The Black Dog Newsletter: “Mask Up Edition”


The Black Dog Newsletter: “Mask Up Edition”

While Black Dog doesn’t have a mask policy, we do encourage y’all to mask up when visiting any shop. To aid in this endeavor, we will have some nifty locally made Black Dog Video masks ready for purchase soon! You’ll be too cool for school. But still go to school.

New Releases!


Babyteeth – Award-winning comedy drama finds an ill teenager falling in love with a drug dealer. Doubt her parents will approve.


Hooligan Sparrow – Award-winning intese documentary follows activist Ye Haiyan as she travels across China trying to get justice for 6 girls who were sexually assaulted by their principal. Buckle in.


Invincible Dragon – Cops and robbers action dealie from director Fruit Chan.


Kindergarten Teacher – Award-winning drama finds Maggie Gyllenhaal being a teacher who’s obsessed with a potential child prodigy kid. Beware the smart children.


Old Stone – Award-winning thriller finds a taxi driver battling bureaucracy and legal shenanigans in China.


On a Magical Night – Award-winning comedy finds Maria leaving her husband after 20 years of marriage but moving in next door so she can spy on her family. Might not be the best idea.


The Pale Door – Horror western finds some train robbers holed up in a town full of witches. Everyone’s crazy for witches these days!


Rogue – Megan Fox is a mercenary (so that’s what she’s been up to latety?) out to rescue some hostages somewhere in Africa. Of course things do not go as planned. Not to be confused with the giant crocodile movie of the same name.


Sometimes Always Never – Bill Nighy searches for his son after he storms out during a highly contentious game of scrabble. Not to be confused with the film Never Rarely Sometimes Always.


Star Trek: Picard – Everyone’s favourite Star Trek guy makes some wine, plays some scrabble, reads a book, takes a nap. I assume.


Vikings Season 6 Part 1 – Geearh! More Vikings to sooth your savage soul.

Coming Soon!

Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me
Hell Comes to Frogtown
Alejandro Jodorowsky $K Restoration Blu Ray Set
The Doorman
El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie
Friday the 13th Collection Deluxe Edition Blu Ray
Motel Hell Blu Ray
Night of the Creeps Blu Ray
Random Acts of Violence
The Wonderland

Tomorrow is the first day of October (!) and that means it’s time for the annual Black Dog Video Screamtober Horror Movie Extravaganza! Everyday for the best month of the year (October) I’ll be posting a new tasty horror film recommendation on the website that you might want to watch. I’ll be focusing on some titles that you may not familiar with but that you may enjoy. Tune in to see what we’ve concocted for you this year!

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Keep Watching.

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The Black Dog Newsletter! “Falling for Fall Edition!”

The Black Dog Newsletter! “Falling for Fall Edition!”

Ah, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Rains are raining, winds are chiming, chestnuts are cracking off the car roofs, stouts are flowing, Video Store Day is coming and Halloween is, well, who knows what Halloween’s up to this year?

It’s also a great time of year to watch some films! You know what to do!

New Releases!


Becky – Fun, inspired gore helps to cover up the thin script and empty characters in this violent “Home Aloneish” affair.


Hip Hop: Songs that Shock America – Cool doc about a genre of music that I know nothing about. Maybe it’s time to learn?!


Killing Eve Season 3 – Love this show! Both leads are fantastic! Great soundtrack as well!


Legend of Tomiris – Historical action-drama about the legendary lady warrior. Looks very cool.


Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway – Hallucinatory crazed-fruit movie about CIA agents infiltrating a computer operating system looking for some sort of virus. Or something like that. Looks pretty whack. Blu Ray only.


Penny Dreadful: City of Angels – Nice-looking L.A. nourish take on the Penny Dreadfuls.


Rick and Morty S4 – Heard this is funny.


The Silencing – Jamie Lannister is a lone wolf type of fella who teams up with a local sheriff to hunt a killer guy down.


Terrified – Strange things are happening in a neighborhood in Buenos Aires. Who ya gonna call?


Terrifier – Art the Clown is up to his old tricks again! Too bad we didn’t get another one called Terrifiedier!


Tesla – Ethan Hawke is Nic Tesla as he deals with other electricity guys and does things in his spare time in this bio-pic pf sorts.

Coming Soon!

Hooligan Sparrow
The Kindergarten Teacher
Old Stone
On a Magical Night
Sometimes Always Never
Invincible Dragon
The Pale Door
Star Trek: Picard
Vikings Season 6 – Part 1

We did our first video recording of our podcast this past week. We’re going to be launching a Youtube channel soon with all kinds of nifty things! Stay tuned for that!

I’m working on a new batch of T-shirts which, hopefully, will be on the rack soon! I may do another run of the “Dogtropolis” if anyone is interested as well.


That’s it for this week folks! Stay dry, stay healthy and keep watching!
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The Black Dog Video Newsletter: “Psst! Wanna Buy a Movie Edition?!”

The Black Dog Video Newsletter: “Psst! Wanna Buy a Movie Edition?!”!”

Hi everybody! I’ve got a bit of exciting news for you movie collector’s out there (no, not a giant amazing sale – sorry) ~ This Friday to Sunday stop into the shop and enjoy a 2 for 1 sale on all of our $5 sale movies! Thousands to choose from! Also 10% off of all box sets for sale! (no holdzies or savezies)

New Releases!


Baba Yaga – Creepy nanny! Russian style! In Russia, Nanny murders you!


Braid – Two women decide to rob a wealthy, by psychotic, friend. Guess how that turns out?


Cut Off – Cool sounding German thriller about a coroner who finds a note in the head of a corpse with one word written on it – the name of his daughter! Freaky-deaky!


Deadwater Fell –David Tennant and the wonderfully named Cush Jumbo investigate a seemingly idyllic community except that an entire family was murdered there.


First Cow – A cook travels west to hang with a bunch of fur trappers in Kelly Reichardt’s (Old Joy, Meek’s Cutoff) subtle, but compelling cow drama.


Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind – Cool doc about the crusty Canadian crooner.


Hope Gap – Older couple visits their son where the dad tells him he’s leaving his mom. Ruh Roh!


Waiting for the Barbarians – Dusty drama about a Magistrate who begins to question his loyalty to the empire while stationed at a distant, sandy outpost. That sand gets in everything!


The Whistlers – Heist thriller with crooked cops, treachery, deception and other nice things.


Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin – Swell doc about the famed sci-fi writer. Dig in!


Yes, God, Yes – Comedy about a Catholic teen who turns to, um, taking care of business (if you know what I mean – wink wink) as she struggles to suppress all that Catholic guilt.


Z – Spooky thriller about a family being terrorized by their 8 year-old’s imaginary friend. Damn creepy kids.

Coming Soon!

The Big White
Killing Eve Season 3
Suzi Q
Hip Hop: Songs that Shock America
Legend of Tomiris
Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway
Penny Dreadful: City of Angels
Rick and Morty S4
The Silencing

And don’t forget to stop in and check out Video Cat (formerly Black Dog Video on Cambie st.)! Give RJ and the staff there some love!

That’s it for this week, folks! Stay safe, don’t talk moistly to anyone, don’t breathe the air, avoid the moths, what else?

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Want to Order some Sweet Things?

Hi everybody! I’m going to try to keep this page updated with DVDs and Blu Rays that are being released for you to purchase for your collection! Our prices will be very good and we can even ship them (for a price of course). If you see something you like and want a price, shoot me an email here .

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter: “Words Confuse Some Edition!”


The Black Dog Video Newsletter: “Words Confuse Some Edition!”

So there seems to be a bit of confusion on what exactly is happening with the video stores. I thought my previous Newsletter laid it out perfectly clear in my mind but that’s in my mind. Apologies if you misunderstood…

Cambie Shop – Is no longer operating under the Black Dog Video banner. It has been sold to RJ and he will maintain it as a video store under the name Video Cat. I will no longer be working there or have anything to do with the shop (unless RJ needs a bit of help!).

Commercial Shop – Will remain Black Dog Video for the foreseeable future (hopefully forever!). I will be working there pretty much full time.

The weekly newsletter will be focused on the Commercial shop and what’s happening there (we have lots of big ideas on the horizon!). I will also provide links to what Video Cat is up to (, Instagram – Everyone is welcome to still receive this missive but I understand if you Cambie folks are no longer interested.

New Releases!


Beyond the Visible: Hilma of Klint – Doc about Hilma Klint who was the world’s first abstract artist before that term even existed. She blew people’s minds, man.


Bliss – Painter suffering from creator’s block turns to a spiraling hellscape of drugs, sex, and murder for inspiration. Cool.


Coma – Cool-looking sci-fi effort about an architect who wakes up after a nasty accident to find the world has changed into a crazy dystopia. And no, it’s not a documentary.


Outlander Season 5 – Season 5 of a lot of folks favourite show.


Succession Season 2 – Season 2 of my favourite show from last year.


The Tobacconist – Nice-looking German film about a fella who befriends Ziggy Freud during the Nazi occupation of Vienna.


The Trip to Greece – The boys go to Greece. Hilarity ensues.


Shirley – Elizabeth Moss is writer Shirley Jackson (The Lottery, Haunting of Hell House – one of my favourite books and films) in this cool-looking bio-pic of sorts.


Weathering with You – Nice-looking Japanamation tale of a guy who befriends a girl who can control the weather. Make it rain, please.


Wolf Hour – Naomi Watts is a former counter-culture icon who lives in the Bronx in the sweltering, and deadly, summer of 1977.

Coming Soon!

Cut Off
Deadwater Fell
First Cow
Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read my Mind
Hope Gap
Waiting for the Barbarians
Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin
Yes, God, Yes!

We’re going to be doing some things of note in the future! Look for The Black Dog Empire to start spreading it’s wings soon!


Sorry for the ultra-long post today. I hope that most of you will continue to receive and enjoy these newsletters and I hope to see you in the Commercial shop soon!

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