5 Things I’ve watched recently!

If it’s too hot out there for you, I suggest you check out my latest “5 things I’ve watched recently”! It’ll cool your boots, man.
Halloween Ends – Despite the ludicrous story and dumb ending, I mostly enjoyed this last installment of the beloved franchise. Could have used some more gory kills, but it was better than expected.
The Babysitter – Another “Home Alone” horror comedy where the kid takes out a bunch of devil-worshiping murderers. Hummed along a fine pace, had a couple of good jokes and deaths but there’s really nothing here.
Pretty Baby – Ai Carumaba! I can’t imagine this being made today. Lolitaesque to the max. Quite uncomfortable and disturbing. I can see how controversial this was and is and was. Happy I finally saw it. Don’t ever need to see it again. Men are so creepy.
The Slumber Party Massacre (1982) – Never saw this back in the day – slashers weren’t really my thing – but this one was a nice pleasant surprise! A bit shoddy, the least scary bad guy but some fun kills, ample gratuitous nudity and some great lines:
“What don’t you like Valerie?”
“I dunno. She drinks too much milk”
“It’s not the size of the mouth, it’s what’s in it”
And I really want a Space Baby t-shirt! Bonus points for only being 76 minutes.
Slumber Party Massacre (2021) – Not bad, sometimes fun, remake of the 1982 “classic”. I watched this immediately after viewing the original and enjoyed it enough. It was a cheeky take on the 1982 film with the gratuitous nudity – but dudes instead of the ladies this time around. The shower scene was pretty funny and the movie made me want a Space Baby t-shirt even more!
John Wick 4 – What can you say about one of the best action films since The Raid? So many great set pieces, so many times to suspend your disbelief. Canoe blows his way through 3 hours of carnage and nonsense. Good times.
The Wolf of Wall Street – I can’t think of another film, another film as excellent as this one, that has one of the most unlikable protagonists (made even more unlikable as this story is based on a real slimy dirtbag guy) ever. It’s Goodfellas-esque in it’s approach and it’s a bit long but it is great cinema. The ludes-car-phone scene is one of Scorsese’s best. Top 5 of his films for me for sure.

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