A Midsummer Night’s Newsletter – July 31 – Aug 6 “Acting Edition!”


So my sprog, who just turned 13, is part of Performance Work’s Teen Shakespeare production of Midsummer Night’s Dream! And it’s pretty excellent. (I’m not just saying that cause I’m the Dad). All 18 of these teenagers do a marvelous and very impressive job. The costume’s are great and the setting can’t be beat. And it’s free! (you can also shell out $6 for reserved seating – which I would recommend) If you’re looking to spend a nice evening (when you’re not watching movies of course) out of your sweltering house, I’d recommend this for sure! https://www.facebook.com/events/1973055933006772/

New Releases!


Black Wake – Something in the water is making people turn into the zombies! You know it’s low budget straight to video when it has both Eric Roberts and Tom Sizemore in it!


DC Comics: Death of Superman – Superman can’t die, he’s Superman! Like, what the what?


Here and Now – Cool looking HBO show stars Tim Robbins and Holly Hunter as parents of adopted kids from around the world that, for some reason, start to see things that no one else can see. Spooky? I hope so. From Alan Ball (Six Feet Under, True Blood).


Keeping Hours– The always amazing Carrie Coon stars in this little ghost story about a couple who kids dies but then supernatural things start a happenin’.


Life of the Party – I like Melissa MacCarthy. She’s very funny. But she tends to do a lot of middle of the road comedies that, for some reason, are all directed by her husband. Maybe it’s time to step out and work with someone funny? This one finds her returning to college to get her degree. I hope it’s as funny as that Simpsons episode. “Lousy Dean!”


Marrowbone – Four siblings, who share a scary secret involving their dead mom, are plagued by terrifying things in the mansion where they, for some reason, all live together. I love a good ghost story and this one gets pretty good reviews. Fingers crossed!


No Offence – Manchester police drama from across the pond (England)! Folks love these things! I know that I do.


Revenge – A resourceful woman takes bloody revenge on some scum-bag business men who assaulted her and left her for dead in the desert. Not for everyone, of course, but I’ve heard that it’s a very good revenge thriller.


The Rider – Award-winning, much ballyhooed drama about a cowboy who suffers a head injury and must reinvent himself in the heartland of America. I’m sure that it’s much better than I just made it sound. Apologies to all of those involved.


Who’s Watching Oliver? – For fans who like their horror down and dirty and nasty (hello!) comes this debauched tale of a mental patient loner who goes on a “truly shocking and humiliating killing spree” – IMDB. You have been warned.

Coming Soon!

On Chesil Beach
Avengers: Infinity War
How to Talk to Girls at Parties
Mr. Mercedes Season 1
The Yellow Birds
Deadpool 2
First Reformed

That’s it for this week folks. Stay hydrated! Go to the beach! Check out the play! Watch movies!

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Black Dog Newsletter July 25 – 31 “So Hot Edition!”


I don’t need to tell you that it’s damn hot out there. It’s not end of the world hot like Iraq or Armenia or Mercury or Toronto, but it’s still damn hot. I used to love this weather but now, in my elder years, I’m just basically counting down the days until fall. For those of you who like the heat, enjoy! All the best! For me, I’ll be in the dark, air conditioned theatre biding my time.

New Releases!


Braven – Jason Momoa (Karl Dragon on Game of Thrones) stars in this tense little action thriller about a logging fella who has to defend his family against a pile of dangerous drug running bad guys for some reason.


Final Portrait – Geoffrey Rush is famous artist Alberto Giacometti who makes Armie Hammer (still one of my favourite names in the biz) sit still long enough to paint his portrait.


Marcella Season 1– After her husband leaves her, a cop returns to the force to help solve a series of murders in the series of episodes from a swell looking TV show form Britain.


Tully – Very well reviewed comedy/drama from the Oscar winning team of Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody (Juno) finds the amazing Charlize Theron as the mother of 3 – including a fresh baby – being gifted a night nanny (not too sure what that is but I like the sounds of it) from her brother to help out. Comedy hi-jinks, female bonding and life lessons galore, I presume, ensue.

Coming Soon!

Black Wake
The Terror
No Offense Season 1
The Rider
Life of the Party
Here and Now Season 1
MCU: Death of Superman
The Keeping Hours

That’s it for this week folks. We should have a new podcast episode up and running very soon as our boy, Dylan, is no longer technologically challenged and is locked in his hovel hard at work editing!


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Black Dog Video Newsletter July 18-24 “Stink Flower Edition!”


So after you’re finished lining up for hours to see a giant flower that smells like a garbage corpse, don’t forget to pop into the Dog to get some fine entertainment to wash out the memory of that highlight of your summer. We have lots of amazing things that don’t require line-ups or an assault on your olfactory senses. (That said I wish I had gone to see the thing)

New Releases


Chappaquiddick – Drama about that ill fated and mysterious car ride that Ted Kennedy took back in 1969 that ended up in a swamp and a with dead passenger. What happened? Was there a cover-up? Was it the Kennedy curse? Watch and find out! (at Commercial, soon to Cambie)


Future World – Mad Max knock off finds James Franco driving around looking for a mythical cure for his ailing mother in the wasteland that is our future.


I Am a Hero – Strange things begin to happen to a guy when, on his way home from work, he witnesses a fatal car crash but then the victim gets up and walks away! Ai Carumba! This one looks pretty cool!


I Feel Pretty – Amy Schumer falls down and when she awakes she believes she’s the most beautiful woman ever to walk the planet. Comedy hi-jinks and life lessons galore, I presume, ensue.


Keeping Faith – A small-town pregnant lawyer in Wales investigates the mysterious disappearance of her husband in this fine looking British TV production.


Like Me – Crazy, violent, fun-looking satire that follows a psychopathic young woman as she documents her killing spree on the social medias – you know, the Facebooks, the Twitters, the Depp Web (and the Deep Web), the Bamboozles, the Shimmy-Shams, the Reddits, and so forth… (at Commercial, soon to Cambie)


Loch Ness – Another fine British TV series finds a rookie detective trying to find a killer in the famed region of wherever Loch Ness is. And no, Nessie is not a suspect.


Ready Player One – Senior Speilbergo directs this fun actiony sci-fi thing where, in a Future where everyone is obsessed with 80’s pop culture for some reason, the world sets out to find an Easter Egg (bonus thing) in a game after it’s designer dies. Good fun romp, if not a little too long. Why can’t filmmakers just end their films instead of drawing it out? Come on, Steve!

NOTICE! – Isle of Dogs and Super Troopers 2 are both now available at all Black Dog locations!

Coming Soon!

Lean on Pete
Ismael’s Ghosts
Final Portrait

If you’re interested in checking out some of our (mine) favourite movies of the this and other years, check out my letterboxd page here! And also the Black Dog recommends pager here!

Here here!

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Black Dog Video Newsletter July 10 – 16 “Free Movie Just for You Edition!”


Check out this cool looking new local film premiering at the Rio this week (Thursday the 12th). Want to go? We have some free tickets to give away! The first of you fine folks who replies to this newsletter or to our Facebook page and says, “Yes, please” to the tickets will be on the guest list (max 2 per winner). Get those fingers all limbered up. http://riotheatre.ca/movie/the-unseen/

New Releases!


Escape Plan 2: Hades – Sly Stallone teams up with Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy to break into a fancy prison to find his friend.


The Expanse Season 3 – This fine sci-fi show just gets better and better.


Isle of Dogs – Another home-run stop-motion extravaganza from Wes Anderson finds a boy in search of his dog (who’s been sent to an island for bad puppies) in Japan (at Cambie right this minute and hopefully soon to Commercial).


Rampage – The Rock has to fight a giant monkey, a giant crocodile and a giant flying penguin (or something, maybe a badger?) for some reason in this fun take on the popular video game. Is there anything the Rock can’t do?


Sneaky Pete: Season 1 – Fine television program that finds an ex-con, on the run from a nasty piece of criminal business, assuming the identity of his former prison cell mate. I can get behind this.


Super Troopers 2 – Don’t know much about the Super Troopers except that the hi-jinks in this comedy spills across the border into Canada. Expect many maple syrup, RCMP, beaver and nice people jokes. (at Cambie right this minute and hopefully soon to Commercial)


Truth or Dare – Meh looking horror film about some attractive young people playing a game of truth or dare that turns deadly when someone – or something (Ahhh!) – starts bumping them off.


The Tunnel Season 3 – Season 3 of the Tunnel. French and English cops get together to solve cross-border crimes. Good stuff.


Unsane – Nice-looking little mind-bender from great “retired” director Steven Soderburgh finds a troubled woman (Claire Foy) being committed to a mental hospital. Are her delusions in her head or are they something more?


You Were Never Really Here – This is probably my most anticipated film so far this year. A broken army vet, Joaquin Phoenix, with hammer in hand, takes on the nasty job of tracking down a missing girl. From fine director Lynne Ramsay.

Coming Soon!

Ready Player One
Future World
Lean on Pete
Atlanta Season 1
I Feel Pretty

That’s it for this week, folks. Enjoy these warm summer days. Enjoy these warm summer movies. (If you need some suggestions on what to rent, click here)

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Black Dog Newsletter July 4 – 10 “No Cars For You Edition!”


This Sunday on the Drive it’s Car Free Day. Please don’t drive your car to Car Free Day. Also 1st Avenue between Clark and Nanaimo is closed for a while so please don’t drive on that street. Maybe just don’t drive, period. Lots of good, tasty treats for you this week!

New Releases!


Another Wolfcop – Aahwoooo! Its another wolfcop! Alcoholic werewolf cop Lou Garou must stop the evil plans of an evil mastermind who plans on opening up a brewery. Wait, that doesn’t sound very evil.


Beirut – How do you like you middle eastern political thrillers? With a side of Hamm? Jon Hamm that is! Pretty good flick. Sad to see how that nice city was destroyed.


Beyond the Hills – Excellent serious drama from Christan Mungiu, (4 Months 3 Weeks 2 Days, Graduation), about two women who grew up in the same orphanage in Romania. Their relationship gets, shall we say, complicated.


Double Lover – Fine tight little French thriller from Francois Ozon (Swimming Pool, Young and Beautiful) that finds a young woman falling for her psychoanalyst but is he who he appears to be? Maybe. Maybe not.

MV5BYzViOTBmMGUtODBlMi00YzYzLThiM2MtOGFlMzZkNWU4NDRjXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyODE0MDY3NzY@._V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL_Flower – Black comedy about a sexually curious young woman who forms an unusual, one might say unorthodox, relationship with her step brother. Your guess is as good as mine!


Graduation – Excellent serious drama from Christan Mungiu, (4 Months 3 Weeks 2 Days, Beyond the Hills) about a father and daughter living in Transylvania (yes it’s a real place). She wants to go away for school but an attack jeopardizes her future. It’s up to her dad to sort things out.


Journey’s End – Heavy WWI war drama about some guys unraveling in a trench in France as the war draws to a close. Trench warfare is not for me, that’s for sure.


Tag – Nutbar flick from Sion Sono (Cold Fish, Suicide Club) finds a school girl’s life descending into chaos as everyone around her keeps meeting gruesome fates. I’d like a taste of this piece of crazy candy!


A Quiet Place – Intense quiet horror film about life in the post-apocalyptic future where monsters with great hearing will kill you if you make any kind of sound. Pretty high on my list of films to watch!

Coming Soon!

Dark Crimes
Isle of Dogs
The Expanse Season 3
Sneaky Pete Season 1
The Tunnel Season 3
You Were Never Really Here
Escape Plan 2

That’s it for this week, my lovelies. Make the best of the nice weather during the day and pop into the stores for your nighttime summer film wants and needs.

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