The Black Dog Newsletter: “I Want You to Want Me Edition!”


The Black Dog Newsletter: “I Want You to Want Me Edition!”

So as you’ve probably heard, we’re in the middle (hopefully near the end) of a global pandemic! On a smaller scale that means that we won’t be getting much in the line of new Hollywood movies for a while. But RJ and myself have put our noggins together and have been scouring the film world for cool, interesting films to fill that void. Recently we’ve acquired new films from:

Werner Herzog
Terrence Malick
The Dardenne Brothers (2 films!)
Errol Morris
Ken Loach
Michael Winterbottom
Donnie Yen
Takeshi Miike
Quentin Dupieux

And more are on the way! Every week (or so). So do yourself (and us) a favour and pop in and try some of these on for size! You just might be pleasantly surprised.

New Releases!


American Dharma – Latest Errol Morris doc as he turns his critical lens on political scumbag, Steve Bannon.


Bacurau – Strange, but amazing sounding film set in a small town in Brazil where strange things are happening. RJ assures me that I will love this film. I hope you do as well. Has Udo Kier in it so I’m sold.


In the Fog – Intense, slow burning and haunting are words that can be used to describe this WWII film from Russia. Sign me up!


Unknown Girl – Latest intense film from the Dardenne Brothers (The Son, The Child) finds a teenager dying after being ignored at a doctor’s office. (at Commercial, soon to Cambie)


Zombi Child – Cool looking French film finds a girl telling a family secret about…well my guess it may involve zombies! (at Commercial, soon to Cambie)

Coming Soon!

(today and tomorrow!)

Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye
Come and See – Blu Ray
Postcard Killings
Ride Your Wave
Survive the Night
Jack Ryan Season 2
Dead Dicks
His Dark Materials
Postcard Killings

And we lost a couple of screen legends over the weekend, Olivia de Havilland (she was 104! And in Gone with the Wind!) and a Black Dog favourite, John Saxon (Enter the Dragon, Black Christmas). Here’s a photo of me with John Saxon and Kier-la (former Black Dogger and creator of Cinemuerte Film Fest) from way back in 2003. He was a very nice gentleman.


That’s it for this week, folks. Stay out of the punishing sun, drink plenty of fluids, have fun and keep watching!

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Lava Hot Edition!


Well, you wanted the hot weather, you got the hot weather! It’s a little on the toasty side for my liking but I’m not going to complain. Might be time for a socially distanced visit to one of Vancouver’s lovely beaches! And then home to watch a movie!

If you’re doing some cleaning/downsizing and want to unburden yourself of your DVD collection, we are taking donations of every and all kinds! We can offer a little money or in-store credit for ones that we fancy as well. Send me an email –

New Releases!


Come and See – Intense, grim, insane WWII film from Russia gets the Criterion treatment! (Blu Ray coming soon!). I saw this at the film fest a number of years ago and parts of it are still seared into my brain. Top notch!


Gundala – Indonesian super-hero does battle with the wicked Pengkor (lousy Pengkor!) and his diabolical band of evil orphans!


The Outsider – Mini-series based on a pretty good Stephen King book about some nasty murders and the strange events surrounding them. Yep, sounds like Steve King alright.


Strange But True – A woman surprises the family of her dead husband with the news that she’s pregnant with his baby. Surprise!


Wild Goose Lake – Cool-looking Chinese gangster epic about a gangster on the lam. I’m in!


You Should Have Left – Kevin (Mmmm) Bacon stars in this little horror number about a family moving into a possibly haunted house! (At Commercial, soon to Cambie)

Coming Soon!

American Dharma
Queen of the Desert – Blu Ray
Unknown Girl
In the Fog
Zombi Child

We just released another Pandemic Edition of our podcast! Listen in as myself, Dylan and Alex discuss the Chuck Heston end of the world 70’s saga, Omega Man! Not to toot any horns but I think it’s one of our best and funniest episodes to date!

Also if you need some suggestions for what to watch on these hot steamy nights, check out or new release recommendations and also a few classics you may enjoy!

See you in the shops! Stay hydrated, sunscreened and safe!

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Phase IV Edition!


Now entering Phase IV ( I, for one, welcome our ant overlords!) of the “getting back to whatever normal might be” of this current plague! Thus we’d like to announce the following Hours of Operation update :

Commercial Drive

Monday to Wednesday – 12-8pm
Thursday to Sunday – 12-9pm


Monday to Thursday – 2-8pm
Friday to Sunday – 12-9pm

Hopefully this will be the last change in our opening times but who knows what this crazy future holds?

New Releases!


Atlanta Season 2 – Season 2 of this highly acclaimed show!


Better Things Season 3 – Season 3 of this highly acclaimed show!


Castle Rock Season 2 – I liked Season 1 enough, hoping for good Steve King type chills in this one. Commercial location only.


Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10 – Amazing that this awesome show is still consistently funny after all these 10 awkward years.


Enter the Fat Dragon – Laughs and kicks courtesy of the amazing Donny Yen!


Greed – Fun-looking satire on the rich and orange! From Winterbottom and Coogan!


The Peanut Butter Solution – Fun and wonderful (so RJ tells me) kids flick from 1985 about ghosts, peanut butter and premature baldness.


Scoob! – Latest Scooby-Doo adventure involves the ghost dog Ceberus! Ruh-Roh!


Sorry We Missed You – Latest kitchen sink drama from Ken Loach finds a family struggling to make ends meet in today’s gig economy. Get ready for some laughs!


What You Gonna do When the World is on Fire? – Intense doc that looks at a predominately Black community in the South that, in the summer of 2017, was rocked by a series of brutal killings of young black men. Seems very timely. Commercial location – soon to Cambie.

Coming Soon!

American Dharma
Queen of the Desert – Blu Ray
Unknown Girl
Grantchester Season 5
Samurai Marathon

That’s about it for this week folks! If there’s anything you want to buy, let us know! Some interesting things being released lately!



Have a safe and lovely week!
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The Black Dog Video Newsletter “The Days of our Black Dog Lives Edition!”


On today’s episode of The Days of our Black Dog Lives, Darren says, “Although there isn’t much in the line for new things coming out of Hollywood for the next few months, he and RJ have been scouring the world looking for smaller, more interesting films to fill up the New Release shelves! And we’ve uncovered some gems!” And he repeats himself by saying, “Black Dog now offers our great deals – 3 new ones for the price of 2 and 5 catalogue films for $15 – everyday!”
Josie chimes in with, “Come in and take a chance on something different or delve into our rich selection of older films! We’ll need your help weathering the next few months in this rocky boat we call the SS Plague!”
RJ is also quite excited, and maybe a little stressed, with the impending takeover of the Cambie shop. Come in and give him, and the rest of us, some love!
Alex breaks a chair.

Tune in next week for another exciting episode of The Days of our Black Dog Lives!

New Releases!


Blood Quantum – Fun looking zombie dealie where only First Nations folks are immune to the zombie plague! From the guy who brought you Rhymes for Young Ghouls. Really looking forward to this one!


The Chambermaid – Highly touted drama that follows a chambermaid who works at one of Mexico City’s luxurious hotels.


A Hidden Life – New film by the (now) prolific Terrence Malick is the true story of a guy who refuses to fight for the Nazis back in the day. Something tells me it doesn’t end well for him. Blu Ray coming soon!


Inheritance – A woman inherits (see title) a vast fortune but it with comes a scary secret! Aliens? Druids? Freemasons? Trump Supporter? You decide!


Leto – Cool-looking, well-reviewed Russian film about a love triangle involving a rock musican (trouble) his protégé and his wife! Ruh-Roh!


Queen of the Desert – Herzog film starring Nicole Kidman as Gertrude Bell, traveler, writer, archeologist, explorer, vampire. (not too sure about the vampire part). Blu Ray coming soon.


Trolls World Tour – I don’t know what this is.


Woman Who Loves Giraffes – Lovely doc about Anne Dagg who, well, loves giraffes!

Coming Soon!

Atlanta Season 2
Better Things Season 3
Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10
Enter the Fat Dragon
Peanut Butter Solution
Sorry We Missed You
What You Gonna Do When the World is on Fire?

If you need some recommendations for things to check out, look no further than here!

And we also have our swell new shirts in stock to make you look fabulous this summer!


Peace out. Stay Safe. Keep it real.

We are on…


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The Black Dog Video Newsletter! “Huge Canada Day News Edition!”


The time was fall of 2019, Lizzo topped the charts and stole our hearts, fuzzy sandals were all the rage and The Joker made us laugh at ourselves. It was also the time when I informed the employees at the Cambie Black Dog shop that we would be closing in the spring of 2020. March 5th was to be our last day of operations. I picked that date because it was March 5, 1996 when I first opened up for business. Seems like a life-time ago. I would have loved to make it 25 years but, alas, forces were conspiring against us. The combination of dwindling sales, lease expiring later in 2020 coupled with and an increase in rent all led to this very difficult decision. The stress and anxiety of trying to keep a failing business operational had become too much for me. I was going to announce our closure to the world on January 2nd, 2020.

But then like an angel riding a unicorn across a field of rainbows, I had an offer to purchase my much-loved 24 year-old baby. After some friendly negotiations I reached a deal with the much-loved RJ! That’s right, RJ will be taking over the reigns by the end of July. It was to have taken place in March but then the plague hit and put everything on hold. RJ is in the process of securing a few pieces of the financing puzzle and is terribly excited to see his dream come to life. We wish him all the best in this tough industry but if anyone can pull it off, he can. And I’m very happy to see that our collection remains together as to offer you the best selection of movies in the land! Streaming services ain’t got nothin’ on us!

The Commercial shop will remain open under the Black Dog umbrella.

New Releases!


Beecham House – TV series about some British folks living and loving and laughing and lounging in a mansion near Delhi at the turn of the 19th Century.


Buffaloed – Comedy/drama about a debt-collector who will do what it takes for her to get out of Buffalo, NY. Can’t blame ya, sister.


Complicity – Chinese fella moves to Japan where he buys a false identity and ends up working at a noodle shop.


Corpus Christi – Oscar nominated Polish film about a criminal punk who wants to become a priest. Insert joke here.


Deerskin – Quentin Dupieux (Rubber) returns to the weird and wonderful with this tale of a supernatural jacket! Fun, strange times!


Force of Nature – Mad Mel slinks back onto the screen in this tale of a hurricane heist.


Last Moment of Clarity – Fella witnesses his fiancé being murdered only to see her in a Paris movie house later on! What’s even happening here?!


Promise at Dawn – French Bio-pic about a guy doing things in WWII.


Spielberg – Documentary about an up and coming filmmaker. You may have heard of him.


Tomboy – Earlier effort from the writer/director of Portrait of a Lady on Fire about a young girl who presents as a boy.


Wildlife – Good-looking cast in this good-looking drama about a family dealing with the dad leaving home for a dangerous job.

Coming Soon!

A Hidden Life
Woman Who Loves Giraffes
The Chambermaid
Blood Quantum
Trolls World Tour
Atlanta Season 2

That’s it for this week, folks! Sorry about the length but there is just so much to tell you! Remember the new hours at Cambie Mon-Thurs 2-8pm. Friday-Sunday 12-8. Commercial is 12-8 everyday. See you all soon!

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