Black Dog Video Newsletter June 27 – July 3 “Canada Yay Edition!”


Oh, Canada, you turn 150 this Saturday! You don’ look a day over 130, you scamp, you. To do our patriotic duty we’ll be offering a free Canadian catalogue title when you rent any movie at either location! Lots of great Canadian films will be available for your enjoyment! Hope to see you waving your flag high and mighty and proud.

Here’s another review from local scribe, Axel Matfin. This week he takes a gander at The Bodyguard!

New Releases!


Belko Experiement – A corporation in Bogota, in an attempt in team building, locks 80 Americans in a high rise and makes them kill or be killed. I tried that when we first opened the store, 21 years ago, in an effort to bring us all closer together. Didn’t work out very well. Written by James Gunn of Guardians of the Galaxy and Slither fame.


Bitter Harvest – Jerk, Stalin, imposes what was known as Holodomor – the systematic starving of millions of folks in the Ukraine in the 1930s. It’s up to Yuri to save his sweet love, Natalka, from an unfortunate and grim fate.


King Charles III – One of those “what-if” scenarios in which the Queen dies and Charles ascends the throne. Drama, chaos, riots in the street and a tank in front of Buckingham Palace, I presume, ensue.


Mr. Gaga – Swell doc about renowned dance fellow, Ohad Naharin, and the all the dancing and all the life stuff he is famous for.


Neruda – Detective hunts down famed poet, Pablo Neruda, who became a fugitive in Chile back in the day for joining the Communist Party. Stars the very handsome Gael Garcia Bernal and is directed by the fella who made Tony Manero, Jackie and The Club.


Two is a Family – Party dude, Samuel, has a sprog dropped off at his place by his mom claiming that it’s his kid. She takes off and leaves the two of them alone. Drama, comedy and many life lessons, I presume, ensue.

Coming Soon!

The Blackcoat’s Daughter
The Zookeeper’s Wife
Song to Song
The Void
Fateful Findings
Fate of the Furious
Lost City of Z
Their Finest

Lots of nice stuff to recommend for your viewing pleasure. Just click here and open a world of wonders.

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Black Dog Video Newsletter June 20 – 26 “Fiddly-Digit Edition!”


We finally have in stock, in limited supply, those fidget spinners that are making all the kids lose their minds. We’re almost all sold out of them at Commercial and have but a few left at Cambie. There are more on the way in various designs at various prices. Stop in and make someone happy (or corrupt their soul, your call).
Here’s this week’s guest review! Axel Matfin chimes in on the 1987 classic, Barfly. Read on…

New Releases!


The Assignment – Walter Hill is still directing movies? Who knew? I guess he and his family probably. Anyhoo, this is some sort of thriller about a dude who wakes up to find he’s undergone gender reassignment surgery! Some revenging is afoot! I’ve had some pretty bad hangovers in my time and have not known exactly where I was when I woke up, but…


Chapter and Verse – Fella gets out of the slammer only find the Harlem he knew is unrecognizable. Even the skills he learned in the clink are useless. So he takes a job delivering meals to the shut ins and infirm. There he meets…


Chips – No, not the wonderfully delicious salty snack treats but another tired retread of a mediocre TV show from your youth. Lame – think lots of “gay panic” jokes. “Chip Happens”? Really?


Life – Cool-looking outer space thriller finds Deadpool and Donnie Darko discovering some microbes on Mars or something that threatens to infect their nice space station and possibly earth as well. Scary stuff!


Power Rangers – A bunch of teenagers get some superpowers and instead of using them for evil, as most teenagers would, they use them for things like saving the word and stuff.


Table 19 – Comedy about the unwanted guests at a wedding who all get tossed together at the losers table. I went to a friend’s wedding where my ex was in charge of the seating and food so, of course, our table ate last and there wasn’t much left and it was cold. Some people blamed me for this tragedy, not the crazy ex. I’m sure she’s still laughing her evil laugh about it. I think I drank a lot of beer that night. Good times though.


T2 – Trainspotting 2 – Find out what those lovable drug-addicted scamps are up to in this fine sequel from that fine film from 20 years ago called Trainspotting.


Vikings Season 4 Part 2 – Gee-arr! Mawr vikings hiking around doing things.


Wilson – Daniel Clowes (Ghost World) is back with a nice new script that has Woody Harrelson as a crusty old coot reuniting wth his ex and meeting his daughter for the first time. Embarrassing, yet hilarious, situations, I presume, ensues.

Coming Soon!

Belko Experiment
Fateful Findings
Almost Anything
Zoo Keeper’s Wife
Fate of the Furious
Lost City of Z

More recommendations can be found here. Read on…

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Talk at you next week!

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Black Dog Video Newsletter June 13 – 20 “If You Like Us Edition!”

We’re half-way through the year known as 2017 and Black Dog is still kicking up dust, making a fuss. It’s not easy these days, as you are all well aware, for us to keep on keeping on. Rent is going up, taxes are stupid in this town and folks are less interested, it seems, in what we have to offer. We don’t want to go anywhere and I’m sure the vast majority of you feel the same way. We’ve tried our darnedest to keep things running but it’s a tough road to hoe (that’s a saying, right?). I don’t want to bore you with the same old song and dance but if you like us…read more

There’s not much new this week but we have many lovely films and TV shows on the way to satisfy your every (movie) desire! We’re also going to start featuring customer reviews! Good friend of the store, Axel Matfin, chimes in with the first of, what we hope, will be an ongoing affair. Read more…

New Releases


Aftermath – Former Governator, Ah-nold Schwarzenegger, tells us what life will be like once all the math has been taught and learned by everyone…what’s that? That’s not what this is about? My apologies…An large man seeks some revenge on the air traffic controller responsible for a plane crash that killed his family. Supposedly based on actual, non-math related, events!

Coming Soon!

Fateful Findings
Vikings Season 4 Part 2
Sense of an Ending
The Assignment
Table 19
Bitter Harvest
Journey to the West 2

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Here’s a nice link to many quality movie suggestions if you need some help for the future! Enjoy.

Sorry for all the words in this edition but desperate times…Hope to see all of your lovely faces in the stores soon!

If You Like Us…

We’re half-way through the year known as 2017 and Black Dog is still kicking up dust, making a fuss. It’s not easy these days, as you are all well aware, for us to keep on keeping on. Rent is going up, taxes are stupid in this town and folks are less interested, it seems, in what we have to offer. We don’t want to go anywhere and I’m sure the vast majority of you feel the same way. We’ve tried our darnedest to keep things running but it’s a tough road to hoe (that’s a saying, right?). I don’t want to bore you with the same old song and dance but if you like us, maybe you can pop in and pick up something nice, be it a DVD or Blu Ray – we do have the best selection you’re going to find in these thar parts – or check out some of our wonderful merch such as new Hoodies, T-Shirts, Lunch boxes, playing cards, mugs and other stuff! And there’s more on the way !



We’re even going to dip our toes into the fiddly-digit spinners – you know the ones all the kids are losing their minds over! We’ll have some pretty cool ones showing up soon!


If all of you fine folks could see to it to just hit the video stores, even just once a month would help us out greatly, you’d be doing us and the neighbourhood a huge service. Keep it local, as the kids say. Those mega billionaires who own the Amazons and the Netlfix don’t need another giant yacht or blimp equipped with lasers (although that does sound cool). Who wants a world where the only choice is what these services have to offer? That’s no choice at all. If you like what we do, tell your friends, tell you enemies, bring your dog (we have treats!), bring your enemies dog and march on down to “THE DOG” and enjoy the great experience. We’re counting on you.


Thanks for letting me bend your ears.


Black Dog Video Newsletter June 6 – 11 “Sweet Swiggity-Swag II: The Swagening Edition”


We finally got some more awesome swag into the stores that you’ll adore, including a sweet-looking Tototo hoodie! We’re sold out of them at Commercial already but have a few left at Cambie. More are on the way! Also gracing our shelves soon, due to a somewhat high demand for some reason, are fidget spinners. Not only that but keep your eyes open for the brand new line of Black Dog T-shirts and hoodies! There might even be more Studio Ghibli socks showing up soon! Oh happy days!

Oh, and I should mention that it’s Italian Days over on the Drive this coming Sunday. The street will be closed to car traffic but we’ll be open to provide you with some good times. Drop by and say “Ciao!”

New Releases


Beauty and the Beast – Yet another adaption of the famed story where a lovely young woman falls in love with a giant dog or Wookie or something like that. (At Cambie, but my distributor, E1, screwed up my order and we didn’t get any at Commercial. Hope to have a few copies there by the end of the week. Apologies)


A Cure for Wellness – Odd and cool sounding thriller about a guy who’s sent to a weird “wellness centre” in the Swiss Alps to find the CEO of the company he works for. But instead he finds nightmares and situations that are entirely untoward.


John Wick II: The Wickening – Canoe Reeves is back shooting everyone in the head at close range as he works his way through the underworld to find out who has put a bounty on his noggin. First one was pretty fun, so I expect more of the same here.


Kidnap Capital – Nasty sounding little number (not too sure if it’s a horror film or not but it sure sounds like it is) about illegal immigrants in the States who are kidnapped, tortured and held for ransom. Yikes!


The Lego Batman Movie – More good fun-time shenanigans as Lego Batman takes on a sidekick and fights his way through a swath of Lego criminals to save the city of Gotham. Or something like that. Doesn’t really matter.


The Red Turtle – Amazing animated fare from France/Japan finds a dude shipwrecked and washed ashore on an deserted island where his only companion is a large red turtle. Not my desert island choice, but to each their own.


A United Kingdom – King of Botswana marries a white British lady. Chaos ensues. People outta get a grip. Based on a true story.


The Salesman – Excellent, intense, Oscar-winning, drama/thriller from Iran finds a woman being assaulted in her home and her husband trying to find the prick who did the deed. I’m sure there’s much more to it than that (or maybe there isn’t) in this tense flick.


The Young Pope – The Young Hot Pope is what it should have been called! Am I right? Jude Law stars as Lenny, the first American Pope in the acclaimed HBO shoe.

Coming Soon!

Sense of an Ending
The Assignment
Table 19
The Belko Experiment
Fateful Findings
The Void

That’s it for this week y’all. Have a splendid time in the sun. Stay hydrated! Rent movies (click here for some stellar recommendations) and we’ll talk again next week.

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