The Black Dog Newsletter April 29-May 6 “It’s a Date Edition!”


Mark your calendars, write it on your forearm, shave the date into your dog as May 26th will be the date forever known as The Big DVD Sale Strikes Back! Drop into the Cambie store starting at 11am and running until 3pm (you can still rent after noon but it might be a little more challenging than normal) and feast upon thousands of awesome DVDS and Blu Rays that we’ve recently acquired! Lots of great titles – cult, horror, weird, not-so weird, classics, contemporary, plus tons more – to be had. Prices will be reasonably priced of course as we want these lovely items to find a good home. And as usual, you pay in cash, we pay the tax! More details to follow…

New Releases!


Ballad of Buster Scruggs – Pretty good, beautifully shot short-story effort from the Coen Brothers. Not all the episodes work but, hey, it’s the Coens! Are you not going to watch this?


Dragged Across Concrete – Mad Mel Gibson and Very Vince Vaughn are two corrupt cops who delve into the underworld to get what they want. From the fella that made the excellent Bone Tomahawk and Brawl in Cell Block 99. Can’t wait!


Mega Time Squad – Dude steals a magical bracelet that allows him to go back a few minutes in time but doing so creates more versions of the himself. So they form a gang called Mega Time Squad (just like the title!). Sounds like this could be fun!


Mirai – Nice, Oscar-nominated animated fare about a kid who encounters a magical garden that allows him to travel through time and hang out with his relatives. I dunno, if I had time travel abilities, I’m going to dinosaur times! Or Mad Max times! Or both!


Project Blue Book Season 1 – X-Filesy sounding show about a guy (Littlefinger from GoT) who investigates UFO encounters. Encounters of the 3rd (and maybe even sexy) kind!


Serenity – Strange sounding film has Mat McConaughy as a fishing boat captain who has weird, twisty and mysterious things happen to him. Or something. I don’t know.


Tickled – “A descent into Hell” is how one of my employees describes this odd, disturbing doc about online tickling competitions. But it’s much more than that he assures you.


What They Had – Nice-looking cast – Hillary Swank, Michael Shannon, Robert Forester – in this nice-looking movie about family matters and such.

Coming Soon!

Everybody Knows
Lego Movie 2
Unforgotten Season 3
The Prodigy
What Men Want
My Scientology Movie
Hole in the Ground

That’s it for this week, folks. Stay tuned for more news about the big sale and any upcoming podcast episodes. Movie recommendations can be found here!

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The Black Dog Newsletter April 23-29 “Something Awesome This Way Comes Edition!”


Remember those cool flash sales we’ve done in the past? The ones with a multitude of amazing DVDs we acquired and made available to you wonderful collectors? Well, it looks like we may be doing again that in the very near future! Stay tuned…

New Releases!


El Angel – Fun, cool flick from Argentina finds a cute, anglelic-faced kid who does lots of crimes and things.


Berlin, I Love You – Latest in the “Insert City Name I Love You” series. This one is in Berlin! I’m looking forward Springfield, I Love You or Medicine Hat, I Love You.


Charmer – Intense Danish nourish piece about an Iranian fellow, with a shady past, who desperately needs to find a woman that can secure his stay in Denmark.


Destroyer – Cool tough police detective thriller that has Nicole Kidman doing cool tough police detective work.


Free Solo – Hair-raising, pulse-pounding, potato-boiling documentary that follows a crazy nutter of a dude as he attempts to free climb (no ropes!) something called El Capitan, which, I assume, is a big rock.


Never-Ending Man: Hayao Miyazaki – Doc about the great Miyazaki and all those wonderful Studio Ghibli creations he created.


Touch Me Not – Award-winning film about intimacy and sexuality and other good things.


Unknown Soldier – Excellent WWII film from Finland about some nasty battles they had with their Soviets oppressors at the outbreak of the war.


Vikings Season 5 Part 2 – Part 2 of Season 5 of those rascally Vikings.

Coming Soon!

Dragged Across Concrete
Mega Time Squad
Project Blue Book Season 1
What They Had
Ballad of Buster Scruggs

We should have a new episode of our podcast, Black Dog After Dark, up and ready soon. I believe that Dylan is just putting the finishing touches on it. Right, Dylan?

That’s it for this week folks. If you need some recommendations on what to watch, click here!

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The Black Dog Newsletter April 16-22 “Sale into Our Contest Edition!’


For the upcoming long weekend (Easter or something) we’re going to have a small secret sale at both Black Dog locations. It’s not a big special event sale like we’ve had in the past but just a little something something we cooked up for you guys. Check the Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on Friday for details.

Also we have a little contest a brewing! We have several Blu-Ray/DVD combos of the new Glass film by M. Night Shyamalan to give away. But first you must spend the night on a haunted house! Either that or answer this skill-testing question: What is this movie about? Wrong answers only. Best answers win!

New Releases!


The Bouncer – JCVD is back and ready to dole out some Van Damage as an old-man nightclub bouncer struggling to raise his 8 year-old daughter.


Escape at Dannemora – Excellent tough TV show about a prison guard who helps the two cons she’s sleeping with escape!


Escape Room – It’s escape week here at Black Dog Video! Six strangers find themselves trapped in a deadly escape room. I did an escape room in Romania a few years ago. We didn’t make it out but it was fun nonetheless. Perhaps if I spoke Romanian?


Glass – The final installment of M. Night Shymalan’s trilogy nobody knew he was making finds Bruce Willis and Sam Jackson from Unbreakable trying to track down James McAvoy from Split. Glass!


The Kid Who Would be King – Finally a new film from the guy who made the excellent Attack the Block all those years ago! Some sort of Excaliburian quest is at hand for a bunch of kids. Heard it’s pretty good!


Tito and the Birds – Lovely animated fare from Brazil about a kid and his dad who try to find a cure for some illness one contracts when scared or something like that.

Coming Soon!

Free Solo
Vikings S5 pt2
The Never-Ending Man: Hayao Miyazaki
Berlin, I Love You
The Charmer
El Angel
Touch Me Not
Unknown Soldier
The World Before Your Feet

Oh, City TV did a little spot on us the other day. And I don’t sound like an idiot (always a fear/chance)!

That’s it for this edition, kids! Have a swell week and hope to see you in the stores soon!

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter April 9-15 “Dropping like Flies Edition!”


So we’re just a few months into 2019 and we’ve already seen a number of cinema folks pass on (die); Agnes Varda, Larry Cohen, Stanley Donen, Albert Finney, Seymour Cassell, Luke Perry, Katherine Helmond, Peter Tork, Bob Einstein and others we may not know of yet. Drop in and rent some films and TV shows to celebrate their lives. Or something.

New Releases!


The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot – Might just be the best title ever for a movie. Sam Elliot, fresh off a secret assassination of the dreaded Hitler, is recruited to take down Bigfoot for some reason. I like how they equate the two. Looking forward to this one!


Next of Kin – Spooky spooktacular spookarama haunted house number from Australia was actually made in 1982 but is just now making it’s fabulous debut on the home videos. Heard very good things!


Outlander Season 4 – Season 4 of Outlander.


Thunder Road – Much ballyhooed (won a bunch of awards or something) flick about a cop facing a personal meltdown after a divorce and the death of his mum. Funny, dramatic, sadness. All of the above.


La Verite (Criterion) – Excellent flick from Henri-Georges Couzot (Wages of Fear, Army of Shadows) starring Bridget Bardot (it’s from 1960) about a woman accused of murder. A murder most foul.

Coming Soon!

The Bouncer
Escape at Dannemora
Escape Room
Kid Who Would be King
Tito and the Birds
Free Solo

That’s it for this week, kids. Stay tuned for some info on an upcoming sale special for the next holiday weekend! Til next week…

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter April 2-8 “So, You Like Movies? Edition!”

Had a guy come into the store the other day and, as he’s perusing our cool films we have for sale, he says to me, “So you like movies?” I just stared blankly at him and told him to get out. Just kidding. But speaking of things for sale, we just added a huge pile of awesome titles over at Commercial (Cambie has lots as well)! Drop in to scoop up some neat box sets and films for very good prices!

Oh! There’s a brand new hilarious episode of our podcast ready for your ears. April Fool’s Day special!

New Releases!


Bumblebee – Another Transformers entry into this dreadful talking machines from outer space series. But…I hear that this one is actually quite good. Michael Bay was not involved. Can someone please stop letting that guy make movies.


Dog’s Way Home – Who’s a good boy?! Oh yes you are, you’re a good boy! Hoosyboosey!


Holmes and Watson – Will Farrell and John C. Reilly muck about as the famous detectives in this terrible “comedy”. Sorry.


On the Basis of Sex – Bio-pic of Ruth Bader Ginsberg (RBG!) that looks at her early life fighting for women’s rights and getting on the supreme court and other fun stuff. Bader is a weird name.


My Brilliant Friend – Excellent HBO series about an elderly woman recounting her times growing up in post war Naples with her friend. Her brilliant friend.


Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase – Teen detective hijinks.


Ray Donovan Season 6 – Season 6 of tough guy series, Ray Donovan.


Vice – Christian Bale magically transforms into human lizard toad, Dick Cheney, in this entertaining political comedy romp.


Welcome to Marwen – Based on the vastly superior documentary, Marwencol, Steve Carell plays a guy who gets beat up, spends some time in a coma and then turns into a weird artist.

Coming Soon!

Free Solo
The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then Bigfoot
Next of Kin
The Bouncer
Escape at Dannemora
Kid Who Would be King
Escape Room
Outlander Season 4
Vikings Season 5

The rains are a coming so might be time to hunker down with some fine film selections! Need some help? Check out here and here.

Till next week, my lovelies.

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