Black Dog Video Newsletter August 29- Sept 4 “I’m Melting Edition!”

It’s too hot, dawg…


Holy hotdogs, when is this summer going to end?! Is this the way it’s going to be from now on? End of days, my friends. But before we all perish, let’s watch some movies!

New Releases


Author: The JT Leroy Story – Excellent, odd and intense doc about famous author JT Leroy, who was actually a pseudonym created by Laura Albert.


Creepy – Nice looking and, well, creepy number from Japanese master Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Cure, Pulse) finds some unsettling going-ons as an ex-detective looks into the mysterious case of a family who disappeared 6 years earlier. Sign me up!


Disneynature – Born in China – Hmm what animal, born in China, do you suppose this little doc is about? You guessed it!


Girls: The Final Season – Last season of Girls, it seems.


Goon 2: Last of the Enforcers – Sequel to the amazing Goon from a couple of years ago finds our favourite goon facing retirement when a new tough goon appears on the scene. There’s always going to be another tough guy my mom used to tell me.


Grantchester Season 3 – More fun from England finds a clergy fellow helping to investigate some evil doings up in the hamlet of Grantchester. They also stand around with their hands in their pockets which not only cool, but it’s quite comfortable.


My Cousin Rachel – Nice creepy little thriller finds the lovely and talented Rachel Weisz as a cousin named Rachel who may or may not have killed her cousin’s wife.


Paris Can Wait – Eleanor Coppola (yes, related) directs Diane Lane as she drives Alec Baldwin around France for some reason.


Right Now, Wrong Then – Excellent new film from the director of In Another Country finds a film director falling for a young painter, twice.


Rough Night – Scar-Jo, a lady Ghostbuster and one Broad City find themselves in hilarious hijinks after they, and some other friends, hire a male-stripper for a bachelorette and things go terribly wrong.


Wakefield – Bryan Cranston snaps and then goes and lives in the attic above his garage where he observes his family without their knowledge. Not a comedy.

Coming Soon!

Broadchurch Season 3
This is Us Season 1
Megan Leavey
The Mummy
It Comes at Night
Last Face
All Eyez on Me
Ash v Evil Dead Season 2

Thanks to all that filled out our online survey last week. It has been very helpful and encouraging. I’ll have some hard paper copies in the store very soon if you’re so inclined. If you missed the online version you can still participate here!

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Stay hydrated and cool my friends! Together we can beat this heat!

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Black Dog Video Newsletter August 22-28 “Survey Says Edition!”


I hope that everyone survived the eclipse yesterday. No seared retinas. I thought it was was pretty neat. Speaking of pretty neat, we finally got that survey put together I’ve been yaking about for the past several weeks. If you can, take a moment and check it out here and let us know what you think! Please be nice. We’ll have some paper copies in the stores shortly as well for those less inclined to internet.

New Releases!


Batman and Harley Quinn – More animated shenanigans finds the Batman teaming up with The Joker’s lady-friend, Ms Quinn, to fight some other evil bad guys.


Baywatch – Two of the most unattractive guys on the planet Earth, The Rock and Zac Efron (just kidding, these two hunks just ooze beefcake out of their tanned, buff pores – man, that actually sounds pretty gross), resurrect the stiff bloated corpse of that mediocre TV show from the 80’s that made The Hoff so big in Germany.


Below Her Mouth – Steamy, sexy lesbian fare (use your imagination about the title – use it!) finds a couple of women getting involved in some steamy sexy situations.


Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – More if the same – but this time louder, more garish and less of a story – finds our heroes hanging out with Snake Plissken on a distant planet while also saving the universe and other things.


The Walking Dead Season 7 – The gang have to deal with another enemy in the form of a tough guy with a barbed wire-encrusted baseball bat who threatens their existence. Oh ya, and zombies! But just don’t call them zombies.


Wildlike – The always-excellent Bruce Greenwood as a lone backpacker in the Alaskan wilderness who befriends a runway teenager. Heard very good things about this lovely number.

Coming Soon!

Girls S6
Grantchester Season 3
Ash v Evil Dead Season 2
My Cousin Rachel
All Eyez on Me
Rough Night
Meagan Leavey
Homeland Season 6

Lots of great stuff to check out in these waning days of summer. Don’t believe me? Check out our selections for you right here!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and (hopefully) fill out the survey. Have a great week and we’ll talk at you in seven days!

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Black Dog Video Newsletter August 15-21 “Summertime Fun on Cambie Edition!”


Seems that there’s a doin’s a transpiring over yonder in the Cambie hood this Saturday (19th)! Plenty of fun activities are to be had including lots of great music (The Paperboys, the Shenanigans), tasty food for your mouth and interesting things such as a moustache growing competition and axe-throwing at your neighbour (I may have made those last two up). Fun for the entire family – even crotchety old Uncle Ned! Drop by the Cambie Black Dog and scoop up 3 movies for the price of 2! It’s gonna be a great day so help make it better by getting in on all the action.

New Releases



Alien: Convent – A starship full of ninja space-nuns, who are out on a space mission from God, crashes on a planet filled with the nasty aliens. Mayhem ensues. Or so this instalment of the Alien franchise would have gone if I had written it. I think it’s actually called Covenant which is boringly named after the ship that a bunch of idiots drove to a planet filled with you-know-who(s).


Amnesia – Barbet Schroeder (Barfly) is back with this tale of a DJ who travels to Ibiza to dj and becomes friends with a solitary older woman who has lived there for many years. Techno music and some soul searching, I presume, ensue.


Blind – This one looks unintentionally hilarious ~ Alec Baldwin plays a guy blinded in a car crash who then carries on an affair with a married Demi Moore. Watch at your own risk.


The Dressmaker – Sexy Kate Winslet returns to her hometown somewhere in Australia to seek some sort of revenge on those who did her wrong in the past and to also make some nice dresses.


Everything Everything – Young adult novel fodder finds a teenage girl, who can’t leave her house for some reason, falling for the cute boy next door. Does she take a chance on romance and get outside to have life-changing experiences? I dunno, probably.


A Quiet Passion – Miranda from Sex and the City plays Emily Dickinson (E-Dick to her friends) in this nice looking bio-pic from director Terence Davies (Deep Blue Sea – not the one with Sam Jackson being eaten by a shark, the other one).


Riverdale Season 1 – This ain’t your daddy’s Archie! Drugs, sex, murder and some profanity all figure in to this “modern edgy update” on the comic of your youth. Or at least my youth. I hear it’s actually quite good!


Unforgettable – Another one of those “unstable woman makes life hell for her ex and his new lady-friend” thrillers. Why Rosario Dawson, why? There’s a joke to be had in the title me thinks…

Coming Soon!

Guardians of the Galaxy 2
My Cousin Rachel
Walking Dead S7
Ash v Evil Dead S2
Disneynature: Born in China
Moments of Clarity
Below Her Mouth
City of Tiny Lights

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Last week we spoke of a nice little survey we’d to get into your hands this week but events have conspired against us and it looks like we’ll have it ready – in-store and online – by this time next week. Carry on.

That’s it for this week, folks. Hope to see you out in the Cambie Village this weekend – and over on Commercial as well of course. Cheerio!

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Black Dog Video Newsletter August 8-14 “Quiz Show Edition!”

Here at Black Dog laboratories we’re always trying to come up with fantastic new ideas to make your video store experience that much more rewarding. So we thought who better to ask what you love and maybe love-less about Black Dog then you! Yes you and even you! We’re currently throwing together a short quiz/questionnaire/compendium to see what you think we do well and what we lack (I imagine this area will be blank:) and what kind of things you’d like from your favourite video store in the future. Look for this in next week’s edition as well as in the stores.

New Releases!



Big Little Lies – Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley are 3 moms who may or may not get caught up in a murder! A murder most foul in this excellent series from the HBOs.

Billions: Season 2 – Season 2 of this fine tight drama about a sleazy money guy and the district attorney who tries to bring him down. Stars the Paul Giamatti and the Damian Lewis.

Diary of  Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul – More things happen to this wimpy kid and his family.

Fortitude Season 2 – More murder (most foul probably) on the arctic circle!

Going in Style – Remake of the fine 1970’s comedy caper that finds three old goats – Freeman, Arkin and Caine – deciding to rob a bank. Hilarity, I presume, ensues.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword – Guy Ritchie directs that other guy from Sons of Anarchy (you know, the guy with the dubious acting chops) in yet another retelling (I bet it’s very flashy and exciting with a contemporary music score!) of the legend of Art.

Snatched – Goldie Hawn is Amy Schumer’s mom in the comedy that finds them going on a tropical vacation together where they get mixed up in all kinds of hijinks!

The Wall – Doug Liman (Swingers, Edge of Tomorrow) directs this tense little thriller about a couple of army men who get trapped by a sniper behind a crumbling wall somewhere in the desert (one that a war is a-happening).

Coming Soon!

Alien: Convenant
Everything Everything
Riverdale Season 1
City of Tiny Lights
Below Her Mouth

Need some help deciding what to watch? We can help. Check out this here link for new stuff and this other link for older things you may enjoy.

Have a great week, hope to see your lovely smiles in the stores soon.

Black Dog Video Newsletter August 1 – 6 “We’re Back in Black (Dog) Edition!”


I just returned from a couple of weeks off for some much needed R and R. It was nice to get away and forget about the troubles for a while. But I’m back and ready to face the future and fight the good fight. To be honest it’s been a tough summer for your favourite video store. We’ve been taking a beating with this extraordinary hot, sunny weather and all. We could really use your help. If you like what we do and want us to continue on, please drop by and rent some great things, buy a T-shirt, hoodie or whatever. Anything helps. Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! We’re counting on all of you!

Some New Stuff!


Buster’s Mal Heart – Mr. Robot (Rami Malek) is on the run from the authorities after chatting with a conspiracy-obsessed drifter. Sounds and looks like this could be quite terrific. Also stars everyone’s favourite DJ, DJ Qualls! On my list of things to see for sure.


The Circle – Tom Hanks is some sort of tech guru who runs a powerful company at that may or may not be evil or good (probably evil knowing Tom Hanks). Emma Watson goes to work at what she thinks is her dream job. But is everything as it seems? I dunno.


Colossal – Anne Hathaway is a party girl who has some strange connection to a giant monster that’s ravaging Seoul, South Korea in this cool-looking sci-fi monster comedy. On my list this one is!


The Expanse Season 2 – Fine TV spacey show with great special effects and Thomas Jane sporting a weird haircut.


The Lovers – Very good (from what I hear) drama about a couple – Debra Winger and Tracey Letts – who are both having affairs while their marriage crumbles around them. But then something sparks the romance…On my list of films to check out!


Prime Suspect – Tennison – Prequel to the great Dame Helen Mirren detective drama. Here she’s a young 22 year-old probationary officer working her way up the ranks in the 1970s. Loved the original series so I’ll have to put this one on my list of things to see!


Shin Godzilla – Man, I’ve been waiting for this one for quite a while, being the the big Godzilla fan that I am. Don’t know the plot but I bet it involves another monster or two wrecking some Japanese cites and it’s up to Big G save the day. No need to tell you that this is high on my list of things I need to see!


Song to Song – Wow, Terrence Malick just can’t stop making films these days! Great cast – Fassbender, Portman, Mara and Canada’s own baby goose, Ryan Gosling portray folks caught up in Austin’s music scene. I think that I’ll put this one on my list as well. Looks like I’m going to be busy of the next while.

Coming Soon!

Fortitude S2
The Dressmaker
A Quiet Passion
Below Her Mouth
Big Little Lies S1
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul
Going in Style
King Arthur

We have so many great flicks, new and old, I can’t even begin! But you can start right here with oodles of recommendations!

That’s it for this week folks. Stay cool, stay golden.