The Black Dog Video Newsletter Sept 24-30 “The Times They are a Changin’ Again Edition!”



With the wonderful darkness and chill of fall settling in across the land, we’re changing up the hours at the Cambie store again. Starting this Sunday the hours at the Cambie shop will be:

Monday – Thursday: 2pm until 10pm
Friday – Sunday: Noon until 10 pm

The hours at Commercial will remain the same for now. That is all. Carry on.

New Releases!


American Horror Story Season 8: Apocalypse – I stopped watching this show years ago but have been thinking about getting back into it as I hear the last few seasons have been quite good. And I do so enjoy the horror!


Billions Season 4 – New season of this fine nasty drama show that I’ve never seen.


Child’s Play – Fun-looking reboot of the classic killer doll movie from years ago. Bonus points for having Luke Skywalker as the voice of Chucky!


The First King – Rome wasn’t built in a day. It took much longer than that. And it was a bloody affair. Or so says this movie.


The Grizzlies – Nice, true, exceptional story (and Canadian!) about a bunch of Inuit kids saved from the ravages of alcoholism, brutality and suicide by the efforts of a guy who introduces lacrosse into their community.


Shaft – Jeez, I didn’t know that we needed another Shaft movie, did you?


Yesterday – A glitch in the matrix results in the Beatles never having existed. Except for one fella who does remember them. Now if he can just figure out how the songs go he can become rich! Rich I tells ya!

Coming Soon!

Anna and the Apocalypse
Doom Patrol Season 1
Doom: Annihilation
Itsy Bitsy
Spider-man: Far From Home
Tell me a Story Season 1
Wild Rose
Echo in the Canyon
Toni Morrison: The Pieces that I Am

If you need something to watch, check out our recommendations for all types of things here.

And watch for our horror favourites starting October 1st where we’ll offer up a tasty scary morsel for you to enjoy each day of the month!

Peace out.


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