Alright, here is the Official Black Dog Video Podcast (don’t accept any substitutes)! Listen while Dylan, Alex and myself (plus special guests) hang out in the video store after close, crack open a few beers and talk about a movie that made some sort of impression – usually good – on us when we were younger. Find out if cherished movies of our youth still hold up or not. Good times.

New episodes released bi-weekly on all your favourite platforms. Please enjoy responsibly!

The Black Dog Video After Dark Podcast is hosted by these three devilishly handsome movie experts inside the bowels of Black Dog Video, one of Canada’s last remaining video rental shops.
They regularly welcome guests including fellow movie-loving friends, customers, musicians, actors, directors and interesting local characters. You can find them working behind the counter at the shop.

Podcast #100! – Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

Hey Everybody! It’s the Black Dog Video After Dark Podcast EPISODE 100! Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. That’s right, we hit the big 100! It’s been a fun, crazy, hilarious ride. Tune in. Drop Out. Get down! This is my happening and IT FREAKS ME OUT!

And thanks for listening!

Podcast #99.5 – Dumb and Dumber

Darren, Alex and Josie drink and discuss the classic 90’s comedy Dumb and Dumber… and drink. Digressions include Alex’s tales of the bathroom, Alex being traumatized by the alien on General Hospital and Alex claims that Dumb and Dumber is better than Citizen Kane.

Podcast Episode #99 – Runaway

Darren, Dylan and Alex drink and discuss the 1984 robots-run-riot sci fi action flick Runaway… and drink. Digressions include self checkout machines, how to assassinate our sound man and Darren’s torrid love affair with Jennifer Lawrence.

Podcast # 98 – A Boy and His Dog

Darren, Alex and Dylan drink and discuss the 2024-set psychosexual sci fi satire A Boy and His Dog… and drink. Topics include semen extracting machines, barbershop quartets and we are constantly interrupted by sirens driving by. We seem to do everything to avoid talking about the movie.

Podcast #97: Valentine’s Day Special – Misery!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air as Darren and Dylan join real-life author Duncan Shields to drink and discuss the 1990 psychological horror Misery… and drink. Digressions include muppets, smashed feet, cute piggies and what do do with people who talk during movies.