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Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending Oct 3rd

Couple of things worth noting this week (because the slate of new releases isn’t really worth talking about); starting this Thursday the 29th of September we will commence with what we are calling Free Film Thursdays! Yes that’s right, free films! How can that be you may ask? What’s the catch? Well here’s the deal – […]

Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending September 26th

Nice crisp fall day today (maybe even a tad warm). Yep summer’s officially over in a couple of days and the change in the seasons also brings us the Vancouver Film Festival. I didn’t make it out to any flicks last year (first time in 16 years!) but this year will be hopefully different. The guides […]

Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending September 19th

I’m tired. Oh so tired. Hosted a summer’s end BBQ last night (hence the tardiness of this installment of the newsletter), probably ate a little too many ribs, steak, salad, pie, asparagus, tomatoes, beer and wine. Woke up at 2:30 in the am and could not get back to sleep (until the alarm went off […]

Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending September 12th

And that’s that. Another summer in the bag. I’ve heard so many people grumble and gripe that it was a shitty summer it was. Anyone remember the last day it rained? It’s really hard to argue with what we have at the moment and how great the month of August was (July, you are dead […]

Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending September 5th

R.I.P. Elliot Gould…mug. Yes, you heard right, my cherished Elliot Gould glass/mug thingy came to an unceremonious end last Wednesday night. It seems that some jughead who attended Jessica’s birthday screening of Cruising (more on that later) held at Cambie Black Dog broke the fabled piece and tried to hide the evidence underneath the sink. […]

Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending August 29th

Been kind of a strange morning; awoke to find that Jack Layton had died which is a big bummer. Cancer! (I yell as I’m shaking my fist at the sky), Gaddfi is all washed up (I wonder if he’s going to keep his fabulous mad dictator wardrobe – Halloween costume ideas, kids!), it’s not just […]

Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending August 22nd

Hope everyone’s having fun! Sorry but that’ about all I have this week. I’m still trying to recover from a friend’s wedding ordeal over the weekend. There was much drinking, dancing and everything else that happens at weddings. At least I came home with my pants this time. New Releases for Tuesday August 16th, 2011 […]

Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending August 15th

I’m a tad under the weather today so I’ll keep the newsletter concise and to the point. Here goes…It’s not the best week in the history of cinema for releases this week. There seems to be a leaning towards comedies. You like comedies, right? Good, we have some. I also have to mention that there’s […]