My top Horror films of 2021. It was actually a pretty fine year for horror films. Lots of smaller under the radar type numbers bettered (for the most part) the bigger splash studio films – Halloween Kills, Conjuring 3 come to mind.

Here’s my top 10. You’re welcome to click on my letterbox’d account to see the rest. Follow if you like!

10. Censor – Good little twisted number about a film censor in Britain in the 80s getting wrapped up in the mystery of her missing sister. Oh ya, and slowly going crazy.

9. The Empty Man – Excellent, engrossing, tense film for the first 2/3rds but then it gets lost in the woods. And it’s too long. Looking forward to what this guy does next though.

8. Quiet Place II – Liked this one better than the first although I still don’t like the monsters.

7. Zombie Child – Liked this one quite a bit. Interesting take on the zombie genre although it’s not a zombie film. Well kinda, but based on a true story. Neat.

6. The Wolf of Snow Hollow – Fun strange horror-comedy works most of the time.

5. Last Night in Soho – Strange fun loud movie! Not what I expected. Great first 2/3rds but sags a bit coming across the finish line. There is some debate if it is even a horror film? I say it is. So there.

4. The Night House – Nice tense little horror number, even if I was unsure what happened.

3. Saint Maud – Excellent slow burn horror/drama about the perils of commitment.

2. Malignant – Wow! What an awesome, nutso film. Loved it to bits! Didn’t know anything about it going in and, like most things, it’s best that way. Surprised how much I enjoyed this.

1. Titane – Holy Hotdogs! What a knockout punch of a film. Crazy violence, unpredictable story, broken French people. Probably my favourite film of the year.

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