The Black Dog Video Newsletter Sept 24-30 “The Times They are a Changin’ Again Edition!”



With the wonderful darkness and chill of fall settling in across the land, we’re changing up the hours at the Cambie store again. Starting this Sunday the hours at the Cambie shop will be:

Monday – Thursday: 2pm until 10pm
Friday – Sunday: Noon until 10 pm

The hours at Commercial will remain the same for now. That is all. Carry on.

New Releases!


American Horror Story Season 8: Apocalypse – I stopped watching this show years ago but have been thinking about getting back into it as I hear the last few seasons have been quite good. And I do so enjoy the horror!


Billions Season 4 – New season of this fine nasty drama show that I’ve never seen.


Child’s Play – Fun-looking reboot of the classic killer doll movie from years ago. Bonus points for having Luke Skywalker as the voice of Chucky!


The First King – Rome wasn’t built in a day. It took much longer than that. And it was a bloody affair. Or so says this movie.


The Grizzlies – Nice, true, exceptional story (and Canadian!) about a bunch of Inuit kids saved from the ravages of alcoholism, brutality and suicide by the efforts of a guy who introduces lacrosse into their community.


Shaft – Jeez, I didn’t know that we needed another Shaft movie, did you?


Yesterday – A glitch in the matrix results in the Beatles never having existed. Except for one fella who does remember them. Now if he can just figure out how the songs go he can become rich! Rich I tells ya!

Coming Soon!

Anna and the Apocalypse
Doom Patrol Season 1
Doom: Annihilation
Itsy Bitsy
Spider-man: Far From Home
Tell me a Story Season 1
Wild Rose
Echo in the Canyon
Toni Morrison: The Pieces that I Am

If you need something to watch, check out our recommendations for all types of things here.

And watch for our horror favourites starting October 1st where we’ll offer up a tasty scary morsel for you to enjoy each day of the month!

Peace out.


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The Black Dog Video Newsletter Sept 17-23 “Somethin’s a Brewin’ Edition!”


Mark your calendars, write it on your forearm, or forehead (but write it backwards so you can read it in the mirror), tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your neighbours, tell your neighbour’s enemies! Saturday October the 19th is International Independent Video Store Day! Drop in and celebrate all that is good and true about that staple of your childhood (and adulthood)! There will be things happening! More details to follow!

New Releases!


The Last Black Man in San Francisco – Very good film about a dude searching for home in an ever-changing city the seems to have left him behind. I imagine that could apply to a lot of towns, like maybe, um, Vancouver?


Pasolini – Abel Ferrera points his crazy camera at Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini (played here by Willem Dafoe) who was murdered in 1975 (Pasolini, not Willem Dafoe), reportedly, for making the film Salo: 120 Days of Sodom.


Polyester [Criterion] – John Waters gets Criterionized with his crazy 1981 romp about pornography, adultery, pregnancy and foot fetishism. This movie has it all!


What We Do in the Shadows Season 1 – If you loved the movie, like we all did, you’ll love this TV version. Different vampires, different location, same hilarity. You know that you want to watch this.


X-Men: Dark Phoenix – Another X-Men movie. They promise this is the last one. But we’ve been lied to before.

Coming Soon!

American Horror Story: Apocalypse
Billions Season 4
Child’s Play
The First King
The Grizzlies

If any of you collectors are interested in picking up some upcoming releases from Criterion, Shout Factory or anywhere else, let us know. (Prices will vary from what’s listed)

And one more thing! Click HERE for New Release recommendations if you dare!

Ta-ta for now, my pretties…


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The Black Dog Newsletter September 11-16 “Day Late and Something Something Edition!”


Sorry for the delay in getting this tome into your eager ears. I had to lend Dylan my computer so he could edit our podcast (which has been AWOL for far too long). He stayed up all night drinking coffee, popping Quaaludes and working on it. But it’s ready to go, give it a listen here!

Lots of good stuff on the shelves this week, so let’s have at it.

New Releases!


Bad Black and Who Killed Captain Alex – Amazing double bill of two insane, no-budget action masterpieces from Uganda. Best in Da World! (At Commercial, was at Cambie)


Country Music – Ken Burns’ sprawling history of country music. I don’t even like country music and I want to watch this! Love me some KB!


The Dead Don’t Die – So Jim Jaramuch has made this zombie film and a vampire movie (Only Lovers Left Alive). Is he working through all the horror monsters now? Looking forward to his take on Killer Alligators, Freddie Krugers, Swamp Things and so on.


John Wick 3: Perineum – More John Wick-edness! Super violent! Horses! Motorcycles! Libraries! Eye-stabbing! Head shots! So many head shots. Loved it. Weird title though.


Late Night – Writer and star, Mindy Kaling, is affirmatively-action hired to write for a failing talk show. Hilarity, I presume, ensues.


Nekrotronik – Guy has a job destroying internet demons. I don’t even understand what I just wrote.


True Detective Season 3 – Forget the mediocre Season 2, sink your teeth into the far superior #3. Stars the always great Mahershala Ali! (Note – I accidentally bought more than I need and have one copy for sale at each store for cost, $29.99. Please buy it)

And a certain release we’re not supposed to mention, rhymes with Shmiladdin.

Coming Soon!

X-Men: Dark Phoenix
The Last Man in San Francisco
What we Do in the Shadows Season 1
Polyester (Criterion)
Echo in the Canyon
Wild Rose

That’s it for this week folks! The rains are a comin’! Best to grab some great movies, food, wine, if it pleases you, and settle in.

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The Black Dog Newsletter September 3 – 9 “Fall on Me Edition!”


Yes, I know it’s not officially fall but, for me, fall unofficially starts when the kids go back to school (yay!). And it couldn’t have come at a better time. The fall is our busiest season and after a tough summer, we welcome Autumnus, the slanky god of Autumn. All hail!

And after taking a couple of weeks off to mull over the business (and eat and drink too much) I’ve (well, we’ve) come up (with the help of all of you fine folks) with a few new ideas to help bolster business:

Expand our sales to online and pre-ordering films for you collectors (we can offer great deals on Criterion, Shout Factory and other great labels).

Offer a subscription service similar to online services (just with better content). Details on that to follow shortly.

Increase our swag department, specifically our T-shirts. Maybe hats. Maybe other things.

Renting out (or selling cheap) DVD players like the old days. Seems many folks don’t even have one nowadays.

Have an automatic charge at the end of the month for any outstanding late fees. This one I’m still on the fence about but we’ll see.

We’re doing our best to stay relevant in these future times. Hopefully you can stay with us. #shoplocal

New Releases!

(There’s been quite a few since the last newsletter, but here’s a smattering)


American Gods – Season 2 – Cool, weird show about the old gods being swept aside by the new gods. (windmill guitar solo)


Booksmart – One of the year’s best films finds a couple of nerds who, on the night of their graduation from high school, realize they should have had more fun. Hi-jinks and smart dialogue, I presume, ensue. (more DVDs are on the way)


Chernobyl Season 1 – Most excellent HBO show about that bugaboo at the famed nuclear power plant in 1986. We should have more copies soon, so please don’t freak out.


Game of Thrones – Final Season – Here it is, the final moments you’ve been salivating for. Will John Snow crack a smile? Will Cersei enjoy her new haircut? Will Jamie learn how to draw his warrior girls with his bronze hand? Will Daenerys ride off into the sunset on her dragons? No pushing or shoving, we have multiple copies.


Godzilla: King of the Monsters – Dumb, long, loud monster movie. I liked it! But I’ve always had a place in my cold crumbling heart for the big guy.


Ma – Crazy lady invites some teenagers into her house to party. It’s a horror movie so you can guess what happens next.


MIB: International – Not too sure why they’re still calling this mediocre series “Men” in Black when clearly Tessa Thompson is not a “Men”.


Rocketman – If you liked the Bohemian Rhapsody, you’re sure to dig this musical fantasy extravaganza about Elton John! Right?!

Coming Soon

John Wick: Parabellem
Dead Don’t Die
Late Night
True Detective Season 3

That’s it for this week folks. Enjoy the nice weather while you can – get out, go for a walk…down to your local and grab some swell entertainment. It’s the right thing to do.

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