5 Things I’ve Watched Recently!

Buckle in! It’s time for 5 things I’ve recently watched!


She Said – Excellent dramatization of the events leading up to the fall of that monster Harvey Weinstein (and the start of the #Metoo movement). Such a gross POS. Well-paced, real names used throughout, great acting across the board. I love these types of films – All the President’s Men being the gold standard, of course.

The Frighteners – Always wanted this to be better. And it never is! Lots of great stuff to be found here but it’s a little too silly for my tastes and the effects don’t hold up all that well. Wanted more Combs!

Rocky IV – Pretty dumb sequel (one of many) has The Stallion fighting a big scary meaty Russian. Includes 3-4 montages and a horny robot. Podcast coming soon!

Psycho III – Oh, Norman! Fun, if not dated, continuation of the story. Kudos to Anthony Perkins for keeping this character alive. And he even directed it!

Dinner at Eight – Pretty great, fun, sad at times, intense and even a bit shocking for the time, film about various folks gearing up for a dinner party. Much recommended!

A Bigger Splash – One wacky vacation! I think that maybe White Lotus watched this. Weird, beautiful, thrilling, funny!
Now wrestle naked Ralph Fiennes in the pool again! Take 6!

Operation Fortune – Pretty fun, if not generic, Guy Ritchie number – so generic in fact that I had to look up the name of the film for this review! Has all the trademarks – good action, quippy one-liners, Statham, Grant. Aubrey Plaza steals the show from everyone! A good enough time-waster for a Monday night.

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