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Chocolate rape sandwich

Gus: “Dad, can I have a chocolate sandwich?” Me: “A chocolate sandwich? What’s that?” Gus: “Well, you get two pieces of square bread, well they’re more of a rectangle than square, you get the soft chocolate – it’s not warm chocolate – and you get a knife and put it in the chocolate. Then you […]

Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending April 25th

What a difference a week makes. It’s starting to warm up (trust me it is) ever so slightly, the Canucks are on the verge of a sweep and moving onto the second round (I’m hoping for a sweep of all the series – no problem, right?), there’s a nice full moon to admire and we have […]

Birthday smokes

Me: “So Gus, it’s Julius’ birthday tomorrow, what do you want to get or make him?” Gus:” I dunno. What does Julius like? Cigarettes? I could get him some cigarettes because I don’t know how to make them.”

Black Dog Video Newsletter for Week Ending April 18th

Sorry for the late newsletter this week folks. I was hoping to have it out on Monday as usual but the world conspired against me. Again. I was swamped with stuff like kitchen renos, 2 beer lunch, attacked by wolverines, you know, life. Anyways… As far as I can remember there has not been a […]

Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending April 11th

So it seems that a few of you out there have been wondering what ever happened to the online catalogue portion of our website. Well, I’ll tell you what happened…way back in the day we were working towards having our entire inventory online. It was a huge undertaking (from my point of view) with having […]

Black Dog Video Newsletter for Week Ending April 4th

Did anyone read the article in last week’s Westender titled “Internet Killed the Video Store”? I don’t think that I need to go into detail as the title pretty much says it all. As you all know it’s been tough times for our business as of late and it seems that things are not getting […]

Greatest movie character of all time??

I just barfed in my mouth a little bit when I read this headline…Forrest Gump voted greatest movie character of all time. Bond #2, Scarlett O’Hara #3, Hannibal Lecter #4. Who voted in this thing? What’s wrong with people? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/film/film-news/8401616/Forrest-Gump-greatest-film-character-of-all-time.html


After my wife said no to the third cookie for the third time, Gus comes to her with a fake mustache, disguising his voice: “Excuuuse me miss, may I puhleese have a cookie?”