Alright, here is the Official Black Dog Video Podcast (don’t accept any substitutes)! Listen while Dylan, Alex and myself (plus special guests) hang out in the video store after close, crack open a few beers and talk about a movie that made some sort of impression – usually good – on us when we were younger. Find out if cherished movies of our youth still hold up or not. Good times.

New episodes released bi-weekly on all your favourite platforms. Please enjoy responsibly!

The Black Dog Video After Dark Podcast is hosted by these three devilishly handsome movie experts inside the bowels of Black Dog Video, one of Canada’s last remaining video rental shops.
They regularly welcome guests including fellow movie-loving friends, customers, musicians, actors, directors and interesting local characters. You can find them working behind the counter at the shop.

Podcast Episode #89: Phantasm!

We kick off our Halloween season by drinking and chewing the fat over Don Coscarelli’s bizarro horror classic Phantasm…and drinking. Digressions include Zombo Strongoni, the correct way to ride a bike and how many Baldwins is too many Baldwins?

Listen in here!

Podcast #88 – Local Hero

Dylan returns from Scotland alive to join Darren & Alex for a drink and discuss Bill Forsyth’s odd and magical charmer Local Hero. Digressions include make-out movies, tree witches and Wormwoods Dog and Monkey House which Alex swears is a real place.

Black Dog Video After Dark Podcast # 87: The Story of Riki aka Riki-Oh!

Darren and Josie are joined by Vanessa on her first Black Dog Podcast to drink and discuss the totally insane 1991 martial arts splatter-fest Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky…and drink. It’s the movie so nice they named it twice! Darren tells a wild story about throwing a dummy off of a rooftop that almost got him tossed in the hoosegow!

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BDAD #86 – Robocop!

Listen in as Darren and Dylan are joined by special guest comedian Harris Anderson to drink and discuss the 1987 cyber-violent satire Robocop… and drink. Darren tries desperately to pronounce the name Paul Verhoeven (VARE-HO-VEN) and fails every time (plus lots of other hilarity!). I had a lot of fun doing this one and I hope you enjoy it!

“Serve the public trust, protect the innocent, uphold the law, listen to the podcast” – Robocop.

Podcast #85 Paul Reubens tribute plus Pee Wee’s Big Adventure!

Darren, Josie and Amanda raise a glass to the late great Paul Reubens and discuss his 1985 comedy masterpiece Pee Wee’s Big Adventure…and drink. Digressions include Andre the Giant and Amanda’s affiliation with Laurie Loughlin and Darren almost gets the introduction right!

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