Black Dog Video Newsletter Sept 26-Oct 2nd “We’re Back, Again, Baby!”


So after being chained up in the Black Dog basement subsiding only on a thin gruel of rotten potatoes and children’s tears while working feverishly on getting the next episode of the podcast ready, Dylan has declared, “Success! Huzzah! “Hey can you let me out of here now?” Josie guests as we drink and riff on the film One From the Heart. Take an ear listen here!

Also, as you know, the month of October is almost upon us. And also, as you know, that means Halloween and watching scary films! Scaretober or Shocktober if you will! Starting on the 1st, we’ll be publishing a scary movie recommendation everyday. You can follow along on the Facebooks, the Twitters or the Instagrams – black_dog_video! I’ll also put it up on the website. Should be fun!

New Releases!


Billions Season 3 – Season 3 of the TV show Billions.


Gotti – Travolta is Gotti! You remember, that lovable murderous crime boss from back in the day? Ya, that guy.


Housewife – New film from the director of the crazy Turkish flick, Baskin! A woman, who was traumatized as a kid when her mom butchered her dad and sister, grows up and joins a mysterious cult. Heard this is a good slow burn with a nutty finale that may or may not involve tentacles.


Indian Horse – Excellent Canadian First Nations film finds Saul Indian Horse battling racism and residential schools in the 1970’s to become a star hockey player.


Izzy Gets the F%#k Across Town – Fun-looking little comedy finds Izzy, at a low ebb in her life, trying to get across LA to crash her ex’s engagement party. I love these type of flicks.


Occupation – Aliens attack, folks fight back.


The Seagull – Fine cast – Elizabeth Moss, Saoirse Ronan, others – star in this Checkov adaptation about some people visiting some other people.


Star Wars: A Solo Story – Hum-drum Star Wars tale about when Hand Solo hooked up with Chewbacca for the first time and did the Kessle run in under 9 parsecs. Why did they make this movie, again?

Coming Soon!

Sicario: Day of The Soldado
The First Purge
Leave No Trace
Barry Season 1
Blood Fest
Puppet Master: Littlest Reich

That’s it for this week, kids. Enjoy the beautiful fall weather on your way to Black Dog to get your beautiful movies!

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Black Dog Video Newsletter September 19th – 25th “Sweet Swag Edition!”


So we’re working hard to get some new sweet swag back into the stores for you very soon! We have a couple new T-shirts being designed by our uber-talented staff, we’re hoping to have more lovely Studio Ghibli stuff back in stock and we’re going to be bringing in some cool art things to sell from a local artist hero! Stay tuned for details!

New Releases!


Adventure Time: Final Seasons – The end of this fine hilarious creative weird series. We still sing the “makin bacon” song at home.


Bleeding Steel – Latest Jackie Chan kicked in the groin action comedy martial arts extravaganza.


Damsel – Weird and strange neo-western finds Robert Pattinson (shiny vampire) traversing the wild wild west in search of his love, Penelope.


Last Movie Star – Burt Reynold’s (RIP) last film. He’s an aging former hunky movie star who must come to the realization that he’s now a broken down old man. I here ya, Burt…


The Looming Tower – Mini-series depicting the events leading up to that fateful day in September all those years ago. I wonder if it touches on some of the conspiracy theories – inside job, aliens, manatees etc, that made the rounds on the internets?


Yellow Birds – Two young soldiers try to survive the Iraq War. Much drama and war shenanigans, I presume, ensue.


X-Files Season 11 – You still believe, Mulder? I guess so or we wouldn’t still be getting more episodes (for better or for worse) of this series.

Coming Soon!

American Horror Story: Cult
Star Wars: A Solo Story
The Seagull
Billions Season 3
The Occupation
Preacher Season 3

That’s it for this week, folks. Here’s a link to a whole page of recommendations of all kinds! Enjoy responsibly. Stay dry, stay warm and remember, keep watching..

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Black Dog Video Newsletter September 12-18 “It’s a Date Edition!”


Some dates to jot down in your calendar, your magic phone, in the clouds, the dark web or wherever you keep your dates ~ Sept 18th and 19th – The Cambie store will be closed from noon till 5pm as a film crew is taking over the space. If anyone want to be an extra, contact Ben at . Also, October 20th is International Independent Video Store Day! Not too sure yet what we’re going to do for it yet but it’ll be something nice and spicy.

New Releases!


Handmaid’s Tale Season 2– The second depressing season of this excellent show. A scary show for these scary times. We’ve only one copy with more on the way so please be patient and don’t freak out.


Jurassic World: Too Many Dinosaurs! – These movies aren’t particularly good but I do love dinosaurs and I do enjoy watching them eat people so I’ll give this one a spin.


Looking Glass– Nicolas Cage buys a motel where strange things are a happenin!


The Miniaturist – British drama finds a woman living in 17th century Amsterdam who has a fella make her miniatures of things she likes but soon they start to foreshadow events in her life. Sounds eerie!


Rolling Stone: Stories from the Edge – Very interesting looking doc about the famed magazine and all it’s rock and roll glory and such. It’s a two-parter as it’s almost 5 hours long. I’m game! You?


Siberia – Canoe Reeves travels to Siberia to look for his business partner. But of course, things don’t go as planned. Or do they? Probably not.


Silicon Valley Season 5 – Season 5 of Silicon Valley.


Stranger Things Season 2 – More spooky going’s on in this fun throwback monster horror chiller.


Superfly – Remake of the fab 70’s Blacksploitation classic set in modern times with a modern rap music sound-track!


Trolled – Trolls are hot right now, for some reason, so here’s another animated thing to keep your kids occupied while you do other, say, more adult stuff.

Coming Soon!

Bleeding Steel
Fahrenheit 451
Looming Tower
American Horror Story: Cult
Americans Season 6
Star Wars: A Solo Story
Izzy Gets the F*%k Across Town

One more thing before I let you get back to your real lives – we should have a new podcast up soon! Dylan is hard at work in the Black Dog Basement putting it together. Wish him good tidings!

And if you need some recommendations on what to watch, well here ya go!

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Black Dog Video Newsletter September 5 – 11 “Finally! Edition!”


The summer is finally winding down, the kids are finally back to school and we can finally breathe in relative safety. I love the fall – the crisp air, cool nights, Halloween, hearty stouts. Bring it on!

Word of note – the Cambie store will be closed Tuesday September 18th and Wednesday September 19th from noon till 5pm each day. There’s a film crew taking over the spot but they should have everything wrapped up by 5pm. Sorry for the inconvenience.

New Releases!


Beast – Cool, tough British flick about a woman torn between her oppressive family and the loner dude who just blew into town who may or may not be a killer! (should be on the shelves today or tomorrow)


Ghost Stories – The title pretty much tells you what you need to know – three (I think 3) ghostly tales guaranteed to shiver your timbers. (should be on the shelves today or tomorrow)


Happy End – New film from Michael Haneke (Funny Games, Piano Teacher) stars the always great Isabelle Huppert as a member of a family with secrets. Can’t wait. (should be on the shelves today or tomorrow)


Headshot – I’m just going to post the awesome description from the IMDB for this one – Uwais (The Raid) plays a young man who washes ashore, an amnesiac with a serious head injury whose past comes back to haunt him shortly after being nursed back to health by a young doctor. Violence ensues. Sweet, sweet violence.


Hereditary – The best horror, and one of the best films, of the year finds Tony Colette and Gabriel Byrne as the mom and dad of a family that has a history of, shall we say, bad luck. A nice slow burn the builds to a great (if not a tad derivative) last act. Loved it.


Ocean’s 8 – It’s the ladies turn for the heist hoo-haw! Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bulloch, Anne Hatheway and at least 5 other women are getting together for a nice caper at the yearly Met gala. Looks like fun!

Coming Soon!

Silicon Valley S5
Adventure Time: Final Season
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Dark River
American Horror Story: Cult

That’s it for this week, folks. Stay tuned for some cool upcoming lists that we’re putting together! Hopefully this time next week we’ll have the Black Dog staff’s picks for favourite movies of the 1990s! Until then, keep watching!

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