The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Listen up, People Edition!

Hey-o! Just a short little missive today to tell you about a new podcast episode that we’ve just released onto an unsuspecting public! Join myself, Dylan and special guest star, Josie (Alex was off doing his MMA training), as we have a few drinks and take a deep dive into the film Across 110th Street and watch Anthony Quinn punch his way through crime!

And just a reminder that I’ve still got lots of nifty things for sale – movies, mugs, T-shirts (going fast!) and Ghibli socks. Check out the website for more details. And if you’re on the Instagrams or the Facebooks, I post new films for sale there a few times a week. You can also email me with stuff you’re looking for.

Hope that everyone is doing alright out there!

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Podcast # 70! Across 110th Street


Join myself, Dylan and special guest star, Josie (Alex was doing his MMA training), as we take a deep dive into the film Across 110th Street and watch Anthony Quinn punch his way through crime! And have a few drinks.

The Best (and Worst) films of 2022! Podcast episode #70!

Here we have it! Listen in as we have a few pops and discuss what ticked our film fancy last year!

What were your favourite films? Or least favourite….

Viva le Cinema!

Best o’ the Year!


I managed to watch 220 films in 2022 (woah!) and here’s my top picks for new things I viewed…

Since we closed up shop in the summer, the access to films I want to watch has somewhat dried up. Streaming isn’t much help. On the upside, I went to the theatre more times in 2022 than I did in the previous 3 years combined. Or so.
1. Nope – So many things going on here and I loved all of it – aliens, social commentary, tragic kid stars, mad monkeys. My favourite Jordan Peele film. So far.
2. X – Loved this sleazy, violent, exploitation throwback. Right in my wheelhouse. The prequel, Pearl – also released this year – is quite good as well (but not quite as good as X) and I’m looking forward to Maxxxine quite a bit.
3. EO – What an amazing film. Brilliant cinematography, unreal sound design and music. Good looking donkey. Sad, funny, disturbing. Did I mention the handsome donkey?
4. RRR – Wow! What a blast! This movie had everything! Fighting! Dancing! Singing! Animals! Action! Political Commentary! Violence! Loved it! All 3 hours of it!
5. Triangle of Sadness – After a sluggish first act, boy does this thing kick into gear for the rest of the film. And boy, does this director hate rich people. Loved it! Only complaint – needed more vomit.
6. Bad Luck Banging or Looney Porn – Ai Carumba, Romania! What’s in the water over there?! What a strange, very explicit – and I do mean very – little number. Teacher has her sex tape go to unwanted places. Spends the first 3rd wandering around Bucharest – fascinating. Then we get a strange history lesson. Then a meeting with the parents. And the ending! Not for everyone for sure but I grooved on it.
7. Banshees of Inisherin – Loved this quiet, weird, sad, hilarious take on friendship, loyalty, loneliness and donkeys.
8. Lamb – Well that was unexpected. Least you know about this one going in, the better.
9. Everything Everywhere All at Once – Need to watch this one again as it’s fast and furious and about family (what?). Pretty wonderful stuff. And nice to see hotdog fingers finally represented properly onscreen.
10. Benedetta – Modern nunsploitation film from Paul Verhoeven! Yes please! Naughty and sexy!
11. Red Rocket – Washed-up and broke porn star returns to his hometown hoping to start a new life. Problem is, nobody wants him there. Funny, strange, awkward. Love me some Shawn Baker (Florida Project).
These were on my original list seeing as I didn’t catch them until 2022 but I’ll just slide them in here….
Summer of Soul –Outstanding piece of forgotten history. Many amazing performances, Hello 5th Dimension! My only complaint is that I wanted more.
The Sparks Brothers – Wow. What a great doc. I knew absolutely nothing about this crazy fun band (couple of brothers really). Heard a few songs here and there but never liked them. I think I may be a Sparks fan now!
Honorable mentions:
Only the Animals
Licorice Pizza (didn’t’ see it until 2022)
The Innocents
Speak No Evil
Emily the Criminal
And here’s my picks for the best in the boob-tube (why it called that? Or used to be called that. I’m old)

Best TV of 2022

Succession – Everyone’s favourite wacky family is back for more corporate hijinks. Best comedy on the tube.

The English – Not perfect – pants fall down a bit in episode 5 – but enough great stuff here to make this cool, weird western a top pick.

Severance – Love me some weirdo dystopian sci-fi.

Andor – Best Star Wars thing since the original trilogy. That said, there is not a lot of competition.

Gangs of London – Loved this ultaviloent gang (in London) show from the guy that made The Raid films.

House of the Dragon – Liked this prequel Game of Thrones thing quite a bit. Good dragons, incest and vicious children.

The Dropout – Good true story of scams and Steve Job turtlenecks.

Barry – Finally got into this awesome show. I even watched one episode twice in a row.

Only Murders in the Building – Love this nice little whodunnit with a great cast. Selena Gomez  outshines grizzled veterans Steve Martin Short.

The Bear – Very happy I never worked in a restaurant.


Honourable mentions


Slow Horses



How to With John Wilson