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Podcast #79: Army of Darkness

Hail to the King, baby! The Black Dog Podcast is joined by Vancouver musician and hair-cutting master Jeff (Steele) of Those Things/Jefferson’s Barbershop fame to drink and discuss Sam Raimi’s medieval mayhem that is Army Of Darkness…and drink. Digressions include Casey Siemasko, the Wizard of Oz and hair. Lots of hair. Tune in, drop out, […]

Podcast #78: Serial Mom

The Black Dog Video gang raise a drink to all you mothers out there as we discuss John Waters’ 1994 black comedy Serial Mom… and drink.  Digressions include Don Knotts, nostalgia for video stores and the pros and cons of bludgeoning someone with a leg of lamb. Happy Mother’s Day! Check out Black Dog Video […]

Podcast #77: Rocky IV

The Black Dog Gang have a few brewskis and discuss the very 1985 slug-fest Rocky IV… and drink. Digressions include not-so-sexy robots, the appropriate number of montages and of course James Brown and LIVING IN AMERICA! U-S-A! U-S-A! Check out Black Dog Video for swag, knick-knacks, DVDs and offers:  www.blackdogvideo.ca Drop us a message for […]

Podcast #76: Roadhouse!

We’re not too stupid to have a good time so we drink and discuss the 1989 Patrick Swayze punchy, kicky, stabby, throat-ripper ROAD HOUSE…and drink. Then we get into a drunken brawl and trash the joint while Jeff Healey plays on. Check out Black Dog Video for swag, knick-knacks, DVDs and offers: ⁠ www.blackdogvideo.ca⁠ Drop […]

$5 DVDs and Blu Rays for sale!

I have hundreds of $5 films for sale! Too many to list on the previously-viewed page so I thought I’d share photos of them! First come first serve! Send me an email at and tell me which ones you’d like! (More to come!) $5 each! Buy 4 get a 5th for FREE!   Here’s […]