Black Dog Video Newsletter July 11 – 17 “Dog Days Edition!”

Hi-ya, handsome!

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There seems to be no end in sight to this torrential sunshine we’ve been slogging through. Winter is coming, right? Anyhow, celebrate the dog days of summer by renting some great movies and TV shows! It’s the right thing to do!

I will be out of the office for the next couple of weeks so you’ll have to do without your favourite newsletter! Sad face.

New Releases!


Ballerina (aka Leap)– Nice little animated tale of a young waif who dreams of becoming a Ballerina so she murderers the star of the show and takes her place. Not to sure about the murder part. I haven’t watched it.


The Blackcoat’s Daughter – Spooky-looking thriller finds a couple of girls battling mysterious forces after they get left behind at a creepy boarding school over winter break. Heard fabulous things about this number!


Fateful Findings – Neil Breen stars in this weirdo cult oddity written by Neil Breen about computers and government conspiracies and such. If you like your movies wonderful and bad, this might be the ticket for you. Directed by Neil Breen.


Frantz – Excellent new film from Francois Ozon (Swimming Pool, Sea the Sea) about a grieving widow of a German fella killed in WWI who meets a strange French gentleman that visits her dead husband’s grave. Hmmm, I wonder who that might be?


Free Fire – Fun new shoot ’em up number from Ben Wheatley (High Rise, Kill List) about some gangsters who meet in a warehouse and have a big gun battle for some reason. Sign me up!


Journey to the West 2 – Demons Strike Back! – The story continues as a monk and his three disciples fight more demony demons. Not directed by Stephen Chow.


Kong: Skull Island – The big ape is back for another kick at the ape can. A bunch of Hollywood stars become trapped on the island with the big fella and have to fight their way off battling, not only Kong, but other monsters and maybe even some personal demons! Stick around to the end of the credits for a tasty treat.


Lost City of Z – Lovely and amazing true-life adventure flick that follows one of the Sons of Anarchy as he gets lost in the Amazon while searching for a mysterious city back in the day. Look for this one to show up on many year-end top film lists.


Sense of an Ending – Crotchety old man becomes haunted by his past when some new realities present themselves. That make any sense? Of an Ending? Based on a book. An entire book!


The Tunnel Season 2 – More tunnelling in this fine and exquisite British TV series that stars Stannis from that other show.

Coming Soon!

Fortitude Season 2
Song to Song
Busters Mal Heart
Boss Baby
Final Master
Ghost in the Shell
Shot Caller
Shin Godzilla
The Lovers
Big Little Lies

Suggestions to quicken your heart!

Our good friend Axel Matfin is here once more to give you his thoughts on the fine film, Heist!

Have a good couple of weeks, my lovelies. Talk at you in August!

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Black Dog Video Newsletter July 4 – 10 “Sans Car Edition!”



This Sunday, leave your car at home or wherever as it’s the annual Car-Free day on the Drive. Please don’t drive to car-free day (see any irony there?) as it’s going to be a gong show in a zoo over here. Pop into the store and say “hi!” We’ll say “hi” right back!

New Releases


Fate of the Furious – Man, they pump these things out at a “furious” rate! Get it? Plot doesn’t matter as all you have to know is that it’s filled with fast cars, ridiculous stunts and several large, beefy, bald men. This one is classed up a bit with the appearance of Charlize Theron. But just a bit.


Norman – Richard Gere is Norman (see title), a New York “fixer” who gets a little more than he bargained for when a guy he helped out makes it to the big show. Word has it that this is quite a fine little flick.


Smurfs: The Lost Village – Small blue animated things doing stuff for some reason.


Their Finest – During the Blitz of London in the WWII, a woman gets hired to write a movie script after some movie fellas see what a swell number she did writing propaganda films. This one gets high marks on the critics list.


Zookeeper’s Wife – True-life tale about a Polish couple who helped to save a pile of animals and even some people during WWII in Warsaw. Stars the lovely and talented Jessica Chastain.

Coming Soon!

Song to Song
The Void
Fateful Findings
Journey to the West 2: The Demons Strike Back
Lost City of Z
The Tunnel Season 2
Kong: Skull Island
Free Fire
Buster’s Mal Heart
The Expanse Season 2

Lots of great stuff on the shelves (new and old) to make your life that much better. Click here for all sorts of amazing recommendations (New Release suggestions are at the bottom of the page).

Have a great week – wear sunscreen, stay hydrated, be nice to each other and remember, keep watching.

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