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The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Bugs and Food Edition!

Just wanted to apologize regarding the delay in getting the much-ballyhooed new website in your eyeballs. We’ve had a few bugs crawling around inside the mainframe (that’s how it works, right?) but we should have it all fixed and ready to go real soon like. We’re just putting together the Food Bank Movie Marathon taking […]

The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Rocktober Edition!

Tomorrow’s the first of October and it’s the beginning of a busy month here at Ye Olde Dog of the Black. Events and activities include: ~ launch of the new website (probably this weekend – keep your eyes peeled for a little notification especially just for you!) ~ The Black Dog movie marathon on October […]

The Black Dog Video Newsletter: King for a Day Edition!

Since it’s Stephen King’s birthday, your favourite podcast peeps put together a best/worst Stephen King movie adaptations episode! Listen in here (or wherever you get your podcasts) and let the arguments begin! We’re oh-so-close to having the new website up and running! Just waiting on a few items to be delivered and it should (hopefully) […]


The gang drinks and celebrates the 74th birthday of the Master of Horror himself, Stephen King!…and drinks.  Love him or hate him, you can’t deny the guy’s output is monumental. We pick our very best and very worst of the iconic writer’s body of work. Recorded at Black Dog Video 1470 Commercial Drive, Vancouver. www.blackdogvideo.ca 

The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Almost Home Edition!

We’re just days away from the launch of the new website/E-Commerce dealie that we’ve been working on for the past few months! Check out Blackdogvideo.ca soon (Friday?) to see what all the fuss is about. In the meantime, tune into our 50th podcast episode as we have a few pops and discuss the amazing Sleepaway […]


The gang celebrates our 50th episode by going to The Rio Theatre to have a few drinks at SLEEPAWAY CAMP… and then a few more drinks. We compare our own childhood stories of miserable camping experiences, “wicked dumps” and that ending, oh that legendary ending! Recorded at Black Dog Video 1470 Commercial Drive, Vancouver www.blackdogvideo.ca […]

The Black Dog Newsletter: Back to School Edition

Seems summer is winding down (finally) and the sprogs will be trotting off back to school (for better or for worse, time will tell). To celebrate getting the kids out of the house, may we offer you a little movie deal? All of our $5 sale films will be 2 for 1! Friday to Monday! […]

#49 BARFLY (1987)

To all my friends! The gang drinks and discusses the Mickey Rourke / Faye Dunaway boozy classic BARFLY… and drink. They compare the various times they were bounced from bars and reminisce about classic Vancouver watering holes and classic dives. Recorded at Black Dog Video 1470 Commercial Drive, Vancouver. www.blackdogvideo.ca  


ALEX, DARREN & DYLAN sat and watched all ten original Friday the 13th movies in a single day to raise money for the Food Bank. After they recovered they drink and discuss the iconic, unstoppable horror franchise, especially part 8 that was filmed right here in Vancouver! Recorded in Black Dog Video 1470 Commercial Drive, […]