The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Drink More Milk Edition!

Good afternoon, my lovelies! Just popping into your computers to let you know that we have a fabulous new edition of the Black Dog Video After Dark podcast for you! Clean out your earholes and get this in those earholes to replace what you just cleaned out! Ya!

On this edition Dylan, Josie and myself (Darren) relax with a few glasses of perfectly harmless and untainted milk to discuss 1982’s cult classic Night Warning aka Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker (Just don’t ask us what either title means)! Digressions include crazy band names, how to sleep in on the floor of a video store and Dylan invents a new word.

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter: The Heat is On Edition!

Hot enough for ya? Now before you slap those words out of my mouth, let me tell you about this!

In the heat of the summer Darren, Josie and Alex drink and discuss Michael Mann’s 1995 cops and robbers masterpiece Heat… and drink. How old is too old to become a father AGAIN? We’re looking at you DeNiro and Pacino.

Listen in here!

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Hope that everyone is staying cool and hydrated out there!



The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Canada Day, Eh, Edition!

Surprise Saturday Edition!

Happy Canada Day to those who celebrate such things. I’m not going to get into any political views about today or anything, that’s what the yelly people on Twitter are for. We are only interested in movies today. Canadian movies. Underrated one might say, is Canadian cinema. There are so many great films. And we did a podcast! Might not be a great Canadian film, but it’s most definitely “A” Canadian film. Join Dylan, myself, and RJ from over at Video Cat as we have a few pops and discuss the weirdo Canadian film The Peanut Butter Solution! It’s a film, that we discovered, that people either have never heard of, or it scarred them for life after seeing it as a child. You decide!

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Have a great sunny long weekend and I’ll talk at you soon!