Alright, here is the Official Black Dog Video Podcast (don’t accept any substitutes)! Listen while Dylan, Alex and myself (plus special guests) hang out in the video store after close, crack open a few beers and talk about a movie that made some sort of impression – usually good – on us when we were younger. Find out if cherished movies of our youth still hold up or not. Good times.

New episodes released bi-weekly on all your favourite platforms. Please enjoy responsibly!

The Black Dog Video After Dark Podcast is hosted by these three devilishly handsome movie experts inside the bowels of Black Dog Video, one of Canada’s last remaining video rental shops.
They regularly welcome guests including fellow movie-loving friends, customers, musicians, actors, directors and interesting local characters. You can find them working behind the counter at the shop.

#53 JINGLE ALL THE WAY (1996) Merry Christmas!

It’s our very special Christmas episode as the gang breaks open the Xmas cracker that is Arnie’s JINGLE ALL THE WAY! Digressions include retail hell stories, childhood toys and other, better Christmas movies. Put that cookie down! NOT SAFE FOR WORK! Recorded at Black Dog Video in East Vancouver.


And raised $2100.00 for the Vancouver Food Bank! The gang discusses our 16 hour Freddy-thon and the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, the good, the great and the ghastly! We also talk about waterbeds a lot. Remember waterbeds? Recorded at Black Dog Video 1470 Commercial Drive, Vancouver. Spoilers. Not safe for work.


The gang drinks and celebrates the 74th birthday of the Master of Horror himself, Stephen King!…and drinks.  Love him or hate him, you can’t deny the guy’s output is monumental. We pick our very best and very worst of the iconic writer’s body of work. Recorded at Black Dog Video 1470 Commercial Drive, Vancouver. 


The gang celebrates our 50th episode by going to The Rio Theatre to have a few drinks at SLEEPAWAY CAMP… and then a few more drinks. We compare our own childhood stories of miserable camping experiences, “wicked dumps” and that ending, oh that legendary ending! Recorded at Black Dog Video 1470 Commercial Drive, Vancouver