us louts as we take a look back at all the nice things Bruce Willis gave us (onscreen), including this little divisive number some call The Fifth Element! Like it or hate it, it’s definitely a movie!
Lee loo lee law oingo boingo…

Podcast #74! The Commitments!

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! Listen in as Josie, Dylan and Darren have a few green beers (hah, not a chance) and rap about Alan Parker’s classic ode to working folks finding solace in an R and B band, The Commitments!

Podcast #73: Waterworld!

There are no podcasts on Waterworld! We have a drink and discuss Kevin Costner’s 1995 briny action epic…and drink. Was it really that bad? Was Kevin Costner just wet and grumpy the whole time? Where did they get all those cigarettes? Check out Black Dog Video for swag, knick-knacks, DVDs and offers.:

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Podcast Episode #72: True Romance!

Hey lovebirds! Tuck into our special Valentine’s Day edition of the podcast where us three love-struck louts get under the covers with the classic love on the run caper flick True Romance. Listen in as Darren has a meltdown over having to watch it with commercials and marvel at Alex’s inability to say Reservoir Dogs! And we have a couple of drinks to celebrate as well!