The Black Dog Video Newsletter Dec 31 – Jan 6 “Last Night Edition”


Well this is it, the last day of the year and the decade. Weird. Hoping for good things for all of you in the new year. There will be some notable changes happening at Black Dog in 2020. Details will be made available when they are made clear to us. In the meantime, have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve no matter what you’re up to. Me? I’ll be at home with the family sipping bubbly and watching movies. Just like any other day (maybe not the bubbly part).

We’re starting to do our best of the year wrap up thingies. Becky and Josie have chimed in with theirs – check the bottom of this newsletter.

New Releases!


Big Little Lies Season 2 – What are these nice (mostly) rich ladies up to in season 2? Fighting crime? Solving global warming? Assassinating the President? Only one way to find out, I guess.


Joker – Might be the most controversial film of the year as some thought it would incite rioting in the streets or something. Relax, folks, it’s just a movie. I thought it was pretty good (some parts I did not like) and the kid who plays Joker was awesome.


Judy – Renee Zellweger is Judy Garland in this singing and sadness bio-pic.


Million Little Pieces – Dude does too many drugs and writes a book about the drugs which may be true or untrue. You decide!

Coming Soon!

The Lighthouse
Gemini Man
Veep Season 7
Code 8
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

And as promised here’s Becky’s list!

10. Her Smell – I like movies where people have some sort of breakdown, and Her Smell delivers 100%. Elisabeth Moss plays a washed up punk singer who comes face to face with her addiction and mental health issues over time. Told in frenetic vignettes, we watch Becky Something hit rock bottom and crawl her way back up again hanging on to just a shred of her former fame.
9. Booksmart – As much as I love to be scared, I also love to laugh. Olivia Wilde’s Booksmart hit all the right notes as a comedy – raunchy but sweet, stupid but entertaining. Amy and Molly are two straight-A students who have one night left to party before college, so they make sure they go out with a bang. Watch two extremely likeable friends get into a bit of trouble and have the night of their lives.
8. The Lodge – This one’s a bit of a cheat since I saw it at VIFF and it doesn’t really hit theatres until February, but I loved it so it’s going on the list. Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala first made their mark in the horror genre in 2014 with Goodnight Mommy, an ambitious story about the darkness that can lurk within children. The Lodge takes it to the next level, telling the story of a soon-to-be stepmother spending Christmas in an isolated cabin with her fiance’s deeply imaginative children. I’ll just leave it at that.
7. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – When it came out that Tarantino was doing a Manson retelling, people were largely divided. But, as Tarantino does, he created a pitch-perfect film that engages from beginning to brutal bloody end. What can I say? A stellar cast, fantastic music, engaging story, sharp writing… all things you can expect from this guy.
6. Honeyland – This moving documentary is about so much more than beekeeping. Come alongside Hatidze Muratovaj, a woman trying to make her way in Macedonia using ancient beekeeping practices. When a nomadic family becomes her neighbours, they begin to keep bees as well, but disregard her advice and simple way of living with devastating consequences. This story is told simply and beautifully, and every small moment feels important. Take a glimpse at a vanishing way of life while you can.
5. Midsommar – Ah, daylight folk horror. We don’t have enough of it. Ari Aster knows what makes people squirm (remember Hereditary?) and he brings it in full force with Midsommar. When a group of friends travel to Sweden for a festival that takes place every 90 years, they find themselves wrapped up in something a little more sinister than they expected. If you like The Wicker Man, check this one out.
4. Parasite – Nobody mashes genres together like Korean cinema, and Parasite is no exception. It features two families: one wealthy (the Parks), the other poor and scraping to get by (the Kims). One by one, the Kims scheme to become employed by the wealthier family and use up the resources of the household. At some points a black comedy, at others a thriller, Parasite takes chances and turns corners you might not expect.
3. Beach Bum – Every now and then you need to watch something that makes you feel like nothing on earth matters. Beach Bum is that movie. Matthew McConaughey (playing himself, I presume) is Moondog, a stoner poet farting around the Florida Keys working on his next novel at the demand of his wife. Surrounded by a motley crew of characters, watch him be an idiot and somehow make everything work out despite it all. At the end you might feel like your time has been wasted. But what is time, anyway, man?
2. Honey Boy – Wow. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen such an earnest (if messy) film. Shia LaBeouf brings all his childhood trauma to the screen with Honey Boy, a story that largely features his childhood relationship with his father, who is played by Shia himself. Anyone who remembers Even Stevens will recognize this period of his life, and many will be shocked by what went on in the background of his young fame. Boasting strong performances from every actor (how does Lucas Hedges sound exactly like LaBeouf?) this is a film for those who appreciate things outside of a standard narrative. Sometimes funny, but always moving, Honey Boy is a must-watch for fans and the curious.
1. The Lighthouse – The Lighthouse isn’t for everyone, but it tops my list far and above the rest. Robert Eggers first wowed me with The Witch, so I was excited to see his latest film and boy did it deliver. This one’s for the acting fans with Dafoe and Pattinson absolutely blowing it out of the water with their performances. It’s the 1890s and two lighthouse keepers find themselves stranded on an island due to a storm. As time passes their minds begin to unravel and they dance between friend and foe, sanity and insanity, life and death. It’s atmospheric and gorgeous as hell, written like a Greek tragedy, full of strangeness and discomfort. I can’t wait to see it again.

And Josie is up to bat next and her picks can be found on her Letterboxd site here!

That’s it for this week/year/decade folks. It’s been a wild ride. Here’s hoping you all have a swell evening and hope to see you in the stores!


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The Black Dog Video Newsletter Dec 17-31 “End of Days (or Year) Edition!”


This will be the last newsletter of the year (2019) as we’re not expecting much in the line of films arriving at the stores until the first week of January. We are hoping to have a couple of nifty sale items before Christmas but it might be close. They might include another one of those gorgeous Godzilla Criterion sets, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood combos (available now!) as well as a lovely Suspiria Blu Ray!

Our Holiday Hours are as follows at BOTH locations…

Monday December 23rd – noon till ten
Tuesday December 24th – noon till 6 pm (may stay later if folks show up)
Wednesday the Christmas Day – Closed
Thursday the 26th – noon till 10pm.
Tuesday December 31st – noon till 8pm (may stay later if folks show up)
January 1st – noon till 10pm
Note – the two weeks from the 23rd to the 3rd, Cambie will open at noon.

New Releases!


Abominable – Three meddling teenagers must help a bloodthirsty Yeti find his way home in this animated family affair.


Ad Astra – Brad Pitt gets shot into space to find his dad and save the world. I’m really hoping his dad is played by Ed Asner.


Downton Abbey Movie – Find out what the gang is up to as the Royal Family pops in for a visit. Will Carson unfurl his brow? Will Edith be sad? Will Jeeves fall down the stairs? Will Greasy Joe eat that sandwich? So many important questions!


Ghosts in the Graveyard – A ghost comes back to haunt some teens after they saw her become a ghost in the graveyard! Sung to the tune of Mirror in the Bathroom.


The Happy Prince – (On the shelves tomorrow or Thursday!) – Rupert Everett is Oscar Wilde (at least in this film where he also writes and directs) who said one of my favourite quotes – “Everything in moderation. Including moderation.”


Linda Ronstadt: Sound of My Voice – Swell documentary about the famed singing and her amazing pipes. (On the shelves tomorrow or Thursday!)


Long Day’s Journey into Night – Very well regarded mesmerizing nourish film tells the story of a guy going back to Guizhou to look for a missing woman. But it’s much more to it than that. (On the shelves tomorrow or Thursday!)


Queens of Mystery – Fun, BBC-soaked mystery comedy show about the wacky adventures of 3 sisters who solve crimes. (On the shelves tomorrow or Thursday!)


Rambo: Last Blood – Nothing says Christmas like Sylvester Stallone butchering some Mexicans!


Where’s my Roy Cohen? – Documentary about the evil mastermind responsible for launching trash like Joseph McCarthy and Trump into our faces and creating the current nightmare that is American politics.

Coming Soon!

The Lighthouse
Big Little Lies Season 2
Paradise Hills
A Million Little Pieces

That’s it for this year folks! Please have a safe and wonderful holiday and I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all that continued to support us in these tough times. We couldn’t do it without you. Who knows what 2020 will bring (besides the best of the year/decade lists) but changes will be afoot at Black Dog Video. Stay tuned.

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter Dec 9-15 “Helping Us Help You by Helping Us Edition!”


Couple of weeks left till X marks the Mas. As mentioned before we have lots swell gift ideas – T-shirts, movies, gift certificates, movies – to stuff into various stockings. At the moment we have a 4K Blu Ray combo pack of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and will have some DVD/ Blu Ray combos soon as well. It’s a swell gift for the movie lover in your life. Hit us up if you’re interested as supplies are limited.

Also we have a Christmas-like podcast ready for you! Listen in as we contentiously discuss the movie Toys. Let the hilarity begin.

New Releases!


Freaks – What’s so scary outside their front door that dad has kept from his daughter? Monsters? Aliens? Battlesnakes? Freaks?


Hustlers – Fun heist type flick where a bunch of exotic dancers look to turn the tables on their sleazy Wall Street clients. Go strippers!


It Chapter II – Overly long, CGI heavy conclusion to the scary clown movie. Should have been better but worth a look nonetheless.


Loudest Voice – Russell Crowe is scumbag supreme Roger Ailes in this mini-series that documents the rise of Fox News, their invovlment in the GOP and his eventual downfall. Look everyone, a show where you hate all the people!


Lucky Day – QT ripoff/homage from the co-writer of Pulp Fiction. Can’t say to the quality of this motion picture.


Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – A cinematic treat from QT. Loved this movie (judgement still out on the ending though). So much fun! It’ll be on my best of the year list.

Coming Soon!

Ad Astra
Downton Abbey Movie
Ghost in the Graveyard
Rambo Last Blood
Where’s My Roy Cohen

That’s it for this week, kids. Be safe. Be happy. Remember us in your dreams.

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The Black Dog Newsletter Dec 4-10 “Cloth Yourself, Heathen!” Edition!


We finally got a lovely new batch of T-shirts in stock at both stores! Check out the awesome new design done by the lovely and talented Vanessa! And we have more nice grey heather Fear and Loathing shirts created by the lovely and talented RJ! They would make wonderful gifts for all the folks you love/like/tolerate in your lives!

New Releases!
(on the shelves at Commercial now and Cambie St tomorrow!)


Honeyland – This one sounds interesting (won a bunch of awards and everything!) – When nomadic beekeepers invade their land, the last female bee-hunter (is that a thing?) must save the bees and return the natural balance to Honeyland!


Ophelia – The story of Hamlet told through Ophelia’s eyes. And those eyes belong to Star Wars lady, Daisy Ridley!


Ready or Not – Fun mystery/suspense/horror thing finds a nice new bride being forced to participate in a terrifying wedding night game with her fresh new in-laws. Pretty fun stuff for a cool winter’s eve.


Spanish Princess – Acclaimed mini-series finds Catherine of Aragorn (not the Lord of the Rings guy, or is it?!) working her way through the royal family with her eye on the thrown.


Those Who Kill – Tense mini-series from Denmark finds some investigators hot on the trail of kidnappers who kidnap people. From the fine folks who brought you The Killing.


Yellowstone Season 2 (Cambie st only) – Season 2 of this fine western type show that finds Kevin Costner fighting against those who encroach on his land including a certain talking bear who has a penchant for stealing pic-a-nic baskets.

Coming Soon (Like, Hopefully This Weekend!)

It: Chapter II
The Loudest Voice
Lucky Day
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (we’ll have a couple of extra 4K copies for sale at a swell price! First come, first serve!)

We have lots of nice things for sale to ram into folks stockings if that’s your thing. And if you need some suggestions on what to rent, look no further than HERE.

Thanks for listening. See you next week.

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter Nov 26-Dec 2: “Cats in the Cradle Edition!


New T-Shirts should be ready to go very soon (think tomorrow!). We had some printing issues that delayed these a bit but they look pretty sharp!. And to those of you who have ordered films from us, thank you for your patience. We’re doing our best to get them into your soft little hands asap.

New Releases!


Angel Has Fallen – Gerald Butler stars in another action movie about things that have fallen (White House, London, Pantaloons).


City on a Hill Season 1 – Kevin Bacon (mmmm bacon) stars in this “corrupt cop working with a DA to uncover even more corruption in 1990’s Bawsten” thriller series.


The Goldfinch – Book-based drama about a fella who’s taken in by a rich NY family after his mum is killed in a bombing. Stars Oakes Fegley and Ansel Elgort. Just rolls of the tongue, doesn’t it?


In the Aisles – Nice little German film about a guy who works at a job doing things where he meets people and talks to them. (today at Commercial tomorrow at Cambie)


Official Secrets – Thrilling whistle-blower thriller regarding information being leaked about the 2003 bogus invasion of Iraq. Interesting that in the movies whistle-blowers are usually portrayed as heroes but in real life they’re often painted as traitors. Like, what’s up with that? (today at Commercial tomorrow at Cambie)


Where’s You Go, Bernadette? – Latest from Richard Linklater finds Cate Blanchett stepping out on her family to reconnect with her creative passions. Hilarity and life lessons, I presume, ensue. (today at Commercial tomorrow at Cambie)

Coming Soon!

Ready or Not
Downton Abbey Movie
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
It Chapter 2

With November winding down, the chill spreads across the town and December rears it’s spiky head. Or something like that. This is usually the busiest time of the year for us (fingers crossed) so hopefully we’ll see all your lovely faces over the next month or so. Help to help us keep on keepin on.

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter Nov 19-25 “November Rain Edition”


What better time to hunker down with some great films then in November, the Novemberiest month of the year? I love it! Also, don’t forget our little pop-up sale happening this Saturday. Nick has some Strange films up for sale (and a lot of just regular films) starting at $5. This is not one of our huge sales that we periodically throw, just a small one-off with a smattering of interesting titles. Noon to 6ish at the Commercial location.


New Releases!


All Creatures Here Below – Sad tale about two poverty-stricken people on the run from something.


Blinded By the Light – Bruce Springsteen worms his way into the heart of an Asian kid struggling to fit in in 1987 London. I hear it’s very nice, just like the Boss himself!


Catch-22 – New mini-series of the fine book and OK movie of the same name.


The Chaperone – Some sort of bio-pic about Louise Brooks brought to you by the stuffed shirts who made Downton Abbey.


Cold War – Love story set in 1950’s (Cold War era – see title) Poland, Berlin, Yugoslavia and Paris. Word has it that’s it’s pretty great.


Dora and the Lost City of Gold – Live action Dora film. I wonder if that map is still going on about how great he is? I also wonder if there’s any swiping?


Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 – How long can they keep up the unrelenting bleakness of this fascinating tale. Watch and find out!


Kominsky Method – TV series about some old coots (boomers, presumably) who work in the theatre or something like that. Alan Arkin alert!


Luz – Cab driver is pursued by an unknown entity and has some evil thoughts on it’s mind. Sounds a bit like the known Entity.


Memory: Origins of Alien – Cool doc about the making and unknown history of one of cinema’s best monster movies.


Peanut Butter Falcon – Guy runs away from home with the hopes of becoming a wrestler. We’ve all been there. Word has it that this is a very lovely sweet film. If you like that sort of thing.


Poldark Season 5 – Season 5 of Poldark.

Coming Soon!

Angel Has Fallen
City on a Hill
The Goldfinch

That’s it for this week folks. Stay warm (we should have new T-shirts in stock by the weekend), stay hydrated, and keep watching!

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter Nov 12-18 “Popping Up Edition!”


On November 23rd we’re going to have a cool pop-up event at the Commercial Black Dog. One of our staff, Nick, is looking to unburden himself of his fine DVD and Blu Ray collection! Lots of great things at swell prices will be up for grabs. Stay tuned.

Oh! And we should have some new T-shirts available quite soon as well. Huzzah!

New Releases


47 Meters Down: Uncaged! – Sharky sharks want to eat some pretty ladies. (Blu Ray only – DVD this week)


After the Wedding – Remake of the great Danish film of the same name about orphans and people and feelings and such.


Angry Birds 2 – This raises some serious questions: why are these birds so angry and who thought we needed 2 movies about their anger issues?


Bunuel in the Labyrinth of Turtles – Cool, trippy-looking animated fare about how the great Luis Bunuel made his third movie. Might make a nice paring with Angry Birds 2.


Cobra Kai Season 1 and 2 – Excellent series about more Karate Kids doing their Karate thing. Even stars Ralph Macchio!


The Farewell – Comedy/drama about a Chinese family who discover that grandma is dying and decide to keep this, some might say, important information from her. Stars Awkwafina which is either some bullshit bottled water or an awesome rising young star.


Good Boys – Raunchy comedy about 3 sixth-graders who are trying to make their way to some sort of party but have to dodge obstacles such as stolen drugs, teenage girls, sex toys and other common challenges that grade-sixers face in this crazy world

Coming Soon!

Poldark Season 5
All Creatures Here Below
Blinded by the Light
Catch 22 (2019 mini-series)
Cold War
Death and Life of John F. Donovan
Dora and the Lost City of Gold
Handmaid’s Tale Season 3
Kominsky Method Season 1
The Chaperone
Memory: Origins of Alien
Echo in the Canyon
I Trapped the Devil
Peanut Butter Falcon

Whew! Lots on the way! That’s it for this week folks. Here’s some recommendations if it pleases you. Till Next week

Black Dog Video

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The Black Dog Newsletter November 4-11 “Wanted: Dead or Alive Edition!”

1Hey!I f you want to order up anything cool for the holidays, hit us up soon so we have the time to track it down and get you the goods (Criterion Godzilla or Special Edition Once Upon a Time in Hollywood comes to mind).

Hey! If any of you fine folks have, or know someone who has, any old DVDs they want to get rid of, come talk to us. We take donations of all kinds and we pay for choice items such as Criterion label, classics, older horror, westerns, cult, that type of thing. Getting our hands on this stuff helps us immensely to be able to continue to give you our best and to stay relevant in these crazy times. Thanks!

New Releases!


Escape from Stalin’s Death Camp – Sequel to Escape from Stalin’s Pool Party finds a guy, well, trying to escape from Stalin’s Death Camp which, I’m sure, was not a very nice place to be (or as fun as the pool party).


Gwen – Some atmospheric folk horror and drama are on display here as a young Welsh girl (Gwen, I assume) tries to hold her house together amidst mom’s failing health, absentee dads, a mining company’s unwanted advancements and a growing malevolent darkness…


Satanic Panic – Pizza delivery girl delivers pizza to some Satanists who are looking for some virgin blood (not a topping option!).


Barry Lyndon (Criterion Blu Ray) – Lovely new Criterion Blu Ray of one of the most beautiful films ever made. You know you want to see this!


Suspiria Blu Ray – Lovely Blu Ray version of one of the most visually astounding horror films of all time. You know you want to see this! (Commercial store only)

Coming Soon!

47 Meters Down: Uncaged!
After the Wedding
Angry Birds 2
Bunuel in the Labyrinth of Turtles
Cobra Kai: Season 1 and 2
The Farewell
Good Boys

That’s it for this week, my lovelies! If you need some inspiration on what to watch, look no further than here.


Black Dog Video


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The Black Dog Video Newsletter Oct 30-Nov 4 “25 Already Edition?!”

I was just informed that out latest podcast episode, Fright Night, which just dropped on Monday, was the 25th we’ve released! Zoinks! I had no idea (although we’ve recorded many more than that). Shout out to Dylan and Alex for indulging in the mayhem! Stay tuned for details on a live show that we’re putting together!

If anyone is interested in nabbing that sweet huge Criterion Godzilla Box Set (or any other Criterions, or anything else for that matter) hit us up as we can offer swell pricing (cheaper than Scamazon and you don’t have to use Scamazon!).

New Releases


3 From Hell – Rob Zombie’s latest attempt at making a horror movie. Might be time to hang up that scary hat, Rob Zombie (if that even is your real name!).


The Art of Racing in the Rain – A talking dog?! Waaa? A pooch named Enzo shares his success at being a good dog. Or something like that? I dunno. One of two “Art of” movies this week. Weird.


The Art of Self Defense – Jesse Eisenberg gets beat up and then joins a strange dojo to learn martial arts. Hilarity, I presume, ensues. I think this film has less talking dogs in it. Second of two “Art of” films this week. Weird.


The Dead Centre – A shrink starts to go crazy after a patient believes he’s died and come back to life but claims that he’s returned with something, possibly sinister, with him. I know how he feels.


Fast and Furious: Calvin and Hobbs and Shaw – The Rock and The Statham join forces with a sarcastic boy and his imaginary cat to defeat super-evil Edris Ilba or Idris Elba (you decide!). Actually, way more fun than one might think (despite there not being a sarcastic boy and his Imaginary cat in it).


Good Omens Season 1 – TV show from Neil Gaiman that features devils, angels, anti-Christs and the end of the world. Sounds fun! With David Tennant and one of the Sheens, Michael, I believe.


The Kitchen – Fun-looking crime thing stars Mel McCarthy, Liz Moss and Tif Hadish as gangster wives who continue on gangsterin’ after their hubbies get locked up for being gangsters.


Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark – Spooky stories abound in this adaptation of the creepy book. From the director of Troll Hunter and Autopsy of Jane Doe, so it has that going for it.

Coming Soon!

Escape from Stalin’s Death Camp
Satanic Panic
Riot Girls
Good Boys
The Farewell

We’re almost finished with our 31 horror recommendations for the month of Shocktober. Check out our fine list here!

Have a safe and scary Halloween, my lovelies. See you on the other side.

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter Oct 22-28 “Gratitude Attitude Edition!”


I just wanted to toss out a huge Thank You to all who came out on Saturday to support us on Video Store Day (yes, it’s a real thing)! It means a lot to us to know that we still have a place in your hearts in these crazy times. We’re doing our best to stay relevant (ie: open) in today’s changing entertainment climate and to see all of you lovely folks on Saturday makes us feel like we still have a long life ahead of us. Cheers to you all!

New Releases!


Bloodline – Horror revenge type thriller finds a guy named Evan who exacts brutal justice on those he judges that have done wrong. Trying for an exciting 70’s throwback, DePalma or Argento style. Does it succeed? You tell me (because I haven’t seen it)!


David Crosby: Remember My Name – Fine warts and all (gross!) documentary about the famed musician and sperm donor.


Luce – A couple adopts a kid from Eritrea only to find that he’s having some sort of problem in high school or something along those lines. Good cast. Good reviews. Good film?


Shetland Season 5 – Folks that love this show love it! Maybe it’s time to give it a spin? We now have 5 seasons of it apparently.


And one more we aren’t supposed to mention but it rhymes with Brion Shwing. About some talking animals in Africa or something.

Coming Soon!

3 From Hell (sorry for the delay, mix-up with my distributor)
The Art of Self-Defense
Fast & Furious: Hobbs and Shaw
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
The Kitchen
Good Omens Season 1
Peanut Butter Falcon
Linda Ronstadt: Sound of My Voice
Poldark Season 5

And, of course, this being Halloween month, we’ve been doing a horror movie recommendation everyday of October. Have you been playing along?
Click Here!

That’s it for this week folks, stay dry, stay warm, keep watching.

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