The Black Dog Newsletter May 28-June 3rd “Almost Famous Edition!”


So we’ve had some terribly nice folks in the form of a documentary crew follow us around for the last several weeks filming us to create a pitch for Storyhive. So far so great. Part of the process is a voting component. And this is where you come in! Click on this here link and vote for your favourite Video Store! Voting ends on Friday and you can vote up to 5 times a day (do it!). Please help them and us out and share it all across the land! Much obliged!

Just wanted to throw out a big thanks to all the nice folks who attended our big sale on the weekend. It was a roaring success (even if some scumbag stole some things!). Events like that help us out immensely. And the good news is we have tons left over that you’ll see on the sale shelves for weeks to come!

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New Releases!


Big Brother – Donnie Yen (the best!) is a soldier turned high-school teacher who kicks butt! Think of Dead Poets Society getting into bed with Ip Man and making a weird, kung fu baby.


Captive State – Aliens have taken over the planet. That was 10 years ago. What’s everyone up to now? John Goodman leads the way.


Counterpart – Cool sounding TV show that stars J.K. Simmons (J. Jonah Jamison) as a guy who discovers a portal to another dimension where he’s a top spy doing top spy work during the Cold War.


Ip Man: Origins – Watch IP Man when he was a little kid! IP Boy? More kicked-in-the-face mayhem for those of you, like myself, who dig it.


Jack Ryan Season 1 – Jim Halpert is the new Jack Ryan! Pretty good espionage and terrorist and thrills show.


The Man Who Killed Don Quixote – Terry Gilliam finally completes his dream project that he started, like, 85 years ago. Better be good, Gilliam! (shakes fist). DVDs are here, blu rays on the way.


The Mustang – Nice drama about a tough convict, Matthias Schoenaerts, (who’s cornered the market on brooding) that gets a chance to rehabilitate himself by hanging out with some horses.


The Poison Rose – John Travolta is a private dick in this neo-noir thing that not only stars Morgan Freeman and Famke Jannsen but has three directors! So that must mean it’s really good, right?


A Vigilante – Olivia Wilde is a tough revenge-seeking vigilante (see title) who helps victims escape their scummy abusers.

Coming Soon!

Miss Bala
Dave Made a Maze
Listen to Me, Marlon
No Date No Signature
One Sings the Other Doesn’t
Maria by Callas
Gloria Bell
The Kid
JT Leroy
Captain Marvel
Five Feet Apart

That it for this week, my lovelies. Thanks for reading and for voting for us!

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The Black Dog Newsletter May 21-27 “Don’t Miss This Edition!”

Fiery_Color_ copy

As you may have heard we’re having a rather large flash sale at the Cambie store this Sunday (26th)! Tons of great DVDs and Blu-Rays will be on offer. Prices start at $5. Many collector’s items, Box Sets, anime, horror, Something Weird, culty, sexy, Criterion, Ghibli, samurai and Asian cult, a few classics and even some regular Hollywood fare will be on the tables to tickle your collecting bones. Brand new Black Dog T-shirts are in as well! It’s going to be epic! 11am till 3pm, Cambie store. Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell the world!

You can still rent but it’ll be a bit chaotic and all the New Releases will be off the shelves. Oh, and if you pay cash, we’ll cover the tax! Cash is king! Hope to see you there.

New Releases!


Blaze – Nice music bio-pic about a fella named Blaze Foley who was some sort of legend in the Texas Outlaw Music movement (I imagine that’s a thing).


Capernaum – Tough, gritty film filled with grit and toughness (also Oscar nominated) from Lebanon about a street kid who sues his parents for giving him life.


Greta – Isabelle Huppert (love her!) is a lonely widow who takes a creepy, dark, unhealthy interest in Chloe Grace Moretz. Neil Jordan (Butcher Boy) slides back into the director’s chair for this one.


Lords of Chaos – Dude wants to start a Black Metal band in Norway in 1987. Arson, violence, dead animals, stabbings, hot churches, urination, chess, sex and murder are to follow. Might be true, might not. You decide!


Police Story/Police Story 2 – Two amazing Jackie Chan films for the price of two! This is JC at his best and they’re on Criterion so you know what to do.


Replicas – Sci-fi with Canoe Reeves as a scientist (!) out to bring his dead family back to life. Dude, gross!


They Shall Not Grow Old – Excellent doc about the poor bastards who fought in WWI. And it’s mostly in colour!


The Upside – Remake of the French film, Intouchables, but with Bryan Cranston as the crusty dude in the wheelchair and Kevin Hart as the short guy who’s hired to take care of him. Hilarity and tears, I presume, ensue.

Coming Soon!

Poison Rose
A Vigilante
Gloria Bell
The Kid
Man who Killed Don Quixote
Jack Ryan: Season 1
JT Leroy

That’s it for this week folks. Here’s a link to our facebonk page about the big sale! See you on Sunday, if not before!


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The Black Dog Newsletter May 14-20 “Podcasts, Sales, T-Shirts and Movies Edition!”

Fiery_Color_ copy

Good news! After an uncommonly long delay (I think Dylan was either in a coma or Alberta, hard to tell the difference) we have a new podcast episode ready for your eager ears! It’s a bit of a short one because something happened during the recording (probably something that Alex did) resulting in a shorter episode. But it’s still a good one. You decide!

And don’t forget our big-ass sale happening on the 26th at the Cambie store! Tons of cool items will be up for grabs. You don’t want to miss this! 11am-3pm. Be there or be square!

New Releases!


Apollo 11 – Some men got in a rocket and got shot to the moon! You won’t believe what happened next! Very good doc about the reported moon landing back in the day. Blu Ray only.


Charm City – Excellent tough doc about that nice city known as Baltimore. Or as they call it on The Wire, Bodymore, Murderland.


Cold Pursuit – Every January a new Liam Neeson action movie is released. They should make it a holiday. In this one he’s a grieving snowplow driver (Mr. Plow, that’s my name, that name again is Mr. Plow) who seeks some revenge. Based on the great little Norwegian film In Order of Disappearance.


Fighting with My Family – A former wrestler and his family make a living doing the small-time wrestling circuit in this comedy/drama starring Mr. Rock and written/directed, for some reason, by Stephen Merchant.


Happy Death Day 2U – Sequel to the surprisingly good original. Kind of a horror Groundhog Day type of affair.

MV5BMjIwMDIwNjAyOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDE1MDc2NTM@._V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL_How to Train Your Dragon 3 – Another How to Train Your Dragon movie. This one stars some dragons. These films are actually pretty solid..


Never Grow Old – John (straight to DVD) Cusack stars in this western as an undertaker (or maybe a bad guy, not too sure) whose business thrives in the old west.


Triple Threat – Martial arts extravaganza starring guys from The Raid, Ong Bak, John Wick, No Surrender and Black Dynamite. Yes please!


Andre the Giant – Nice, if overly-long, doc about the big man himself. I saw him wrestle back in the 80s. He was a very large human. He’s so big his head sticks out of the box!

Coming Soon!

Lords of Chaos
Police Story/Police Story 2
They Shall Not Grow Old
The Upside

One more thing before I let you get back to your lives – we should have more T-shirts for your fleshy bodies this week! Keep your eyes peeled!

Oh, and thanks to everyone who donated movies and such, Keep them coming! It helps us out immensely!

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The Black Dog Newsletter May 7-13 “We Need Your Help Edition!”

Everyday I hear, “Wow, a video store!” It makes me feel both happy that I’m still doing this and anxious as I think I may be a fool for keeping this outfit running. Life in the world of video stores, as one might presume, is not easy. As much as we all love being part of the last remaining shop in town, we are also wary of the precarious nature of this business. It’s stressful, maddening, angst-ridden yet still awesome. Please continue reading.

Jot down the 26th of May! Jot it! 11am-3pm at the Cambie shop we will be hosting an amazing pop-up sale event. Thousands of wonderful titles will be up for grabs with prices starting at $5! Lots of cult, anime, horror, box sets, collector’s items and much more!

New Releases!


Arctic – Mads Mikkelson goes on vacation by himself in the middle of the Arctic (or his plane crashes, not too sure) and must survive the harsh climate. I’ll watch almost anything that Mads does. Love that guy!


Birds of Passage – Excellent film from Columbia about an indigenous family that gets caught up in the marijuana trade boom.


Everybody Knows – Penelope Cruz returns to her home-town in Spain for her sister’s wedding. But secrets are revealed, feelings are smashed, things, I presume, happen. Also with Javier Bardem.


Hole in the Ground – A mysterious sinkhole in the woods, a missing son and some scary shenanigans abound in this cool-looking horror number.


I Spit on Your Grave: Déjà Vu – (Self) Billed as the most anticipated sequel of all-time, here’s more (2 and ½ hours more!) of your favourite revenge fantasy film.


Lego Movie 2 – More fun Lego hi-jinks!


My Scientology Movie – Funny guy Louis Theroux made a film about creepy Scientology. Might be the best horror film out this week!


The Prodigy – Another spooky kid (what kids aren’t spooky? Am I right?!) horror film to make you wonder why you ever had offspring.


Unforgotten Season 3 – Season 3 of this fine cold case detective series from across the pond.

Coming Soon!

Apollo 11
Big Brother
Call the Midwife Season 8
Charm City
Cold Pursuit
Fighting with my Family
Happy Death Day 2
Isn’t it Romantic?
How to Train Your Dragon 3
Never Grow Old
Triple Threat
WWE: Andre the Giant

Recommendations (for films) can be found here.

That’s it for this week, folks. Thanks for reading (especially my important little essay) and hope to see y’all sooner than later.

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We Need Your Help!

Everyday I hear, “Wow a video store!” It makes me feel both happy that I’m still doing this and anxious as I think I may be a fool for keeping this outfit running. Life in the world of video stores, as one might presume, is not easy. As much as we all love being part of the last remaining shop in town, we are also wary of the precarious nature of this business. It’s stressful, maddening, angst-ridden yet still awesome.

But as much as we love bringing you the best in what the world have to offer in cinema and TV, it is increasingly becoming more difficult to do so. As you know, there’s a plethora of choices from where to get your media. And these choices are increasing – for better or for worse. It seems that with more platforms offering this and that the actual content seems to be shrinking. Look at Netflix – they only have around 3,000 movies to offer (most are straight-to-video crap). We have almost 17,000 titles (many of which you can’t find anywhere online). But in the matter of convenience vs quality, convenience always seems to win. Why leave the house to get a copy of the latest Oscar winner when you can watch any number of Adam Sandler movies in your robe? But when you think about it, would you rather give your hard-earned dollars to a billionaire who doesn’t pay taxes or support your local shop that employs folks from the neighborhood and is a part of your vibrant community?

Business is tough. Places come and go. It’s part of life. We understand that. And right now, business is tough for us. The future seems cloudy. But you can help! Keep your streaming sites (don’t illegally download!) but also keep us in mind if you want something good. Even if you just pop in once or twice a month, it would go a long way to keeping us open. Buy a 10-movie punch card that will save you over $10 in rentals! Grab a T-shirt (more are on the way!) or buy some films from us (we’re having a big sale at the Cambie shop on the 26th of May) or donate your unwanted DVDS. Anything and everything helps.

We’ve been in your community for a long time – going on 24 years at Cambie and 14 at Commercial – and want to stay here. Even if it’s just for a little while longer. But we can’t do it without you. I hope to see your smiling faces in the shops soon.


Darren and the Black Dog Staff