Black Dog Newsletter April 19 – 25, “Fleas Edition!”


The fleas are among us!

I hope that everyone is enjoying the crazy warm weather. It’s almost too hot, right? Anyhoo, just wanted to send you a reminder that we’ll be at the Wise Hall Flea Market this coming Sunday, April 24th. We’ll have piles and scads and mountains of DVDs and Blu Rays for sale. There will be a few T-shirts and even some much sought after Black Dog underwear (what we have left) for your flea market pleasure. Tell your friends, tell your enemies, bring everyone you can think of and even some that you can’t. Hope to see you there!

New Releases!


And Then There Were None – Fine-looking British TV drama about some folks invited to a strange island where they are killed off one-by-one. Sounds like the worst vacation ever.


Dominion Creek – Another TV series! So many shows. Stop making so many good shows! This one centres on some brothers hoping to strike it rich during the gold rush era. There’s gold in them darn hills, I tells ya! I could write this stuff!


Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of National Lampoon – Doc about, well you can probably guess by the title.


Fifty Shades of Black – The Wayans take a poke (maybe a little slap and tickle as well) at 50 Shades of Grey. Hilarity, I presume, ensues.


Hot Bot – A modern day Weird Science as a couple of horny nerds discover (or build, not too sure) a sexy robot. Aren’t sexy robots, like, everywhere now? Made by the Polish brothers who made the intriguing Northfork and Twin Falls Idaho. So there’s that.


Ip Man 3 – Donnie Yen returns as the amazing Ip Man! This time he’s taking on some bad-ass property developers who plan on taking over the city. Sounds like Vancouver could use an Ip Man!


Lady in the Van – Maggie Smith lives in a decrepit old van that she parks in a guys driveway and refuses to leave. For 15 years. That sounds terrifying but I imagine that they become friends and life lessons are learned. Either that or she kills him and keeps his corpse in the van where she proceeds to slowly devour him.


Misconduct – Where did this one come from? I never even heard of it. Courtroom thriller that stars Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins about a guy taking on a big evil pharmaceutical company. Which, of course, they all are.


Phoenix – Highly acclaimed German drama about a disfigured Holocaust survivor who returns to the rubble of Berlin to find her lover who may or may not have betrayed her somehow. I’m intrigued. (Criterion edition so you know it’s good)


The Revenant – Leo gets attacked by a bear and left for dead somewhere in the cold nasty wilderness. Follow him on his brutal, punishing, but beautifully filmed, journey as he seeks to take vengeance on Tom Hardy (who is great in this, even if you can’t really understand most of what he says). Pretty amazing film, of not overly long. It will make you never want to go camping with Tom Hardy again. Or at least travel back in time and become a fur trapper.


Silicon Valley S2 – Pretty darn funny show about some tech nerds forging their way in the world of computers and stuff.


Veep S4 – Excellently funny show finds Elaine from Seinfeld as the Vice President of Amurica. Good times.

Coming Soon!

Driftless Area
Ride Along
Son of Saul

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

The Revenant
Silicon Valley S2 Veep S4
The Big Short
Hateful Eight
Banshee S3
The Expanse S1

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