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Podcast episode 61: High Fidelity

PODCAST #61. HIGH FIDELITY. For our final in-store podcast recording we drink, compare top 5 lists and discuss the musically-charged rom com HIGH FIDELITY… and drink. Recorded (for the last time) at Black Dog Video in East Vancouver. Don’t worry the podcast will continue! https://anchor.fm/dylan-rhymer/episodes/61-High-Fidelity-2000-e1l165m

That’s All Folks!

  I’m sure that y’all know by now but we’re all closed up for good at the bricks and mortar shop on Commercial Drive. After almost 17 years there, it was time to shut things down. The Convenience of Mediocrity wins yet again. read all about in the blog/newsletter portion of the site. We will […]

A Look Back, A Step Forward!

As the sun sets and we lock up the gate for the last time, I thought it might be of cool to look back where all this started. And why. And how… The year was 1995, Batman Forever wormed its way into top spot in the theatres, “I’d Lie for You (And That’s the Truth)” […]

Aaaannndd, we’re done….

  So that’s all folks. Store is closed for good. We will be living online via the website and the socials as we boldly step into the future. Stayed tuned and check in here for updates on what will be happening. I’m going to do up a eulogy of sorts later this week (when I […]

Two Days Left!

We’re not here to tell you what to do but we are here to tell you that today is the second last day that Black Dog Video will be open. Come on in, share a thought, buy a movie, say goodbye. Open Noon till 8pm today and Noon till 5PM tomorrow.

Movies for only $2!

It’s the last of everything week! Today is the last ever Monday Black Dog Video will be open for business. Grey days indeed. To help put a smile on your faces we’ve put tons of films up for sale for only $2! Two dollars! Come see what we have for you! #Vancouver #movies #lastdays

Sold out of T-Shirts

So we’re completely sold out of T-Shirts and also sold out of our “classic” Black Dog Video mugs. We’ll be doing up more of both in the coming weeks to sell online. So don’t freak out! Thanks for buying all of our stuff!

New Releases now on Sale!

All New Releases are now available for purchase except for the four pictured here as they are late arriving on our shores (they will be available early next week!). We’ve also extended the rental period for NR until tomorrow so you can scoop up what’s left for the weekend!