The Black Dog Video Newsletter Nov 26-Dec 2: “Cats in the Cradle Edition!


New T-Shirts should be ready to go very soon (think tomorrow!). We had some printing issues that delayed these a bit but they look pretty sharp!. And to those of you who have ordered films from us, thank you for your patience. We’re doing our best to get them into your soft little hands asap.

New Releases!


Angel Has Fallen – Gerald Butler stars in another action movie about things that have fallen (White House, London, Pantaloons).


City on a Hill Season 1 – Kevin Bacon (mmmm bacon) stars in this “corrupt cop working with a DA to uncover even more corruption in 1990’s Bawsten” thriller series.


The Goldfinch – Book-based drama about a fella who’s taken in by a rich NY family after his mum is killed in a bombing. Stars Oakes Fegley and Ansel Elgort. Just rolls of the tongue, doesn’t it?


In the Aisles – Nice little German film about a guy who works at a job doing things where he meets people and talks to them. (today at Commercial tomorrow at Cambie)


Official Secrets – Thrilling whistle-blower thriller regarding information being leaked about the 2003 bogus invasion of Iraq. Interesting that in the movies whistle-blowers are usually portrayed as heroes but in real life they’re often painted as traitors. Like, what’s up with that? (today at Commercial tomorrow at Cambie)


Where’s You Go, Bernadette? – Latest from Richard Linklater finds Cate Blanchett stepping out on her family to reconnect with her creative passions. Hilarity and life lessons, I presume, ensue. (today at Commercial tomorrow at Cambie)

Coming Soon!

Ready or Not
Downton Abbey Movie
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
It Chapter 2

With November winding down, the chill spreads across the town and December rears it’s spiky head. Or something like that. This is usually the busiest time of the year for us (fingers crossed) so hopefully we’ll see all your lovely faces over the next month or so. Help to help us keep on keepin on.

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter Nov 19-25 “November Rain Edition”


What better time to hunker down with some great films then in November, the Novemberiest month of the year? I love it! Also, don’t forget our little pop-up sale happening this Saturday. Nick has some Strange films up for sale (and a lot of just regular films) starting at $5. This is not one of our huge sales that we periodically throw, just a small one-off with a smattering of interesting titles. Noon to 6ish at the Commercial location.


New Releases!


All Creatures Here Below – Sad tale about two poverty-stricken people on the run from something.


Blinded By the Light – Bruce Springsteen worms his way into the heart of an Asian kid struggling to fit in in 1987 London. I hear it’s very nice, just like the Boss himself!


Catch-22 – New mini-series of the fine book and OK movie of the same name.


The Chaperone – Some sort of bio-pic about Louise Brooks brought to you by the stuffed shirts who made Downton Abbey.


Cold War – Love story set in 1950’s (Cold War era – see title) Poland, Berlin, Yugoslavia and Paris. Word has it that’s it’s pretty great.


Dora and the Lost City of Gold – Live action Dora film. I wonder if that map is still going on about how great he is? I also wonder if there’s any swiping?


Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 – How long can they keep up the unrelenting bleakness of this fascinating tale. Watch and find out!


Kominsky Method – TV series about some old coots (boomers, presumably) who work in the theatre or something like that. Alan Arkin alert!


Luz – Cab driver is pursued by an unknown entity and has some evil thoughts on it’s mind. Sounds a bit like the known Entity.


Memory: Origins of Alien – Cool doc about the making and unknown history of one of cinema’s best monster movies.


Peanut Butter Falcon – Guy runs away from home with the hopes of becoming a wrestler. We’ve all been there. Word has it that this is a very lovely sweet film. If you like that sort of thing.


Poldark Season 5 – Season 5 of Poldark.

Coming Soon!

Angel Has Fallen
City on a Hill
The Goldfinch

That’s it for this week folks. Stay warm (we should have new T-shirts in stock by the weekend), stay hydrated, and keep watching!

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter Nov 12-18 “Popping Up Edition!”


On November 23rd we’re going to have a cool pop-up event at the Commercial Black Dog. One of our staff, Nick, is looking to unburden himself of his fine DVD and Blu Ray collection! Lots of great things at swell prices will be up for grabs. Stay tuned.

Oh! And we should have some new T-shirts available quite soon as well. Huzzah!

New Releases


47 Meters Down: Uncaged! – Sharky sharks want to eat some pretty ladies. (Blu Ray only – DVD this week)


After the Wedding – Remake of the great Danish film of the same name about orphans and people and feelings and such.


Angry Birds 2 – This raises some serious questions: why are these birds so angry and who thought we needed 2 movies about their anger issues?


Bunuel in the Labyrinth of Turtles – Cool, trippy-looking animated fare about how the great Luis Bunuel made his third movie. Might make a nice paring with Angry Birds 2.


Cobra Kai Season 1 and 2 – Excellent series about more Karate Kids doing their Karate thing. Even stars Ralph Macchio!


The Farewell – Comedy/drama about a Chinese family who discover that grandma is dying and decide to keep this, some might say, important information from her. Stars Awkwafina which is either some bullshit bottled water or an awesome rising young star.


Good Boys – Raunchy comedy about 3 sixth-graders who are trying to make their way to some sort of party but have to dodge obstacles such as stolen drugs, teenage girls, sex toys and other common challenges that grade-sixers face in this crazy world

Coming Soon!

Poldark Season 5
All Creatures Here Below
Blinded by the Light
Catch 22 (2019 mini-series)
Cold War
Death and Life of John F. Donovan
Dora and the Lost City of Gold
Handmaid’s Tale Season 3
Kominsky Method Season 1
The Chaperone
Memory: Origins of Alien
Echo in the Canyon
I Trapped the Devil
Peanut Butter Falcon

Whew! Lots on the way! That’s it for this week folks. Here’s some recommendations if it pleases you. Till Next week

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The Black Dog Newsletter November 4-11 “Wanted: Dead or Alive Edition!”

1Hey!I f you want to order up anything cool for the holidays, hit us up soon so we have the time to track it down and get you the goods (Criterion Godzilla or Special Edition Once Upon a Time in Hollywood comes to mind).

Hey! If any of you fine folks have, or know someone who has, any old DVDs they want to get rid of, come talk to us. We take donations of all kinds and we pay for choice items such as Criterion label, classics, older horror, westerns, cult, that type of thing. Getting our hands on this stuff helps us immensely to be able to continue to give you our best and to stay relevant in these crazy times. Thanks!

New Releases!


Escape from Stalin’s Death Camp – Sequel to Escape from Stalin’s Pool Party finds a guy, well, trying to escape from Stalin’s Death Camp which, I’m sure, was not a very nice place to be (or as fun as the pool party).


Gwen – Some atmospheric folk horror and drama are on display here as a young Welsh girl (Gwen, I assume) tries to hold her house together amidst mom’s failing health, absentee dads, a mining company’s unwanted advancements and a growing malevolent darkness…


Satanic Panic – Pizza delivery girl delivers pizza to some Satanists who are looking for some virgin blood (not a topping option!).


Barry Lyndon (Criterion Blu Ray) – Lovely new Criterion Blu Ray of one of the most beautiful films ever made. You know you want to see this!


Suspiria Blu Ray – Lovely Blu Ray version of one of the most visually astounding horror films of all time. You know you want to see this! (Commercial store only)

Coming Soon!

47 Meters Down: Uncaged!
After the Wedding
Angry Birds 2
Bunuel in the Labyrinth of Turtles
Cobra Kai: Season 1 and 2
The Farewell
Good Boys

That’s it for this week, my lovelies! If you need some inspiration on what to watch, look no further than here.


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