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Podcast Episode #64: Starship Troopers

Listen in as the gang sit down, have a drink and sign up for Starship Troopers! Topics include the proper pronunciation of Verhoeven, space gravity, fascism yay or nay and what brains might taste like. Listen in…do you want to live forever?! https://www.buzzsprout.com/1529882/episodes/11320193

Podcast Episode #62 – Face/Off

What’s better then a hot Sunday in the summertime? A hot Sunday in the summertime spent with your favourite podcast! Listen in on our second to last ever show recorded in the shop – Face/Off! “I want to take his face…off!” https://anchor.fm/dylan…/episodes/62–FaceOff-1997-e1lts4t

Podcast episode 61: High Fidelity

PODCAST #61. HIGH FIDELITY. For our final in-store podcast recording we drink, compare top 5 lists and discuss the musically-charged rom com HIGH FIDELITY… and drink. Recorded (for the last time) at Black Dog Video in East Vancouver. Don’t worry the podcast will continue! https://anchor.fm/dylan-rhymer/episodes/61-High-Fidelity-2000-e1l165m

That’s All Folks!

  I’m sure that y’all know by now but we’re all closed up for good at the bricks and mortar shop on Commercial Drive. After almost 17 years there, it was time to shut things down. The Convenience of Mediocrity wins yet again. read all about in the blog/newsletter portion of the site. We will […]